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Who Do You Believe?
Those who predict a global Golden Age
for the Aquarian Dispensation
of Freedom-in-Love?
 Or those who have an agenda for global
tyranny and selective genocide
powerless people?

And what will you do in good conscience?

by Christos Lightweaver
Aug. 5, 2014

Previous Article: The Genocide in Gaza
   Witness the Palestinians now suffering in
    a concentration camp
killing field, Gaza.

Human IS what humane DOES.

 The Palestinians have no tanks, no warplanes,
 and no warships, but Israel has this advanced
weaponry for the mass killing of Palestinians;
 so this is not a war. It is genocide; war crime.

See also: Genocide is the 'New Normal'
 Precise Data on Death and Destruction in Gaza
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, August 3rd

Chris Hedges speech about Gaza:


Since the creation of Israel, we've seen the takeover of Palestinian lands by
 'Zionist Jews' who are NOT genetic descendants of indigenous Israelites...
as you can read at '
Overcoming Evil' and in the recent August 3rd article:
'Anti-Semitism - The Ultimate Zionist Weapon'.
Excerpt follows:
Differentiating between Zionism and Judaism requires recognition of certain basic facts. To begin with, Theodor Herzl (the founder of Zionism) was an atheist... In his diaries, Herzl makes no secret of his intention to use Jewish suffering as a means of furthering Zionist ideology.  Herzl actually considered various other locations such as Uganda and Argentina for his Zionist state and his view of Zionism and Judaism was more akin to that of Chaim Chassas who in 1943 in the Zionist newspaper, HaArutz, said:
"Zionism and Judaism is not one thing but two different things. And of course two contradicting one another.  Zionism starts at the place where Judaism is destroyed... one thing is certain, Zionism is not a continuation or healing of wounded Judaism, but rather an uprooting."
Zionism has never had any qualms about the loss of Jewish lives so long as that loss furthered the cause of Zionism. In the book, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, editor Lenni Brenner, uses actual historic documents to demonstrate the betrayal of Jews by Zionists before during, and after the Holocaust even to the extent of offering to fight for the Nazis on the understanding that after Germany won the war, Zionism would be rewarded with Palestine. ~ from Anti-Semitism - The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
What we see in the 'Zionist State of Israel' is
a religious "BS" (Belief System) of apartheid
racism that claims the supremacist 'right' of
false-flag Jews to persecute authentic Jews
and all ant-Zionist native Mideastern people.
Anti-Semitism is the reverse-psychology weapon
of Zionists to create empathy, and support, as if
they are victims rather than perpetrators of evil.

Most Jews are not Israelites or Judahites, but are
actually 5-10% Middle-Eastern Edomites and about
90-95% European Yaphites/Khazarites/Ashkenites
practicing Edomite-corrupted versions of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, which insists Jews may kill
non-Jews with no penalty since they are "animals".
But if Gaza genocide is inhumane, who are the real "animals"? Where's the conscience, our humanity?

 In mythology and alchemy the six-pointed star is
       associated with Saturn. In Greek mythology, Saturn
    had a tendency to eat his children because Saturn
     believed that they were destined to overthrow him.
In that context, the original spiritual teaching of
   the Hebrew Torah was subverted by a branch of
   "Star Jews" (Edomites) to preach a supremacist
     religion of exceptionalism that pitted 'man-eaters'
 against non-Jew 'gentle' folk called "Gentiles".

Many Israelis and Jews around the world are in anguish over the horrific slaughter that is raining down upon the virtually imprisoned civilian population of defenseless men, women, and children in Gaza.
For an update on the global outrage, read the Aug. 3rd article by Noam
Chomsky HERE.

  If you follow the money, you know that Zionist
   Israel is funded by global Rothschild banksters
  who own controlling interest in six giant media
conglomerates dominating mainstream news
  as provided cover for the Zionist agenda from
   the 9-11 false flag to the chaos in the MidEast
  and the genocide we now all witness in Gaza.

