America's Ruling Establishment - Wasp or Jewish?

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Powerful, no walking-on-eggs analysis of Jewish Lobby and a devastating response to Zunes, by Bob Finch (full text on our website)

 Blame it on the Wasps.

A Review of Stephen Zunes 'The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is it Really?'

Published May 18, 2006=20

Updated June 4, 2006

America's Ruling Establishment.

Over the last four decades a succession of America administrations have sent the Jews-only state in Palestine (Jos) a vast treasure chest: well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars. According to Stephen Zunes in his essay, The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is it Really?
America's ruling elite sees the Jos as its colony or client state. It lavishly funds the Jos to pursue its strategic interests in the Middle East

Zunes implies this ruling elite consists of Wasps, "these influential and (mostly) Wealthy, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant lawmakers ..." (Stephen Zunes 'The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is it Really? May 16, 2006). According to Zunes, Wasps have created the world's sole military hyper power and run what is increasingly looking like an American empire. American Jews are mere supplicants to the court of the Wasp emperors and the Jos is an American colony more or less wholly dependent on America for its survival. If the Jos doesn't obey Wasps' orders, it won't be rewarded, and it won't survive. In other words, the Jos is no different from any other American colony such as Honduras. Zunes argues that neither the Jos nor the Jews-only lobby in America (Jol)[i] is powerful enough to extract such monies if it wasn't in the interests of America's ruling Wasp elite.

There is little doubt that, up to the second world war, America's ruling elite consisted primarily of Wasps. But, thereafter, American Jews have become increasingly wealthy and politically powerful. Whilst there are still many Wasps amongst America's ruling establishment, it is currently dominated by American Jews. They own or manage a significant part of America's economy.. They own, manage, and run, most of America's media. They finance, and predominate in, some of America's most prestigious universities. Although American Jewish billionaires are only a minority amongst America's wealthiest people, they are by far and away the most politically active. They fund a variety of organizations in order to convert their wealth into political power to achieve their political objectives. They have established more think tanks and lobbying organizations than any other lobby group in America - a remarkable achievement given that American Jews compose only 2-3% of America's population. They fund American political parties not merely the Republican and Democratic parties but even the country's smaller parties. American Jews also predominate in all of these parties.

A major component of America's ruling establishment is what is commonly referred to as the military industrial complex.  Zunes implies firstly, that this complex is run entirely by Wasps even though he presents no evidence it is. And, secondly, that the political power of the complex derives from being America's biggest industry. This may have been the case in the past but no longer. America's biggest industry is the media and entertainment industry which is dominated by American Jews.

Since the second world war, America's Jewish elite has succeeded in persuading/pressuring/bribing a succession of American administrations into supporting the Jos on a number of critical occasions. Over time, these victories have become increasingly frequent and increasingly beneficial to the Jos until, after the Pentagon and New York bombings, the dominance of America's Jewish elite slid almost imperceptibly into position as America's ruling elite.
America is now ruled by a Jewish elite consisting of Jewish billionaires, Jewish media owners, Jewish dominated academic institutions, Jewish run think tanks, Jewish dominated political parties, Jewish dominated state legislatures, Jewish owned Congress, and the huge proportion of American Jews in the Bush administration.[ii]

The increasing domination of American Jews over America's economy and political system explains a number of critical political developments. Firstly, that America's defense and foreign policies have all been imported, primarily by American Jews, from the Jos.
Secondly, the extraordinary transformation of the Jos's enemies into America's enemies even though they pose no threat to America nor even to American interests in the Middle East. "With the assault on Iraq," wrote the distinguished historian, David Hirst, "the U.S.. was not merely adopting Israel's long-established methods - of initiative, offense and pre-emption - ; it was also adopting Israel's adversaries as its own..." (quoted in Jeffrey Blankfort 'A War for Israel' April 2004).[iii]

Finally, the vast donations that American Jews have been able to extract from successive American administrations. Today these donations have become
tribute payments that the Jos, with the aid of America's ruling Jewish elite, extracts from its American colony. These tribute payments ensure the Jos's military supremacism not only in the Middle East but around much of the rest of the world.

Over the last sixty years, the growth in the economic, social, political, and cultural, power of American Jews has been phenomenal. This has fostered the equally phenomenal rise in the military and political power of the Jos. The Jos did not exist in early 1948 but is now commonly regarded as the fourth most powerful military in the world
. "Israel has become a military superpower in its own right. Its army and air force rival those of the major European countries, and it has become the world's fourth largest nuclear power, despite never signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty." (Jeff Halper 'Israel as an Extension of American Empire' November 7th 2005).


American Jews' control over the American political system gives them dominance, but not yet total dominance, over America's military hyper power. The Jos, America's ruling Jewish elite, and the Jewish elite in many western countries including Russia, compose a global Jewish elite which runs a Jewish empire for the benefit of this elite and its headquarters in the Jos.


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