The Timeless Continuum Now

In the timeless continuum, 2010-
2012 heralds Earth's transition into a New Age with
life as you have known it transformed in total in harmony with all of Nature.
Freedom is freed as the full-spectrum of enlightened awareness
goes mainstream, mediating social consciousness
with the light of conscience that cultures
a veritable Golden Age in our
 prevailing sense of

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News


You will know that time by the fruits thereof:

Spiritually, the past is wholly forgiven with a fully present freedom that loves the past free from the negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence.  The alignment of Earth's energies with the Galactic plane reboots the vibrations of Earth's entirety with LOVE, which is the same energy as LIGHT, but simply expressed differently as the pure essence of Creation, the ultimate power in the cosmos.

Mentally, everyone understands that love rules when we do... with love.  The law of BEING (BE IN God) goes mainstream as pure intention to honor the Great Law of Consequences reboots our way of thinking about everything through the "eye" (I) of love's law.

Emotionally, the general feeling of loving kindness rules as a prevailing feeling of peace with pure intention to be helpful to the best of one's now-recognized gifts and talents.

Technologically, breakthroughs that were once suppressed are now liberated with:
Life is good because life is divine, all life considered in a sacred way.

A new sense of self-worth -- identification with spiritual BEING -- prevails in social community networks of all kinds.

Love is not just the rule, it is the law of the land -- love's freedom in demand.  Love of freedom has become synonymous with freedom of love, by love and for the golden rule/language of sacred love.

Enlightenment has come because it sure beat the alternative:)  Light workers, lightweavers and lightbearers -- using the language of light and love at the heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm -- led the way to more intelligence of an enlightened nature.  Mass enlightenment won out over mass stupidity.

The mass thrived with a revolution in abundant consciousness leading to abundant life on Earth in a balanced, enlightened and otherwise loving way.

It happened simply because the gold standard itself was resurrected from the value of scarcity (scarcity of physical gold and physical things), to the virtue of abundance (abundance of spiritual gold and spiritual things). 

Since breakthrough technologies for abundant power, wisdom and  healing love had made scarcity of these basics obsolete, practical spirituality is naturally pursued in all the creative arts.  Culture thrives in wholly new ways as the flow of full-spectrum intelligence through the webs of conscience acts to organize all knowledge power with the wisdom of love.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself again, but...




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