Overview of
The Whole Universe Book


Preface note from Christopher Rudy:

For introducing Richard on the 8-10-2010 show of Cosmic
, I’ve rewritten and reformatted the overview from the link above, keeping Richards core concepts but adding the frames of reference of the Model for congruence with the theme of Cosmic as the universal law language (golden rule) archetypes operant in our universe.

Richard’s book, The Whole Universe Book can be read on-line for free or purchased as a book. His concepts are the work of an enlightened “Lightweaver” who has woven a beautiful fabric of art that inspires a Spirit of “more light” (understanding) as the pure intention that focuses attention on evolutionary ascension.

For a synergistic integration of your highest and best gifts and talents, know better to do better; strive for more light (pure intention), see the good (focus attention), and keep on keeping on (evolutionary ascension).

Your momentum in this regard -- moment to moment -- is the only thing we each take with us, past this life.

~ Christopher

PS: Richard S. Omura is also the author of Katsugen - The Gentle Art of Well Being, and The Seven Circles, a spiritual science fiction. ~CR


Integrated edits of Richard’s original overview, linked at the top:

Imagine yourself as a vehicle, a human vehicle who is
exploring this universe of space, time and spirit.

Imagine the guiding coordinates for your vehicle
as the “
”, “
” and “” synergized in the “
of integrated universal law language (golden rule).

Using this metaphor, go on an adventure of discovery
to see the universe as you've never seen it before. 

Change has been called "the only permanent condition"
but the universe has methods that are truly universal,
and in the context of inexorable change there are
rules, principles, guidelines and frames of reference
that contextualize one's conscientious common sense.

Universal law language has always framed the
first principles of Cosmos, the Prime Directive,
bringing together the intuitive and the rational,
the scientific and the religious with intention
of, by and for the Spirit that matters.

There are seeming conflicts between the deductions of
logical thinking and the truths of spiritual leadings.

Now, we finally have a perspective that ties everything together
in a way that not only pushes the envelope but breaks open the seams. 

The Whole Universe Book integrates and harmonizes concepts
from the oldest linear faith traditions (
to the newest nonlinear philosophies (
triangulating them (
with the latest discoveries in neuroscience
 and information from mysterious origins.
(for wholE integration,

This is profound, in-depth knowledge of cutting edge concepts
for those seekers ready for the next step in
the evolution of their body, mind and soul.


"With this book I make the case that we are not alone, that the universe is friendly, and that the answers to life's questions are being given to us daily. This state of harmony is based on logic, reason and faith. It is  not just scientific nor is it solely spiritual, but both, and I express it here not as a linear scientific document nor as a mystical, religious tract but as an artistic work that embodies the universe of living beings. That is why you will find not only scientific facts and religious truths in this book but also original verse, photos and graphics, because I feel that the best way to understand the soul of living systems is through artistic expression. All in all, true universe reality is not merely a thing, it is a symphony, an opera, a dance, a song, a painting, a play, a cosmic drama...what part do you play?"

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