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Holy Purpose Initiating the Aquarian Dispensation

The unique purpose of each person’s soul contract is distinct from the common purpose of all souls at the dawn of Aquarius.  The ultimate Aquarian purpose of freedom-in-love is a more selfless common purpose than any one soul may conceive or believe.

The ultimate meaning of survival has always been inextricably connected with the survival of ultimate meaning, value and purpose. During the Piscean Age, the archetype of such survival, for personal salvation, was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.  The big difference with the Aquarian Dispensation is a collective initiation – a collective purpose.  Or as foretold by the living Christ:

“All these things I’ve done, you shall do also,
and even greater things shall ye do,
for I go unto the Spirit.”

[to bless, seal and protect those who aspire to
Christ-like Unity Conscience]


As the veil thins, that Christ-like spirit will be accessed by more people; as above (Unity Conscience), so below (holy purpose).  Gifts of the holy Spirit called “psychic” (Effective Sensory Perception) will go mainstream.  Each will know another’s intention, and attention will be focused on the 'evolutionary ascension (upwising~uprising) of Conscience.

To achieve this ultimate purpose is to identify with that which is best for all humanity – the purpose of evolutionary ascension which rides the wave of accelerated change via the Spirit that matters. 

When people work for something bigger than themselves,
they can’t help but grow in service to that purpose.

Ultimate purpose is shared by all human beings. As the veil thins – the veil of  separation from Unity Conscience on the accelerated 2011 timeline -- many are waking up, others are wising up and some are rising up to where they stand up for the end of "history" as we have perceived it -- the end of living under the spell of mass illusion and self-delusion.

The higher the whole, healthy or otherwise holy purpose,
the greater the results for spiritual growth.

This mass awakening has already reached momentum stage, the tipping point of collective Conscience behind mass uprising that goes beyond selfish purpose.  The symptoms of mass “dis-ease” (discontent) are self-evident in "anachronistic" (horse-and-buggy) institutions which barely serve the core purpose for which they were created.  

Heaven knows, the unveiling of  Unity Conscience
-- as above, so below, wholly within you –
is the sacred right of every soul
on Earth as in heaven.

Holy purpose is gaining traction.  The emerging blueprint for a golden age is beginning to set the matrix for a wholly new order of the ages.  And in the continuum of the eternal now (quantum reality), it has already happened.

"Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow in only one direction, 
and the future exists simultaneously with the past."
~ Albert Einstein

The business of evolution is the evolution of business, and we’re either busy being reborn at this time – the evolution of Conscience -- or we’re busing dying. That's why some are awakening to eternal self-elevation (salvation), and others are awakening to their own contempt for any self-correction.  The way that we are aware, the way that we’ve perceived our world and our reality, is currently changing.  And it is changing faster than it ever has at any point in history. Catch the wave of the 'Megashift Megatrends'.

The kingdom Conscience of heaven
has always been within you.
And when you own it,
you own up to it.

Not counting the last century, there are now more information transfers in ONE day than in all previous centuries of business and human enterprise.  Think about that.  Jefferson once said that, "Information is the currency of democracy."  Today our divine destiny is to empower wisdom with love - the currency of Conscience -- which is the heart and soul of the conscious rEVOLUTION.


Global humanity is now experiencing a massive acceleration in the rate of change concerning every single thing, not just information transfers, but also spiritual transformation as will no longer tolerate willful ignorance as the laggard habit of “DUH” (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless).


Have a good chuckle while realizing that this is the nemesis challenging global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience.  Or as the ascended master “Forest Gumption” would say,

 “Conscience is what Conscience Does”J

This is the fulfillment of the Piscean Dispensation – soul freedom that comprehends how
LOVE is for giving… not for getting.  And this is a BIG change that fulfills holy purpose – the ultimate purpose of the Great Purification which is going mainstream worldwide in 2011. 


Witness the freedom movements in the Middle East
and in America, the 'Tea Party' movement.


That, dear reader, is the ordained Power of at work.  Conscience ordains it.  Universal Co-Creation ordains it.  And the global rEVOLUTION in Unity Conscience is the global ascension process that fulfills it.

It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently refresh our patriotism 
by reference to first principles.”
- by Thomas Paine who sparked the American Revolution with COMMON SENSE,
the most successful pamphlet in history whose name and flame are the same

The global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience is indeed ordained for this time.  The conscientious common sense that Tom Paine championed is now going mainstream.  There are compelling reasons for this – why it’s “do or die” for Light and Love.  When all hell breaks loose and the old order disintegrates, there’s no place to go but higher in Conscience as ordained for the New Dispensation.

When the planet reboots with a magnetic pole shift.
human consciousness will reboot dramatically.
If the pole shift is part of a massive physical pole shift
human consciousness will reboot traumatically with
severe survival PTSD (post apocalypse syndrome).

