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Continued from: Pole Shift Prospects

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest.

For many years I've published information on Earth changes and the pending pole shift with reference to the web site at www.poleshift.ning where there are tens of thousands of pages archived over decades on the media blacked-out subject of Planet X, Niburu, etc. I've reported how about 40% of the Internet addresses for people coming to that website are from space scientists and government agencies worldwide who are monitoring the developments of Planet X in our solar system.  I've also reported on the underground cities that have been build worldwide in preparation for pole shift. I've interviewed leading experts on this subject on Cosmic LOVE. And I've reported on numerous NASA scientists and government agents who took early retirement to build family underground shelters in safe areas.
This is a complex subject which addresses 'The Ultimatum' in abstract terms of astrophysics that typically confound the public that has a short attention span and low fear threshold.
If you doubt the veracity of Planet X, search 'second sun'.  Then refer to the following astrophysics chart as you watch the video below that provides more explanatory value.

And who will tell the people
that free speech is a ruse;
The corporations run the country
and then they make the news.
Is it media or mind control
heroic victories or crime?
Who will tell the people...
that we are living in these times.
~ Song by Willie Nelson

Is it true that Planet X could be true even though it has
long been taboo (blacked-out) in mainstream media?
Are you aware that this would disrupt status quo
‘normalcy bias’ that remains unprepared?
Would you agree that this now gives humanity
 an ultimatum to get our act together or else?

If you are religious, you may agree that this is a global 'Jonah at Nineveh' event for planetary civilization.  Or if you just want the science, go to the website at www.poleshift.ning and research to your heart's content.

There's still time to prepare, and by that I mean spiritual discernment above all. That's the dimension where religion and science both agree. It's also where 'forgiveness of debts' goes mainstream with the 'gold standard' for social conscience in global social networks, i.e. atONEment as 'repentance' in the personal/planetary holodeck... with global correction of humanity's self-destructive course so our worst fears don't come upon us.

That requires enormous faith in the power of love
at the heart of the global 'TLC Project'.

In other words, global cataclysm is NOT etched in stone or otherwise foreordained.  Mankind has free will so anything is possible, even the ultimate sacrifice of egoic density for “transpersonal enlightenment” (Effective Sensory Perception) en mass.  That's the quantum reality whereby the unlimited power of love can be harnessed for global change in the twinkling of an eye... this pregnant Earth moment in the larger scheme of soul ascension.

Gaining Momentum
for CoCreation

This is to say that a global evolution/revolution in higher consciousness will at least mitigate imminent Earth changes. The birth of the 'New Earth' will then at least be less difficult. And if it takes Planet X to turn global consciousness back to God-Love-Source with universal law-language models for 'wholEness' and healing... then AT LEAST the remnant who survive will thrive with tools and processes for morphing the matrix into a millennial Aquarian Golden Age.
There is also the reality that this 'Jonah at Nineveh' judgment time for global civilization is also the quantum field judgment time for each and all. By that I mean the nonlinear perception that goes with the 'three days of darkness' that would accompany a physical AND electromagnetic pole shift in 'The Field' that directly effects the brain field of one's perception.

That's if the birth of a new Earth is a difficult one, depending on how well global humanity aligns with
Geometric Ordered Divinity in resonance with the holy spirit of -in-action... and how well prepared you are for come-what-may.

Christopher Rudy, Host of
 Cosmic LOVE

PS: The true test of spirituality is practicality and I would not be posting on the perils of the future if I did not provide practical solutions that prepare for, and thus mitigate, worst case scenarios.  Some will ignore this warning. Others will prepare with food reserves and optimal health resources at Whatever your level of preparedness, pray for discernment. We tend to do better when we know better:) ~ CR

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
a profoundly sick society."
~ Krishnamurti


"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon