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Launch of Crowdfunding for the
TeLeCare Documentary

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Holistic health is empowered by well-informed choice.
When we know better, we can do better.

Is it true that we take our health for granted until we lose it?
And then will pay whatever we can to get it back?

Are you aware that crowd funding can now support 'crowd healing'
with highly personalized self-healing resources?

Would you agree that free self care for 4+ billion global Netizens
 is now not only possible but realistic with TeLeCare capabilities?

This documentary will show the world how
our health can thrive sooner than later.

Free, online, universal self care for optimal holistic health...
coming soon to a smart phone or desk-top near you!

The Internet will share this vision of global holistic healing with the world,
and you can be in the video credits - the 'Legacy Awards' - in a range
from $3 dollars as 'HealthLover' to $1000 as 'TeLeCare Producer'.

Global TeLeCare Director


Thanks to Ken and Doug for donating $1000 and $100, sent to me personally
to fund the documentary. It doesn't register on the campaign page, but
it sure helps jump-start our $10,000 goal for the video production:)

Seize the vision - the co-op concept of 'crowd healing'
for holistic healing with Global TeLeCare.

And claim the victory. Pay it forward.

Winning from the Beginning,
~ Christopher


Here are some TeLeCare answers to
questions frequently asked. ~CR

What is your intent –your definite major purpose?

Free, online, universal self care for optimal holistic health, coming soon to a smart phone or computer near you.

This is why Global TeLeCare has launched a crowd funding campaign for a documentary video on current Internet capability to serve 4+ billion global Netizens with access to leading options for the analysis, prevention and management of disease.

What are Yellow Pages for TeLeCare Providers?
Designed as a free public service, Global TeLeCare will be self-funding with 'Yellow Pages' listings of self-care products and TeLeCare health providers.
Envisioned as the go-to source for well-informed choice in self care, the Global TeLeCare documentary will feature the data analytics technology and team leaders experienced with fast-growth Internet industries.

What is high touch high tech for TeLeCare Users?

Unique to Global TeLeCare is the TLC factor with highly personalized (high touch) data analysis tools developed for genetics researchers. This includes a massive database of peer-reviewed clinical research as well as an empirical database of user results for modalities chosen.

How do you produce ‘Caring by Sharing’ results?
Reporting protocols for sharing results are included for the TeLeCare community. This is a prerequisite for free access to the empirical results database. Private identity data is not included – just results per modalities chosen.

What do you mean by ‘crowd-healing’?

This crowd funding documentary will thus represent a learning system for 'crowd healing'. The more people utilizing this public option for self-care, the more it becomes self-evident which holistic healing modalities have the best self-healing results for one’s unique blood type and symptom profile.

What do you hope to achieve?
The VALUE of this documentary is the VISION of VIRTUE and VALOR for the VICTORY of Global TeLeCare; validating follow-up equity funding with a public/private cooperative for Global TeLeCare fulfillment.

Seize the VISION: Global Health Freedom Opportunity.
Embrace the VIRTUE: The TLC in Global TeLeCare.
Commit with VALOR: Care to Share / Network Freely.
Claim the VICTORY: Pay it Forward ~ Make it So!

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Global TeLeCare News Release

News Release HERE

Global TeLeCare is a Universal Right
by Christos Lightweaver

We are in the universe and
the universe is within US.

Whether you know - for sure - that
the all-connected quantum field
of the universe is part of you
or not
the kingdom of heaven is
our natural ‘
Unity State
as United Sovereigns
within the universe.

We are now ‘US’.
See: Web 3.0

Some Global TeLeCare History

I've worked in THREE MAJOR INDUSTRIES that now make Global TeLeCare not only possible, but also a very timely opportunity for global holistic healing.
MEDIA: I addressed ten agencies on Capitol Hill regarding the revolutionary capabilities of global telecomm in 1974 as you can read at And now the Internet is fulfilling those capabilities.
MEDICINE: While developing 4 holistic health centers over more than 3 decades, I learned the respective strengths and weaknesses of dozens of holistic healing modalities. And as quantum science matured, I witnessed a paradigm shift from the mechanistic 'chemistry of disease' paradigm to the holistic 'energies of health' paradigm. In 1990 I pioneered use of one of the first computers for quantum healing, documented at:

MARKETING: Global TeLeCare is a self-funding model for self-healing that is profitable for the thrival of 'crowd healing' - a vision goes that viral in an upward-mobile spiral when sufficient social conscience is generated in our new global social networks. So network for the net worth of net reality with the currency of conscience that underwrites the economics of abundant health and prosperity.

The synergy of current capabilities in these 3 industries is far greater than the sum of their separate strengths...
For Global Wholeness and Healing,