Many people will loose the magnetic field of stability in their brains
and thus loose their frame of reference for processing “reality”,
and you can ask yourself why, following the cataclysm that
sunk Atlantis, how long it took to reboot civilization with
those pure geometry thoughtforms that survive in
stone petroglyphs, cuniform clay tablets and
the mandalic designs of Native cultures
including the sand paintings of the
 Hopi, Buddhists and Tibetans.
The geometry archetypes
are universal codes
to the Law of


As the veil thins to “O-point” alignment in 2011 -- the actual end of the Mayan Calendar's sophisticated ancient timekeeping system --  those who “get it” will indeed be reborn in more ways than one.  One way is the collective initiation of Effective Sensory Perception with numerous gifts of the holy Spirit, i.e. fulfillment of the 'wireless revolution' with discernment of spirits... with the 'gold standard' being pure intention... the cosmic 'engine' behind the Great Purification.

This centered and connected holism – a holistic or otherwise holy Spirit – will be at the heart of a fundamental change in our interpersonal dealings as human beings.  Our breakthrough technologies for optimal Net reality will reflect and perfect this fundamental change to emphasize as new unity as

 'social Conscience in our social networks'.

Pure intention will focus attention on the ultimate purpose of “come-into-unity” (comm-unity) as the holy Spirit of -in-action cultures enlightened Conscience with Effective Sensory Perception.

The vision “alone” (all one for atONEment) is how the constitution of frames mass-to-mass TeLeComm, the catharsis catalyst for holy purpose as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

All our ideas or agreements concerning the new models for global civilization will thus be catalyzed, crystallized or otherwise geometrized at the heart of the emerging blueprint for a golden age.

Just as divine rights are a birthright of all humanity, so is the abundant life. For example, consider what that abundant life will look like as Conscious rEVOLUTION is fulfilled:

·        Core Constitutional freedoms will no longer be suppressed by a highly centralized top-down command-and-control hierarchy of power elite plutocrats and their minions in banking, media, government and other core social, political and economic institutions shaping our lives.

·        Free energy technologies will no longer be suppressed by the economic tyranny of Big Oil in collusion with militarized corporate government. Homes, cars and industry will be powered independent of technically obsolete fossil fuels that are poisoning our life-support systems.

·        Holistic healing technologies will no longer be suppressed by the economic collusion of Big Pharma with Big Government of a Big Brother nature.  Prevention will once again be the common standard for the abundant life, NOT a scarcity of health to profit the medical-industrial complex.

·        The currency of conscience will no longer be suppressed by the currency of corruption that creates and manages dis-ease, terror, war and scarcity of truth, honor and freedom as a plot to make humanity subservient to power without principle and commerce without a Conscience.

As more of humanity awakens spiritually, we remember who we really are – our true identity in the image and likeness of G.O.D.~.  We realize that higher Conscience is a Higher Power for weaving the fabric of space, time, and all relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence – ultimate purpose.

We each become like a cell within the great body of G.O.D.~, and each cell has its function.

Service to the whole body is our "cellular function" at this time in our collective evolution. In this context, our ultimate purpose takes on a much higher meaning: the highest and best use of our conscientious common sense for defining, refining, combining and shining our God-given gifts and talents.

The light of Conscience, thus cultured in each cell of the whole body,
is the currency of
ENLIGHTENMENT as will morph the grids of 
Conscience, raise the shields of omnipotential
and initiate the Aquarian Age with

As the alchemical transformation of consciousness with full spectrum Conscience goes mainstream, our gift to the world now becomes our embodiment of the Spirit that matters – the Kingdom (all king)Conscience --whereby “KING” is the acronym for: “Keys to the INternalization of God-love”...

the inner sense at the heart of innocence in G.O.D.~.

The Great Joy in this Evolving Purpose

The delightful side effect of our evolving holy purpose is that our lives become ever more joyful with the Spirit that matters at the heart of the Abundant Life.  It will require this side effect to survive the end of the world of materialism as we have known it.  The remnant who survive the coming earth changes will thrive by riding the wave of Cosmic LOVE flooding the Earth in 2011.

There is great joy in overcoming the most difficult thing for every soul, i.e., remaining non-attached to worldly things.  Happiness in not wanting things that are outside your control.  If the Earth flips out (pole shift), a lot of people will need to keep their heads to help those who flip out also.

Remember, above all, the true story of the “Power of Love” that healed everyone in the psyche ward. Keepers of the Frequency will own that power and own up to the responsibility for wholeness and healing it requires.

As more people stop fighting Holy Purpose Unity Conscience, the habit of suffering will cease, and amidst the ruin of corrupt civilization, there will be a season of unlikely happiness that gives a fresh start to Earth.

It’s a great paradox as the rate of change accelerates
with a sense that there’s not much time, and yet,
there’s plenty of time if only we accelerate
our awakening to the pure intention
that pays attention to those 
ascension principles
and the process
with more

The healing of our humanity and of our planet will naturally follow the
Great Purification.
  Mankind will evolve as kind men, the true reason for our being.


So Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Make the Vow
and Claim the Victory of Love with Valor.

Make this your 'V Day".

Claim and Proclaim
the full Presence
of Love for
at the 
Conscious rEVOLUTION.

Freedom is a different game than power. 
Power is about what you can control. 
Freedom is about what you can unleash.
Happiness is knowing the difference.

Forward Freely,

~ C. Light.

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