Consider the parallel to Hitler's occupation of Poland:
"In 1940, German occupational authorities began to concentrate Poland's  population of over three million Jews into a number of extremely crowded ghettos located in large Polish cities. The largest of these,  the Warsaw Ghetto, concentrated approximately 300,000 to 400,000 people into a densely packed, 3.3 km central area of Warsaw.   Thousands of Jews died due to rampant disease and starvation under the SS, even before the mass deportations from the Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp began. . ."   [from; type in "warsaw ghetto uprising"]

Those ‘Saturnine man-eaters’ devoured millions of Gentiles in the Bolshevik Communist Revolution that was bankrolled by Wall Street Rothschild agent, Jacob H. Schiff, a prominent Zionist Jew.  

Most history books have scrubbed the fact that Hitler was the illegitimate son of a Rothschild maid, raised by his supposed ‘birth parents’. The six-pointed ‘Star of David’ (Zionist flag) was the only flag that Hitler allowed to be raised beside the Swastika of his 3rd Reich. Most of Hitler’s top officers were Zionists who came out of his giant drug/chemical/oil cartel, I.G. Farben, which merged with Rockefeller’s oil/drug cartel right before WWII… and Rockefeller supplied Hitler with oil until near the end of the war. Prescott Bush, father of two future U.S. Presidents, was the Wall Street bankster who provided financing for much of Hitler’s war machine, and was prosecuted under the U.S. ‘Trading with the Enemy Act’, but got off easy.  His father provided Remington arms for both sides of WWI.

These are generational psychopaths who have served the murderous Zionist agenda behind death of millions. Many in Congress are Zionists.

Joe Biden: "I Am A Zionist. You Don't Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist"
(YouTube video on global Zionism with quote by Biden at 1:22 minutes)
In his own words, hear Biden say this in a 34 second video clip HERE.

War profiteers are virtually 'man-eaters', and to the extent that the U.S. Government supports these murderous policies, the American public will suffer the same global Zionist genocide we see in Gaza.

Some say that population reduction - virtual genocide -- has already begun in the U.S. with GMOs, fluoridated water, tainted vaccines, and
prescription drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of citizens yearly.

THE CHOICE: Either global Netizens network for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality – with a whole systems upgrade of social conscience in global social networks – or by default, humanity will see Zionist evil repeat history as though we learned nothing from it.

Global rEVOLUTION can be peaceful with a interface for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm or, if nothing is done, the war- monger man-eaters will create a whirlwind of fear and ‘eye for an eye’ hatred that makes the whole world blind to their false-flag deceptions.

If enough good people of conscience do enough to utilize the full potential of the Internet for worldwide , the 'Global Mind' will
wise up and rise up to neutralize the insanity of endless war, disease and destruction of civility for the profit and power of the psychopaths.

David Icke: Gaza and the Psychopathic Mind

Published on Aug 1, 2014

Summary Points:
The fruit of Zionism is heartless genocide.
If continued, the insane policies witnessed
in the Mideast since 9-11 will spread like a
cancer in the body of global civilization.
The 'supremacist right' that Zionists claim
for endless terror war in Israel and abroad,
is like the supremacist right of America's
new corporatocracy that puts the interests
of stockholders before the public whenever
profits are at stake. This betrayal of core Constitutional freedoms by the bankster-corporatocracy complex is psychopathic
as explained in depth at 'Overcoming Evil'.
The Rothschild NWO agenda (YouTube) for
WWIII began with 9-11, a Zionist false flag
that led to destruction of Muslim countries
where bankster usury is believed immoral.
This evil Zionist agenda co-opted western
'Christian' nations to fight these wars for
the profit and power of 'Greater Israel' in
the MidEast and for global war hegemony
to sustain usury for economic domination.

People of conscience are now aware that
this systemic evil in the body of civilization
can now be neutralized with the currency of
that is cultured with interactive
social conscience at the
heart of our global
social networks;
a global healing vision of
uncompromised virtue and determined valor
that includes a whole systems upgrade with
TeLeComm and Universal Self Care.

The best way to predict the future

is to co-create it.  Network freely.
United Sovereigns of Earth
 for the benefit of 100% of humanity.
Here's to Predicting the Victory of
Global Netizens of Earth Uniting!

   All Ways ... Always,

~ Christos

It's all in divine order. The 'illusion' is the problem:)
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