Reason for the Season

Blessed Be the Reason for This Season

by Christos Lightweaver

Greetings to all, and to all a Christmas blessing.

The gifting of the present is the future of time -- the full presence of Christ-like love, and the reason for this season.

For some of us, this is an emotional time with the ghosts of many Christmas pastimes effecting our gifting in the present.

For others, this is a time to think about the continuity of job, family or nation, and what legacy we will gift our children.

Some are those who consider action as the only appropriate response to this season, gifting with the spirit that matters.

Others intuitively know that big changes are coming, getting past the past, looking forward to peace on Earth, and wondering how this gift will manifest to fulfill the divine destiny of the Family of Man.

These four ways of perceiving time say a lot about the giver as well as the receiver.  How we perceive time actually defines how we love.

For more appropriate gift giving, consider which of the four ways of perceiving time correspond to not just yourself but also your loved ones

Personally, I aspire to a future vision of wholeness and healing for humanity, and my gifting to you is this vision:


All Ways
~ Christos

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