"Getting Our Act Together"

I don't know about you, but I marvel at the Spirit that burst upon the scene in Colonial America, sparking the evolution revolution that lit a torch for people yearning to breathe free worldwide.

The only difference between then and now is NOT
the same love for Family, God and Country.

It is NOT that 99% of people lack pure intention
    for a better world of freedom and opportunity.

It is NOT that people want to be slaves to
a system that has become materialistic
and makes merchandise out of people.

Back in 1776, we had horse-and-buggy representation systems. The pace of transportation and communication was that slow. The core difference now is living in an instant-everywhere and interactive global village.  Time and space have been eliminated and it's time to get our act together.

"The cause of America is in a great measure
the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin
the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Our new 'extended family' is now the family of mankind. Our common sense is now ALL-connected as never before in history. There is still a Higher Power that governs the order of the Universe. But now the true meaning of 'One God' and 'Unity In Diversity' compels humanity to get our act together.

'God and Country' is one and the same for
The United Sovereigns of Earth.

Pastors used to speak their Conscience openly from the pulpit back in Colonial America.  Most pastors today are muzzled by their fear of losing their government non-profit license that pays off silence on political issues in exchange for tax breaks, a modern form of government extortion designed to keep God out of government, out of the schools, and out of our lives.  God government is the nemesis of godless government.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution,James Madison

Fear is the enemy today.  Fear attracts subservience just as the lack of love attracts tyranny and the lack of faith attracts fear. That's the vicious circle.  What goes around comes around -- we reap what we sow -- and fear is a vicious circle that puts a reverse spin on faith, sending it into a downward spiral.

That's devolution, NOT evolution.

Faith is our salvation from fear.  The virtuous circle of faith in one God of one universal Love for one Earth of unity-in-diversity is an upward spiral in the collective Conscience of global humanity.

Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear.

If we could turn on fearless faith like a light switch, we would see how it neutralizes fear-based density, denial, dis-ease, dysfunction and dark-side despotism like the light rays at the dawn of a new evolution revolution... worldwide.

The common sense of this realization alone...
how the light of faith neutralizes fear...
is the genesis of social Conscience
in our new global social networks.

The light of conscientious 'Common Sense' sparked the American Revolution.  The colonists were already free in Spirit as they were free from any kind of government other than God government that was already as independent from corporate government of the Crown as they were independent farmers and shopkeepers who lived by the golden rule.

The 'Currency of Conscience' is the gold standard of
the golden rule/law language at the heart of every
'Golden Age Civilization'... worlds without end.

The parallel today is that there are many independent thinkers worldwide who have critical thinking skills as can connect the dots as to what is the transformative dynamic shaping global civility... to get our act together.

Common sense would tell us that
the power of wisdom with love
is at the heart of salvation.

With so much knowledge power at the search engine finger tips of so many people worldwide, a higher consciousness begs the ultimate question of self-governing capabilities in our new global village.

The higher the concept of self government,
the more congruent the common sense of
Conscience... God-Love government.

Since divine love is the opposite of fear, God-Love government neutralizes fear-based tyranny.  That unfettered common sense is now surging in the Middle East for all the world to witness the dynamics of fear and faith.

Many Christians say this is the time for the ‘Second Coming’.
Many Jews say now is the time for their ‘Messiah’ to come.
Many Muslims say it is the time for their ‘Mahdi’ to come.
Many Buddhists say, “Be the peace you want to see". 
Common Sense simply says, "THIS IS THE TIME".

There are no 'only human' solutions to human problems. There are only humane solutions with the "angels of our better nature" -Thomas Paine in 'Common Sense'.  'Only human' solutions merely compound human problems.  Our humanity must embrace the divine for the human condition to improve, progress or otherwise 'ascend' with more enlightened unity in our diversity.

"We can't solve our problems with the same
consciousness that created them."
~ Albert Einstein

So ask yourself, how do we bring divine solutions to the world?  If the kind man of God-Love sees God-Love in all mankind, how do we get our act together? How do we culture such vision?

"The only thing worse than being blind
is having sight but no vision."
~ Helen Keller

Some see how bad things are in the world and get depressed with anxiety attacks, feeding right into the fear energies that are our worst enemy. That like praying for what you don't want. Others see how good things could be, how we could change things, and they take heart, seeing how we could get our act together.

Vision is a two-edged sword that cuts both way.
It cuts free faith and cuts up fear. That's why,
"Without vision, the people perish."
~ Victor Hugo

This is the highest and best purpose of the Spirit that matters... to get our act together. This is what motivates the faithful and gives hope to the fearful.  It is the reason we pray with pure intention, focused attention and loves retention for conscious ascension in a unity dimension.

This is Earth's divine destiny;
  civilized UNITY in diversity. 

Just like it was difficult to conceive where the computer/Internet revolution was going -- before the Internet -- it's difficult for many people to grasp the vision of the United Sovereigns of Earth as the natural evolution of our global village without boundaries.  Doubts and questions arise.

Who will champion that vision,
what will that look like, and
how will we get there?

To have unity of humanity in the end, we must get our act together in the beginning.  In full faith you can accept that divine love -- a God of Love -- was winning from the beginning, so it's not a great leap to appreciate how YOUR faith in a Higher Power neutralizes fear and wins in the end.

Conceive it and Believe it to Achieve it.
It's YOUR life, YOUR world; ACT like it.

Wholeness and healing for global civilization is the same for each individual. We each and all must step into the circle of wholeness to be made whole. That 'circle' is the 'spherical' Conscience which is truly spiritual.

That is NOT the linear logic of differences that divide us.

That is NOT profiting at the expense of spiritual principle.

And it's NOT the sense of separation that causes suffering.

Spiritual continuity within the Great Circle of the Great Spirit is atonement through at-ONE-ment.  That's the same 'common sense' or 'Unity Conscience' as represents the heart of love governing the mind of God.

This is not rocket science folks.

Numerous objective studies have shown repeatedly that the focus of attention on blessings, rather than hassles, results in greater happiness and health.

In medicine, this is known as the placebo effect.
Our thoughts of health or dis-ease, faith or fear,
 have as much (or more) influence on wholeness
and holistic healing than any other factor.

Expectation and anticipation with an attitude of gratitude creates a 'prayer field' that has more to do with our health and happiness than any other factor.  Perception creates reality. See the good to make it so.

Gratitude is like the Holy Spirit of Love-in-action.
It frees us from depression and faithless fear.

So count your blessings before you go to sleep. You'll sleep better in full faith that you are blessed to be alive with a front row seat during one of the most amazing times in human history. Count your blessing when you wake up so you will wise up and rise up in full faith that YOUR faith -- as you get YOUR act together -- will float all boats higher in an upward spiral.

 It's ALL connected, and we are ALL connected
"Getting Our Act Together".

So Hold the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Unite with Valor
and Claim the Victory of Fearless Faith.

Always LOVE... All Ways,

~ Christopher

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