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Global Economic Resurrection

Keep the faith folks. Events are moving fast.
A new global economic order is emerging.

Christopher Rudy / April 1, 2015

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 The U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy joined the "AIIB" (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) back in Oct. 2014. Russia announced its decision to join the China-led institution on Saturday. China and 20 other Asian nations, including India and Singapore, created this initiative for a new global cooperation economically.

The infrastructure for a new global economic order is being quickly established. Note these current headline developments:

Russia to join Asian Investment Bank in two weeks - 18 hours ago
Japan expected to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
CCNBC - 32 hours ago
Taiwan to apply to join China-backed AIIB investment bank
Reuters - 27 hours ago
Australia confirms it will join China's Asian Infrastructure
The Guardian - 3 days ago

The new Asian bank and a new economic world order
Al Jazeera - 3 days ago

This is a HUGE shift away from Western co-dependence. Global cooperative economic initiatives could short-circuit the agenda of Western Neocons who would risk WWIII to dominate Syria, Iran and Russia with sanctions or force.
Let's hope and pray that this is a positive turning point towards greater global civility in the spirit of practical West-East co-creation between respective hemispheres of win/lose competition and win/win cooperation... like the masculine and feminine agendas within each one's left and right brain.

China-Led Development Bank Gains Global Support;
UK, Switzerland Approved As Founding Members

March 28 / International Business Times
Avaneesh Pandey

Note in this article that the U.S. warned its allies against joining this new world bank, but is now forced to reassess its stance. That's why we've seen the push of Neocons for war with Russia and Iran since Oct. 2014. The Far East is uniting to counter extreme West policies.
Power without moral principle has been using force militarily to create and manage terror and war for military-industrial profiteers and their bankster overlords. But that too shall pass, hopefully with a new world of international checks and balances on the abuse of power.
More than half the world's population is now aligned with a new infrastructure for international trade and economic stability. Militarized corporate government in the U.S. has hit the wall of humanity's compelling intent for win/win East-West cooperation rather than win/lose competition for one-sided domination.
The whole world has watched the Mideast genocides and Ukraine debacle and can now see how the economic sanctions against Russia and Iran have back-fired, forcing both into alliance with China and most of the other major countries in our world.
America has gone through the prophesied plagues of war, disease and dark night of the soul that is virtually killing us. But by the grace of a Higher Power, it's time for resurrection in the light of breakthrough capabilities whereby America can shine for the world as it once did.
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