Heartcom Network / Jan. 16, 2016

Reality Report: Resolving Corporate Tyranny

by Christopher L. Rudy

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The REAL State of the Union
In Our New Global Village

By now we should all be aware of the effect of the Supreme Court's egregious 'Citizens United' decision that gave the sovereign right of 'personhood' to giant impersonal corporations which now can openly commit billions of dollars to shaping elections.
That massive powershift to the privately owned corporatocracy has massively interfered with federal and local policies that have HIT THE WALL of public contempt. There's a stand-off between these powerful corporatocracy interests and the new social conscience surging in our new global social networks.
Four billion global 'Netizens' now connecting on the Internet

The whole world is now watching how U.S. Presidential elections follow a right-left-right "March to Tyranny' pattern.  First the Republicans led the US into destruction of Iraq based on false-flag fears of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Millions of civilians were killed or suffered as the result. Then Democrat Obama gave us hope for change and leads the U.S. into destruction of Libya and further destabilization of the Middle East with millions of refugees flooding into Europe. And now we see the great hope of the masses stepping toward 'The Donald" as Republican salvation to 'Trump' democratic policies.

But wait! Aren't people waking up to this lock-step tyranny two-step that does the same thing over and over yet expects different results? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Would you agree that this march to tyranny of, by and for the corporatocracy values privatized profits and power from war and disease more than it values public power to profit from peace and health?

Resolution of this 'stand-off' between
privatized control and public interest
 is now the '2016 destiny' of humanity.

Both the military-industrial complex and the medical-industrial complex have kept the US stock-market afloat with a massive increase in war spending and disease treatment. The US has the biggest and most expensive military and medical complex in the world. Plus the highest prisoners-per-capita of any major nation: the prison-industrial complex that profits from slave labor. Plus the largest public debt of any large economy in the world. And this 'too big to fail' system of profiting from war, disease and a police state is pathological and unsustainable.

The illusion of salvation from a new President is naïve. The Presidency of the US has become merely a pawn in a much larger chess game. Billions of dollars are spent yearly by the Pentagon and other government agencies to script public news broadcasts that sustain the matrix of war fighting for peace and disease treatment for health. Billions of dollars are spent yearly by Big Pharma companies to provide often-falsified research and deceptive advertisement that offers a vaccine or pill for every ill.

There’s no profit in public peace or health for this sick system. The incentives are backwards. It’s a massive conflict of interest that profits from the creation and management of war and disease. And it’s killing us in the name of protecting and caring for us.

President Obama's State of the Union address failed to mention the death toll under foreign wars and Obamacare. We all know of the millions killed or displaced by U.S. intervention in the Mideast, but few know of the deaths from public health care. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), there are about 15,000 deaths per month caused by medical doctors via Medicare alone.
If we factor in other unreported "iatrogenocide" (death by doctor), this is truly a leading cause of death in the U.S.

The 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
is MD Directed Medicine
by Dr. Peter Glidden

The health of the U.S. economy is inseparable from the U.S public health care system, now ranked dead last (Forbes) among modern nations. And yet it’s the most expensive public health care in the world. Wall Street metrics for health are inversely proportional to public health. Drug stocks are the darling of many institutional investors who bank on the increase in public disease for their stock dividends. Likewise, insurance companies get a big fraction of the action, and citizens pay more to cover non-paying non-citizens.

The history behind this pathological medical monopoly
is well-explained in this 'must see' documentary:
How the Oil industry Conquered Medicine, Finance & Agriculture

Global Oil Politics Behind War Agendas
January 24, 2016 / New Eastern Outlook
By F. William Engdahl

When you factor in Wall Street interest in profits from GMOs, water fluoridation, vaccines and medical drug-pushing, you can see the larger problem. ALL these biologically toxic influences support the profit picture for the medical-industrial complex. Toxic (corrupt) power elite sociopaths also prefer a weak controllable population that is too sick and tired to resist encroaching tyranny.
How many millions of people are killed by Big Pharma every year? To help answer that question, check out www.PharmaDeathClock.com, a website that shows you real-time numbers that count the deaths from dangerous pharma-drug side effects.
There's nothing more evil than the inversion, subversion and perversion of 'health care' and ‘public security’ in the name of short term profits for war and disease industries. Either we see the end of that sick system or we'll see the end of America.
Willful ignorance of this pathological system is no solution. Without a clear vision of alternatives to self-destruction, the people perish. Coming out of collective lock-step denial of the march to tyranny is not easy, but it’s the first step on the virtuous cycle that reverses the vicious cycle of collective dis-ease, dysfunction and devolution.
It should be obvious by now that there can be no global political or economic solution without the currency of conscience - good will - in our new global social networks. As global humanity becomes more enlightened with global TeLeComm and TeLeCare, an inexpensive solution for enlightened self-healing becomes self-evident.

So seize the 'TLC Vision' with pure intention of good will
for our conscientious evolutionary ascent;

Embrace the virtue of focused attention on holistic solutions
for systemic global problems;

Vow with valor for global enlightenment by caring enough
to at least share this message far and wide.

And claim the victory of ‘
TLCin TeLeComm and TeLeCare
 for global TeLeCommunity with universal TeLeConscience.

All Ways ... Always,

Host of Cosmic LOVE

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

with all your heart, mind and strength,
and our global Netizen 'neighbors' as thy Self.


  Recorded Jan. 9th at the exact time of the New Moon
   aligned with the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn; a powerful
time to confirm
personal intentions for the new year.