by Christos Lightweaver

Things are happening fast as the rate of change accelerates
and the global drama of tragedy and triumph awakens
public sensibilities via systemic coherence with
a surge in conscientious common sense
as checks, balances and otherwise
neutralizes faithless fears with
fearless faith in the love
 of a Higher Power
in universal

6-22-11 Insight and Outlook for
 Heartcom Network Initiates

A few day before summer solstice there was an extraordinary teleconference of more than a thousand lightworkers who participated in the most enlightened overview I've ever heard for understanding current world events as relates to the advanced understanding of the Mayan Calendar's 'grand finale' in 2011.

Final 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar as explained by
Dr. Carl Calleman and Patricia Cota-Robles

I personally believe that this teleconference is this year's most hopeful and otherwise inspiring review and 'fast forward" to understand the profound meaning of the systemic transformation of energies, our DNA and the Big Shift to 5th dimensional Unity Consciousness at this time.

This is HUGE for the planetary cause of,
by and for Universal Love!

There were some minor technical glitches in this teleconference, but you can listen to the replay now at:
If this link does not work, copy and paste it in your browser.

Note: 62,973 on Facebook already 'like' this. It's gone viral.  Please network this e-mail for the 'Net worth' of a new 'innerNet reality' to help make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Contrary to dire predictions, the divine destiny of Earth is emerging in a positive way that few of us can barely conceive or have rarely foreseen. This teleconference explains that we are in unchartered waters now as the veil rapidly thins and the vast frontier of innerspace is outpictured through resonant coherence with the consciousness of cosmos. It's ALL connected folks

See some extensive teleconference excerpts at:

Maybe it was the extraordinary energies at this Solstice, focused for several days by a cardinal grand cross of Mercury, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn, but I have never heard a better overview of the defining concepts framing the big picture of the dimensional shift in consciousness now accelerating on Earth.

"Ask and you shall receive" is not a platitude but a universal expression of free will with pure intention through focused intention on evolutionary ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond.

If you want to do better, know better.
If you want to understand,
seek understanding. 

For the best explanation of '5th dimension', 'Universal Co-Creation', 'Unity Consciousness' and the transformation of our hearts, minds and world-at-large at this amazing time... pay attention to this teleconference.

Attention pays with the new currency of Conscience at the heart of the Next Economy, universal self-care, and mass-to-mass TeLeComm, with self-governing, self-correcting self-elevation as 'salvation' of a Universal Love nature.

See the Good and Make It So,

~ Christos

PS:  A gift of musical rapture, released on this Solstice, is freely given to you now for sound healing
        in a profound way.  Listen at this YouTube video:
for a 10 minute excerpt,
        or get a free MP3 download of the full 62 minute "Musical Rapture - A Healing Gift for Humanity'
        at: . The amazing spiritual inspiration behind this deeply healing music can be
        read HERE.  Blessings to the pure in heart. ~ C

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All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom
"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern GeoNotes Wisdom

        To love with all your mind ~ , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
                               and all your heart ~
 , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
             and all your strength ~
 , balanced brain of a synergy nature,
and your Netizen neighbor ~ 
in our Global Village (whole brain)
                              as thyself ~ 
, interdependent TLC Co-Creation.