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Dec. 3, 2013
Updated Dec 3, 2017
Superheroes to the Rescue? 

Christos Lightweaver
My boyhood was in the comic book golden age with 'FLASH' and the 'Justice League of America' as included Superman and Wonder Woman. To this day, I prefer this superhero 'art form' to the Harry Potter witchcraft metaphors for good overcoming evil.

See my personal 'superhero flashback' HERE.

As an 'adult' teenager, I was non-attached to my huge superhero comic book collection and gave it to my boyhood best friend 'Curty Dunnam', a collector who knew their value, perhaps worth as much as $100,000 to collectors today. Curtis went on to run minicomputers for the team that unraveled the DNA molecule. Later he ran the quantum physics research lab at Cornell University; a superhero geek genius in his own right.

So who are the REAL superheroes of civilization?  Mark Twain was one of my favorites.  His mastery as a humorist was matched with profound social conscience and prolific commentary on the moral corruption of militarized corporate government.  Indeed, Mark Twain was a brilliant shooting star who shot down the military-industrial complex long before President Eisenhower gave us his farewell address warning us of war as a profit-center for Wall Street banksters.

War profiteering is the "dark side" (shadow government) that JFK threatened to dismantle before he was assassinated. Who profited?
The same militarized corporate government that gave us Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and is now gunning for Syria and Iran.
But I digress.

Did you know that Mark Twain was born when Halley's Comet appeared, and died when Halley's Comet returned 75 years later?
Or as Twain said,

"I came in with Halley's Comet... It is coming again ... and I expect to go out with it... The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together'." 

Sure enough, Twain died on April 21, 1910, just as the comet made its next pass within sight of Earth.

History's superheroes are like comets that come and go on a regular basis. Thomas Paine is one of my superheroes, having sparked the freedom flame with his 'Common Sense' that created wild-fires in the minds of men worldwide. Human evolution took a huge leap forward when the American Revolution succeeded with a Constitutional model of self-governing sovereignty.

Gandhi is another real-life superhero who pioneered the peaceful revolution model that led to liberation of India from the same empire imperialism that the American Revolution was fought to overcome.

99% of the American people still find totalitarian terror-for-tyranny tactics revolting. The inordinate power of the 1% is out of balance with the ordained power of, by and for the 99%. This gross imbalance is profiting those who create and manage war, disease and death of our environmental life support systems, poisoning our air, water, food and bodies. It's killing us quietly but surely, destroying civilization for the profit of top-down, highly centralized, command-and-control power elite cabals that are out of balance with highly decentralized "net roots" (grass roots) Netizens dedicated to culturing social Conscience in our local and global social networks.

This is the gross imbalance of power
seen in global civilization today.

The lock-step top-down 1% is out of step with the common sense capability of Internet advances for global conscious evolution representing the 99% with systemic checks and balances on the pathological Deep State of self-serving special interests that have a vested interest in power to profit without Constitutional principle.
So where are the superheroes today who will define and refine universal sovereignty for the Family of Man in our new global village?

Superheroes To The Rescue

A global revolution in higher consciousness has resulted from the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet, and numerous superheroes like Steve Jobs have created unprecedented capabilities for overcoming despicable divide-to-conquer devolution by dastardly darkside dimwits.

The superhero legacy of Steve Jobs is a platform for the fulfillment of the computer-Internet revolution with an immense contribution to the conscious evolution of global humanity. Jobs pioneered easy-to-use communications platforms for the upward-mobile evolutionary ascent of unity-in-diversity for the Family of Man in our new global village. Smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk-top computers now provide global Netizens with a window into an amazing world in transformation as never before in history.

There's no question that global humanity now has the capability for coming into unity - a global communications community - with a new social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

The worldwide web of social consciousness
 represents the web of sentient life on Earth.
   What we do to that web, we do to ourselves.
Extraordinary knowledge power has been unleashed.  Technology breakthroughs have empowered the opportunity for utopia or oblivion. Personally, I would prefer to see the emerging blueprint for a golden age with a higher standard of 'Universal LOVE' as an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm... emphasizing 'TLC' as 'The Blessing' that liberates and leverages a 'Unity State' for all of "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Consider the superheroes who will make it so!

One of my modern day superheroes who offers great hope for humanity is that geek genius Dan Winter, a modern day Buckminster Fuller. Dan pioneered research into the fractal order of the holographic universe decades before quantum physics was a popular topic. That research has bore extraordinary fruit with practical applications for holistic health and mass TeLeComm based on Dan's heart coherence breakthroughs.

