Thrive Update and Electile Dysfunction

 The upcoming election could be a letdown if
we ignore humanity’s ordained trajectory
for a revolution in higher consciousness.

 by Christopher Rudy, Host of ‘Cosmic Love’ / Nov. 3. 2012

 Millions of people worldwide have seen the Thrive Movie since
early 2012, but Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big War
 have so far maintained a stranglehold on Big Government.

 Lets’ be honest.  Big special interests have vested interests
that virtually hold the White House hostage. Both Romney
and Obama are sponsored by these interests, and the
choice of ‘lesser evil’ between two evils is still evil.

“If The World Picked U.S. President, Election Would Be A Blowout
Out of 21 countries surveyed in a BBC World Service poll, only Pakistan
chose Romney over Obama. Pakistan suffers the ‘collateral damage’ of
 remote-control mass drone-killing of civilians, due to terror war interests.
 This BBC poll shows the president enjoys his greatest support in France.

 Tuesday’s Election Day has little to do with humanity’s thrival.
This election is about survival of entrenched corporatocracy.
 Wall Street and K-Street have privatized Main Street America.

 “Competition is a sin.” ~ an infamous quote from John D. Rockefeller,
    who monopolized Big Oil 100 years ago. He was America’s 1st billionaire,
   and parleyed his fortune into financing 1,200 medical schools in America,
 making pharmacology the cure of the curriculum because he owned the
drug companies and financed legislation that made drugs-per-symptom
 medicine the ‘community standard’ every since then. That destroyed the
prevalence of health-building modalities with homeopathy and nutrition,
  even while ‘Rocky’ had private doctors (a naturopath and a homeopath),
keeping him alive and active into his sociopathic 90’s. Think about that.

It was 99 years ago that Rocky and his robber baron friends privatized
the banking system in the U.S., creating the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’
which is neither ‘Federal’ nor has any ‘Reserves’, simply issuing
US Treasury $ loans, charging interest that then creates debt
which is then collected by the IRS as was also created by
these robber baron hucksters we now call ‘banksters’.


  With insider lobbies creating and bankrolling World War I and II
  and serial wars since 1913, the banksters have
made a killing
 (virtually) with their
competition is a sin monopoly agenda to
  create a ‘
New World Odor” that stinks to high heaven.  So with
  massive wealth creation from war and disease drugging, these
   modern day banksters and their corporatocracy minions bought
controlling interest in ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and consolidated
 holdings that took over independent media outlets in America,
   until the Internet blew their cover and exposed their evil infamy.

This ‘evil’ is the ‘SIN’ of ‘Stuck In Negativity’ that
 causes mass depression of consciousness and
depression of any kind of healthy economy as
would throw the money-changers out of the
‘temple’ of honorable self government, and
likewise heal the sick health care system
with free on-line ‘Universal Self Care’.

 "And if it's not outright bailouts or guarantees keeping the rich rich,
 it's selective regulation and carefully-carved-out
protections from
- like the bans on drug re-importation or Big Pharma
 price negotiation for Medicare that are keeping drug companies
  far richer than they would be, in the pure free-market paradise
 their CEOs probably espouse at dinner parties."

 ~ Matt Taibbi, 02 November 12, HERE.

 The 1% intends to own us either way.  How’s that working for us?

The 99% would obviously prefer a wholly improved system
with a global revolution in higher consciousness that
is finally ordained for this time… worldwide…


 Mankind has free-will so anything is possible when united.
Both Obama and Romney are virtual hostages of the lock-step
 corporatocracy that has thoroughly infiltrated the Executive and
Judicial and Legislative branches of the Federal Government.

 The choice of, by and for the 99% becomes evident.
   Either we unite in heart, mind and determination, or
  we will face a big letdown with
electile dysfunction.
      Poor choices don't get it up (higher consciousness),
and 'victim dictum' is no longer a viable option
Free energy technology mean the end of Big Oil dominance,
and no one in politics or corporate media is mentioning that
because they know who butters their bread… but we can.

 See the Thrive Movie segment on ‘Free Energy Technology’, and
network for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality.

True freedom in America would mean the end of the world of
 the anachronistic horse-and-buggy representation system we
    use to elect the ‘elect’ among big players in ‘
mock government’.

 Most of us would prefer more than a mockery of freedom.

 The common sense of the 99% is ready for rEVOLUTION
to finish what U.S. Founders began, but now, by utilizing
  the installed and operational social networks as represent
 humanity’s instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities
   of, by and for the Family of Man in our new Global Village.

The culturing of
social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks
will proceed with 'Cultural DNA' (heart coherence) breakthroughs.

 That’s a choice also, just as utilization of the
free energy technology that has been
suppressed for almost 100 years.

 Or as free energy pioneer, Nikola Tesla, said so well:


 When I interviewed the Thrive Movement’s producer and
creator, Foster Gamble, on
Cosmic Love in the Spring,
I pressed him on solutions whereby all of humanity can
not just survive but holistically thrive, and specifically,
a way to ‘incentivize’ the Thrive Movement so as to
take it mainstream for global conscious evolution.

 The problem has not been getting people to see ‘THRIVE’.
The problem has been getting public tolerance of evil
out of their heads… our subservience to tyranny.

But that’s all about to change.

 This election is 6 ½ week before the Dec. 21st Solstice.
2012 is coming to a grand finale of events that I’ve
explained thoroughly at: “Omega Point” (O-point).

 A new global movement from the ‘inside-out’ is unveiling
a new consciousness based on energies of Source
that are surging for greater ‘
Heart Coherence’.

 "You are not a wave that only occasionally remembers its Self as the ocean.
Rather, you are consciousness itself, viewing all of creation through
the eyes of your
Source-encoded heart, temporarily
experiencing your Self within a form body."

~ Taken from
The Joy of Remembering

 The brilliant joy and intelligence now surging on Earth
can be seen in the numerous child prodigies that
are springing up in all fields, for example:

 Another kind of child prodigy, who never ‘grew up’,
can be seen in the ‘senior genius’ of Dan Winter
who pioneered the meaning of ‘
Heart Coherence
with sacred geometry, the golden mean, and the
order of the universe with the fractal nature of all

If you want an extraordinary window into the emerging blueprint for a golden age,
you'll appreciate Dan Winter's work advancing global '
Heart Coherence

Dan will be on Cosmic Love this Saturday
(5pm PST ~ 8pm EST)
to provide an overview of his life’s work
as has been studied and assimilated by
millions of people going to his websites.

 ~ Christopher

PS: In the larger scheme of 'The 2012 Election', consider that
          Obama was identified 30+ years ago by covert government
           researchers working with extremely advanced quantum field
               technology called
'Looking Glass' that windows into the future,
            saw Obama as President, and 'conditioned' him for this role.
                 For some time warp reason, neither the 'Looking Glass' nor any
                other agency 'remote viewers' can see beyond Dec. 21, 2012.

         So get ready for the ‘end of time as we have known it’!

Believe it or not.

 Recent exposure of this on the Internet prompted the Colbert Report
 to do a humorous satire on this politically incorrect disclosure


 For those who THINK that Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,
and for those who FEEL that Obama is our ordained destiny,
you will enjoy the following short video:

“The spread of civilization may be likened to a fire;
  first a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a
    mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.”
~ Nikola Tesla

We’re only disappointed if we fail to
 appoint Higher Power first.

It’s a great paradox; when we accept
the Higher Power of ‘
US’ as the
United Sovereigns of Earth’,
then we’ll discover fire
for the 2nd time.

2012 LOVE Unveiled