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Capricorn New Moon (Solar Eclipse): January 14, 2010
by Barbara Hand Clow
Now we have come to the New Moon in Capricorn, a time of deep soul searching for all, and also a time when we can assess the reading for the Winter Solstice. Even though only a few weeks have passed, my reading for the Winter Solstice has some elements that need consideration. Let me begin, however, with a few words about astrology in general.
I have been observing reality through the astrological lens since 1965, and often astrology's accuracy has been remarkable.
Then in 2007 I added the Calleman factor of the Days and Nights of the Nine Underworlds (of the Mayan Calendar ~CR) to my astrological analysis, and the predictive power from using these two methods together has been stunning. Since most people are concerned about financial security, I keep an eye on financial forecasting, and since the Fall Equinox, financial predictions have not been working very well. I haven't said anything about this because I couldn't figure out what was going on. This diminishment of reliable astrological financial analysis has forced me to deeply question my own skills. Yet, now that I can assess the Winter Solstice reading in light of recent events, I think I see what is going on. Remembering that it has a strong influence until the Spring Equinox, you may want to reread the Winter Solstice reading yourself while it is still posted. Following this review, we will then look at the New Moon.
The 2009 Winter Solstice reading is one of the "heaviest" I've ever published, and I wrote it while I was in a state of doubt about the influence of astrology these days. That reading tested my own skill and the accuracy of astrology in general, and now the score is coming in. Of course, only a few short weeks have passed since the Sun went into Capricorn, yet
an ominous field of forces is formulating quickly, possibly because Pluto is in early Capricorn too. I said that this winter would be a collective dark night of the soul. The drama began on Christmas Day when a suicide bomber nearly destroyed a plane landing in Detroit carrying 238 passengers. Soon thereafter on December 30, at Khost, Afghanistan, another suicide bomber blew himself up as well as killing seven CIA agents. As the New York Times (January 5, 2010) described this tragedy, this attack was "a devastating blow to the spy agency's (CIA) operations against militants in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, eliminating an elite team using an informant with strong jihadi credentials. The attack further delayed hope of penetrating Al Qaeda's upper ranks, and also seemed potent evidence of militants' ability to strike back against its American pursuers." That is, right after Obama announced his deeper commitment to the war in Afghanistan and right after he received the Nobel Peace Prize, there were two ominous blows to the American effort.
Further, I had noted that the "repeat of the world empire pattern (Roman) will be tested this winter," and that this period would be a "reckoning time for American values." (This is because the Moon in the Winter Solstice chart was conjunct the USA 1776 Moon in Aquarius as well as President Obama's South Node.) I also noted that because Mars in Leo turned retrograde a day before the Solstice, it would be "ominous for world events", and that because of the pro-war stance the US had adopted just before the Solstice, "the US will dig in even deeper as Mars retrogrades until March 10." This is exactly what is happening. Yet, financial markets did not seem to be responding to transits, such as the first Saturn-square-Pluto on November 15. Furthermore, I noted that "bankers have carried out a coup d'etat in the US" -and now I can see that this is the real cause of the astrological distortions along with the distortion of the $787 billion stimulus package. Considering the banking coup d'etat and the US at war in the Middle East, the last thing the Elite will allow is a Western financial collapse. To state it simply, the financial collapse has been held off by the military situation, which makes it into a matter of national security. Of course, this will only be possible for so long, and the second Saturn square Pluto on January 31 (right after the Leo Full Moon) may finally tank the wobbly markets, as I will mention below.
Astrology is still predictive, the dark night of the soul has begun, and the more spiritual aspects of the Winter Solstice are even more startling. I singled out two striking yods in the Solstice chart, noting that "Yods represent inner changes in each person that shift reality on the surface." The yod to the South Node in Cancer meant "the deepest healing and mystical access this winter is drawing power from nurturing experiences in the past . . . when we got through hard times and found community again in spite of stupid politicians and power mongers." Regarding the other yod to Mars retrograde in Leo, I said that spiritual transformations pushing us onto new evolutionary paths would be "drawing power from transcending our identity as warriors."

I had no idea how we would see any of this until I saw Avatar soon after the Winter Solstice. This film is helping millions draw nurturing experiences from the past (Pandora as Eden), and it incites people, even militarists, to transcend warrior identity. I predict Avatar will continue to be shown again and again by popular demand because many people will see it two or three times. The yods in the Winter Solstice plug right into the Edenic, non-aggressive world of Avatar, and because so many millions are experiencing this, the collective mind is recalling the 100,000-year long Regional Underworld. In our imagination, this long and contemplative time when we were harmonic with nature is overtaking the disintegration of the structures of the Planetary and National Underworlds; Avatar has brought hope from the deepest source back into the world.
Now, let us return to the present time, where we wander around in our collective dark night of the soul and thousands of travelers are being told they must have their bodies scanned if they want to fly. They know that their sense of decency is not being respected; for some, it may even conjure up images of Jews being led into gas chambers during WWII. So, let's examine the chart for the Capricorn New Moon to see how we can consciously use the energies of the heavens to prepare ourselves for our coming awakening.

Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld opens November 2, 2010, only ten short months from now.
[See The Mayan Code by Clow.]
The primary message of the New Moon chart is: Get real now by accepting unavoidable responsibilities, and then you can use highly creative methods to visualize ways to make new things happen. This is because the Capricorn New Moon is exact conjunct Venus in a close sextile to Uranus in Pisces. Venus adds feminine intuition to the normally practical Capricorn New Moon, and the sextile to Uranus in Pisces adds strong creative intuition that comes in visions. This is an intense imprint because the New Moon/Venus is a close solar eclipse, since the North Node in Capricorn is only 4 degrees away.

This lunation is all about
letting old paths go and choosing completely new and unique new things. Adding strength to the strong Capricorn theme is Mercury in Capricorn, which is stationary during the New Moon and then goes direct a few hours after the eclipse! Wow! Then Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Mercury is in a close square to Saturn in Libra. Saturn turned retrograde (until May 30) a few days before this New Moon, so we will be doing deep inner structural work in the months ahead.
The New Moon/Venus sextiling Uranus offers you the chance to consider your core creative values.
With Mars retrograde in Leo creating chaos amidst a violent and irrational global collective insanity,
why not change what you are plugged into?

How you change yourself will ultimately change your world.

As always, the New Moon plants a new seed, and then the seed germinates and builds its energy up to and through the Full Moon, when the Full Moon in Leo will conjunct Mars retrograde. You'd better get a sense of direction about your core values and creative potential during this New Moon, or you will feel angry at the world during the Full Moon January 29/30. Judging by the global field we live in, which seems to be intensifying so fast since the Winter Solstice, too much anger will be a problem for many people. The Elite may continue to rape our planet and push for more and more war, but you can plug into Nature, just like the Na'Vi people of Pandora plugged their braids into other life forms to share energy.
This year's Capricorn New Moon is a truly creative and beautiful opportunity for each one of us. If you put us all together, we are far stronger than any collective insanity. Intriguingly, as Mars move backwards in the sky, this influential planet is totally unaspected during the New Moon. Describing the influence of unaspected planets is always difficult, so I will just throw out a few ideas: Since this lunation is a potent solar eclipse, "lonely" Mars has a very strong influence. It means that using aggression and strength is disconnected from reality and systems in some way, so I think this could go in two strong directions: 1) Individuals may feel very free to just do what they want and take the consequences, and 2) the West may wake up and face the fact that it is losing its wars in the Middle East.
As I've always said, an economic collapse is probably the only
thing that could get the US to withdraw from the Middle East.
And, since Saturn squares Pluto right after the Full Moon in Leo,
possibly this aspect will trigger a financial collapse that will
abort Western aggression.
Consistently since last spring, spirituality and healing have been the central forces changing our lives under the influence of the potent Triple Conjunction-Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius. During this New Moon, finally Jupiter is moving past Chiron/Neptune, the last pass of the Triple Conjunction. Under its influence, many of us have grown spiritually and faced a series of healing crises, and now we are like newborn beings. Avatar appeared during the culmination of the Triple Conjunction, which helps us see that our individual healing is actually a collective issue. Now that Jupiter is moving out of the Triple Conjunction, our individual initiations and healing crises will not be so monumental and overwhelming. Jupiter is moving into Pisces right after this solar eclipse, which will initiate a spiritual awakening in the solar system.

Jupiter is the home of the Masters of the Universe who guide Earth, thus this planet links us to the universe. Avatar is a great story of heroic change and conquering the dark side. This subtle shift into new hope rings true because the film is galactic and universal, not just solar and earthbound. It is a sign that Earth's quarantine is lifting, and our hearts are reconnecting with the universe.

Many individuals have made great strides in their personal work during the Triple Conjunction, and now the collective will be changing rapidly because universal wisdom is flowing into it. Many of you must be doing very good work reaching subtle dimensions, making it possible for a creative work like Avatar to premier on Earth.
Chiron and Jupiter are very close together and will conjunct in mid-February 2010 also exactly conjunct the Aquarius New Moon
. We will examine this revelatory New Moon next month, which is on my birthday. For now it is enough to say that our personal spiritual awakening and healing crisis will be less intense from now on, yet the collective will shift more intensely as a result of your significant initiations. Lastly, Jupiter in 29 Aquarius is poised to move into Pisces as it quincunxes newly retrograde Saturn. So, the big planet of the Masters is pushing Saturn to inspire us to balance our energy deep within. We must calm down and contemplate the universe amidst the building collective insanity on Earth.
Many of you will have astonishing insights during this eclipse as Jupiter sextiles Pluto/Mercury in Capricorn. [Maybe more than a few of you will think that air travelers will be forced to board and fly in the nude unless the West stops attacking the East.]

Remember, according to Calleman, the East dominates the West during the Nights of the Underworlds. So, since we are in Night Six, the West had better get real. When a security system is reduced to underpants and shoes, it is time to eliminate the cause of the problem in the first place -- war.

Consider using your personal strength and abundant creativity to remain calm in the crazy collective fear,
because this New Moon is loaded with abundant creative potential for each person on Earth.