Another favorite modern day superhero is David Wilcock, author of the bestseller, 'The Source Field Investigations'; see the in-depth video on this subject HERE. This is all the science needed to comprehend the 'Universal Intelligence' behind spontaneous evolution of our DNA and worldwide enlightenment at this time of our solar system's alignment with the galactic plane's highly charged "photonic light" (photon belt). The consequent surge of cosmic intelligence in the quantum 'Source Field' provides an unprecedented opportunity for the 'Universal Co-Creation' of humanity with the 'Universal Intelligence' of 'Creator Source'.
Two other modern day superheroes are Foster and Kimberly Gamble who have created the worldwide Thrive Movement.  Thanks to the Gambles, millions of people are aware of suppressed energy technologies that could now liberate clean inexpensive energy for homes, cars and industry. The Gambles have also explained why 'free energy' is suppressed... how the economics and politics are far more convoluted (corrupt) than the proven science.
The Thrive Movement has spawned dozens of global social networks that now focus on specific solutions for all our social, political and economic institutions.  But the Gambles have primarily focused on authentic '
free energy' breakthroughs as would return 'Power to the People' in a physical sense. How to do that spiritually, mentally and emotionally with 'United Solidarity' of, by and for all of "US" (United Sovereigns) has been lacking mainstream solidarity.

  SuperHeroes with a Thousand Faces

I've written about superheroes in my life at 'Meetings With Miraculous People'. We all know 'superheroes' who represent qualities of life that we aspire to. Mothers and fathers want to be superheroes for their children. As a single parent father of two small children at one time,
I know what a struggle that can be.

Personally, I would love to see superheroes emerge in social networks who champion the overcoming of institutionalized corruption with a clear vision of three 'Power-Wisdom-Love' coordinates for holistic healing of global civilization:

1st, Higher Power:  A comprehensive vision of first principles for a process of mass-to-mass TeLeComm will emphasize the 'TLC' at the heart of global TeLeComm, accelerating personal and planetary conscious evolution with heart coherence as the 'Language of the Angels' and 'mind congruence' as the 'Law of the Angles'.

This combination of the "best of both worlds" (for Higher Power), creates a synergy of spirit-mind integrity that is greater than the sum of the parts... creating a "prayer field" (source field) in alignment with 'Universal Intelligence' through '1st Principles of Faith' for self-elevation of a 'salvation' nature that will make it so!

2nd, Holistic Wisdom: Social 'Conscience' with a capital 'C' is the 'Currency of Conscience' whereby the 'currents of conscientious common sense' will matriculate the morphic matrix of mind over matter with the spirit that matters... on Earth as in Cosmos.

Holistic wisdom is the discernment of higher Conscience that steps down Higher Power with the Holy Spirit of -in-action... knowing when to THRUST with Higher Power or COHERE with the holistic healing Power of Love... in order to make it so!  

3rd, Universal Love: Great at the heart of the 'Great Law' is centered and connected with Source Intelligence through a coherent heart and cognitive congruence with the "mind of G.O.D."
Geometric Ordered Divinity). The higher one's concept of this frame of reference for the universal law language of , the greater the results for involving and evolving our individual and collective Conscience with 'The Blessing'... mainstreaming 'TLC'.
This TLC is the heart of social Conscience in our social networks;  the heart of the 'Next Economy' (TeLeCommerce) and 'Global Holistic Health Care' (TeLeCare). As global humanity utilizes the worldwide web as a platform for conscious evolution, we naturally co-Create a web of enlightened Conscience for a self-fulfilling prophecy as will make it so!
The balance of the '3-fold flame' of Power, Wisdom and Love has thus become the collective 'response ability' of global humanity... given the ability to respond to the healing crisis that the Family of Man now faces.
 It is the intent of the pure in heart
 to conceive, believe and achieve
wholEness as will make it so!
Calling All Superheroes

Most long-time Netizens on this list are well aware that the miniature Nibiru solar system called Planet X has been inbound toward Earth since it was first identified in 1983 - as reported in mainstream media - and blacked out by NASA every since. Officially, it doesn't exist, even though trillions of dollars have been diverted since '83 into constructing deep-space satellites for tracking this behemoth, plus constructing hundreds of 'Deep Underground Military Bases' (DUMBs) for 'Continuation of Government" (COG).
The power elite know that Planet X is inbound. They know that it has created cataclysm on Earth in previous fly-byes. And their on-going cover-up has been successful because everyone would rather belief in Santa Clause rather than the 3,660 year return of this Nibiru 'judgment' for global civilization.

 Don't worry; Nibiru is intelligently directed by
a 'Higher Power' (Cosmic Justice) whereby
our judgment regarding '2017 Big Shift' will
   provide 'The Judgment' one way or the other.

I know this may sound crazy, but I personally believe that the real superheroes of Ascended Masters fame are stepping through the veil with their 'flame' (spirit) of the Ascension Process as will empower wisdom with love in the hearts of the pure in heart who will see God-Love-Source as the overcoming spirit that matters.

How many real life 'superheroes' will it take to warrant the mitigation of serious cataclysm in the 'footstool kingdom' of the Creator?  Will the mercy of the Great Law respond to mass self-correction and self-elevation of a few who truly represent the highest and best purpose of 'Universal Co-Creation?  Is it true that one can be a 'superhero' to the extent that one champions the overcoming of corrupt consciousness within and with all?  Perhaps you will agree that...

         Real life superheroes will save the day with perfect love
         of, by & for "The Alliance" (
United Sovereigns of Earth).
         The Power of Love thus harmonizes global PowerShift.



"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure
love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance the
negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at
the lower weakening levels."
~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests
utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in
"POWER VS. FORCE - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior"
by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology


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