Response from Readers

October 26, 2015

Response to the updated 'Global Power Shift' has been pouring in worldwide. With 9,000+ on my in-house email list, largely from my Cosmic LOVE talk show broadcast to 63 countries over 8 years, I'm getting global response from many on the list I’ve never heard from before.

An ecologist/publisher in Ecuador wrote to say that, "... there are a plethora of Free Energy devices that work; the list of ways to create Over Unity (Free Energy) is booming as we experience a renaissance in technological developments from creating alternative energy devices in nano technology, magnetism, leverage, water fuel cells and plasma science." See Carlita’s article on this: FREE ENERGY IS AT A BREAKTHROUGH FROM HERE ON.
Carlita believes that Keshes free-energy technology is the most advanced yet simple (exquisite) 0-point technology to draw energy directly from the quantum field of limitless power. She has thoroughly researched the history of all kinds of 'free-energy' technologies as you can read in her article: OILGARCHY VS THE PEOPLE AND PLANET.
The Thrive Movement has been going public with quantum field 'free-energy' technology since their launch on 11-11-11. They have millions of people worldwide following their updates which have yet to include Keshe tech, perhaps because of threats from the power elite.
Personally, I suspect Keshe was 'given' this technology, perhaps by channeled 'inspiration' because of pure intent and a sufficient ego to take it global in spite of his egoic excesses that appear as a 'messianic complex' to those who's own egos have visions of grandeur in check. In the larger scheme of soul incarnation into a dense body, it may be Keshe's soul contract to bring forth this 'breakthrough' at this time. Each to their own divine plan on the 3-D stage:)
I also believe that FULL DISCLOSURE is cosmically ordained for this time. Millions of people worldwide are watching the Cosmic Disclosure Series with David Wilcock on Gaiam TV (Internet). Each segment is free when viewed at release each week. This series documents the long-time secret space program that has concealed the quantum field technology used for interstellar spacecraft and teleportation stargates for decades.

"A conflict now rages whether to preserve these advance for the ranks of the elite, or to share this destiny with the whole of humanity and usher in a new era of peaceful conscious advancement." ~ Cosmic Disclosure

The truth of all this has been concealed from the public for obvious reasons. As Carlita says in her article above, "The elite control global oil companies and gain a profit of 100 million dollars per hour everyday of every week... extracting oil from the deep ocean or from beneath the rain forests, resulting in destruction of the Amazon, causing countless oil spills and environmental disasters on an ecocidal scale. While this continues, so does the repression of every other form of technology available that could free humanity from the current destructive paradigm we do not consent to."
So the economics and politics are far more convoluted if not insane compared to the actual science of free-energy tech that can free people worldwide from the banksters and wars for profit and tyranny.

As you can read HERE, US war planes recently destroyed power plants for Aleppo in Syria, cutting off power to more than 2 million people, with winter approaching. Western media is not reporting this - a blatant war crime. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported fabricated news that Russia bombed seven Syrian hospitals. The propaganda war for our hearts and minds is ‘hot’.

Most Americans don’t know what to think if they get their news from the boob tube. But the truth is going mainstream over the Internet. The jig is up. Free-energy power to the people is taking on new meaning with wisdom to know better and the power of love to do better.

All Ways ,

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the power of love
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin 

Russell Brand on Spiritual fire