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Is Trump a Covert Netanyahu Agent?

"I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better
     than me, believe me, and I'll build them very inexpensively.
I will build a great, great wall on our southern border.
 And I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."

~ Trump during his speech announcing his presidential bid.

 Strong content follows.
Not recommended for
‘BS’ (Belief System)
as is dependant on
walls in the mind.
May 6, 2016 / Christopher Rudy

Is Trump channeling our insecurity fears
when promising to wall off Mexicans
as Israel walls off Palestinians?
How has that worked out for Israel's great
walled Gaza concentration camp?

 Paid via billions of $'s in U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel 

Is it true that Israel has repeatedly bombed
Gaza hospitals and schools with impunity?
Can you understand why people worldwide
see Gaza as an ironic parallel to
Hitler's Warsaw Ghetto?
The 'Whole Truth' - fearlessly embraced,
 naturally neutralizes the 'Big Lie'.

So is Trump a covert Netanyahu agent?

Trump stated emphatically on TV that thousands of
Muslims celebrated across the river while the
Twin Towers in New York City collapsed.
Corporate media downplayed this story
after all fact-checking found it false,
but Trump never retracted this lie
 and big media didn’t challenge it.

  Trump served a useful purpose however.
   He reframed the true narrative of Israel’s
    complicity in 9-11 as evidenced by actual
  accounts of the 5 ‘Dancing Israelis’ who
     were arrested after celebrating and filming
   collapse of the Trade Centers, obviously
    with prior knowledge, and yet released to
  go back to Israel and boast of their feat
   on Israeli TV as seen in this short video,
     admitting their job to document the event:

So is Trump a covert Netanyahu agent?

 Right after 9-11, Netanyahu commented publicly
that "It's good for Israel". He was referring to
  the Greater Israel agenda that U.S neocons had
  prepared: to take out seven Muslim countries in
five years as is well documented in this video.

General Wesley Clark Tells 'Democracy Now'
The Truth About Middle East Wars

 Note how Trump is not only overtly anti-Muslim
but covertly anti-Christian, using fear of terror
   to justify refusal of ALL refugees to America as
caused by endless war in the Mideast "for oil":
the Kissinger policy of ‘petrodollar hegemony’
   to sustain a U.S. oil-backed currency standard.

False-flag fear is a lousy ‘trump card’, but the
   Donald plays it well, and the same media cabal
  that orchestrated the 9-11 narrative of Muslim
    terrorists gives ample air time to Donald Trump.

   So is Trump a covert Netanyahu agent?

   War by Deception is the motto of the Mossad
   - “Israel’s Secret Intelligence Service” (ISIS) -
which has been well exposed as the covert
   collaborator with the CIA in guided support of
   those anti-Assad terrorists who continue the
   agenda of the neocons for ‘Greater Israel’…
      as Hillary Clinton did when Secretary of State:

Click on the image to read the article by
a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist.

This video documents the same current agenda:
Published April 29, 2016

 Trump is a friend of Israel, saying it has the
“right to defend itself” against backlash
from hatred of Israel caused by policies of
abject apartheid at home and Mideast war
chaos with millions of desperate refugees.

 So Trump mirrors and models this policy of
  managing endless terror war with ‘security’
   as would build walls on the U.S. border and
      heartless walls in the mind with a psychology
      of subservience to a fear-based police state.

  So is Trump channeling fear and anger
   for political gain and for Greater Israel?

 Anger is the bad fruit of ‘faithless fear’ as
the absence of fearless faith in truth and
   love which is the standard for cooperation
  rather than we win / you lose competition
   for resources behind Mideast devastation.

Trump is presumed to be the Republican
    candidate and the primary polls are rigged
     in favor of Hillary, as obvious in this video:

Published on April 29, 2016
'Unspeakable' Truth with Outrageous Humor

See also:
Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
April 28, 2016 /

"The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
The people who count the votes decide everything."
~ Joseph Stalin

The Best Election Money Can Buy

So now we have a billionaire Republican
     running against a millionaire Democrat who
   raised billions from power elite potentates
   who rig the system for their abject control.
Or as Bernie Sanders said on May 5th:
"The Democratic Party must make a stand,
and the stand is that you cannot be
on the side of Wall Street."

So is the election being blatantly rigged to
give Americans the ‘free choice’ between
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

Both of these ‘choices’ are strong on the
  thrust of military expansion for U.S. empire
 but weak on win/win cooperation globally.
  There’s no profit in peace for transnational
banksters who make a killing on ‘Big War’.
So is Trump a covert agent for the Rothschilds
  just as Clinton is a puppet for the Rockefellers?

 Are you aware that Netanyahu’s Israel has
  been bankrolled by the Rothschilds from its
    beginning? And that the Rothschilds banking
     empire teamed with the Rockefellers in 1913
   to create and control the ‘Federal Reserve’
     which is not ‘Federal’ and has no ‘Reserve’?

      Politics is a charade put on by a covert elite.
 Their mass media puts lipstick on this pig.
See: Trump Used to Fix Another Election

      The Truth dear reader has gone mainstream
     on the global Internet… for those who know
       how to search and discern beyond the mass
       deception perpetrated by the corporatocracy
     or ‘oligarchy’ as Jimmy Carter has called it.


 Better than going down the rabbit hole of
 dark money, dark power and stark evil is
    to wise up and rise up in the upward spiral
    that is going viral via global enlightenment,
  a surge of conscience in social networks
that will make heartless ‘
DUH’ obsolete.


  I’m not saying it’s going to be easy going.

Many of us suffer the ‘boiled frog syndrome’.
The waters of mass illusion and self delusion
have been ‘heating up’, making one’s mental
froggy too groggy to escape the
DUH matrix
Dense, Unconscious & Heartless.

The ‘principalities of darkness
are counting on that.

"Remove one freedom per generation
and soon you will have no freedom
and no one would have noticed."
~ Karl Marx

Fortunately, this too shall pass.

The walls between nations are coming down.
Time and space have been eliminated
with our maturing ‘global village’.
The walls in global consciousness are
likewise coming down with intent
for unity in global diversity.
This is NOT the time for building walls in our all-
connected social networks and world-at-large.

  Global enlightenment is ordained for this time.

 Four+ billion global Netizens are awakening to
our new Net reality whereby the Whole Truth
 neutralizes the Big Lie, and Universal Love is
 the self-evident truth
matriculating the matrix.

More LOVE => Less FEAR
Movement Towards WholEness

So seize the Vision of Universal LOVE
for YOUR ‘election’ made sure.

Embrace the Virtue of Global TeLeComm
at the
heart of free & open meritocracy.

Make the Vow to support Global TeLeCare
at the
heart of global holistic healing.
Network with Valor to anchor pure intention
for attention with retention of ‘
And claim the Victory of LOVE’s ascension
at the
heart of global social networks.

For the rEVOLUTION of ‘Light Language
at the
heart of a worldwide web of light,

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
for Evolution Revelations

“Every man is a divinity in disguise,
a god playing the fool.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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So is Trump a covert Netanyahu agent?


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