Primer For the Prime Directive

An interactive e-book introduction to the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Culturing -centric Net reality in our
global village.

Copyright © 2008, Christopher Rudy /

These e-book coordinates geometrize a whole, holistic and otherwise holographic
framing process for involving and evolving the language of consciousness;
step-by-step interaction - 33 “lessons” - for nurturing and culturing
pure intention for focused attention on our ascension;
the genesis for global rEVOLUTION as up-wising
and uprising in the image and likeness of
the golden rule/law language at
the heart of the emerging
blueprint framing

  The rate of global change is accelerating, but who among us really knows what
our New World will look like when enough of us finally wake up to realize
we are all responsible for the change we have all been waiting for?
If we put our heads together with enlightened self interest,
we can define, refine, combine-synergize and shine
our gifts and talents by linking the light of a
higher conscience of Higher Power
at the heart of the Net reality
that empowers wisdom
with a universal

Attention Pays
-- the currency of conscience in our social networks
 As You Pay Attention -- the “gold” standard for conscience.

 Heaven knows that the Prime Directive in a Free-Will Universe
will give us what we ASK FOR whether we know it or not.
Of course, there are laws that govern the asking
 and receiving - the sowing and reaping
of the Spirit that
on earth as in

With  as the rule…

As we each become more aware of HOW we are individually conscious of
the laws and language of consciousness that frames one’s habits of
believing, thinking, feeling and acting… free-will self-corrects;
one’s wholEness state and co-Creation alignment with
 the conscientious
will naturally mature the soul when we
define, refine, combine & shine
pure intention for the
ascension of

As we all become more aware of HOW we are collectively conscious with
the new Net reality of our instant-everywhere-interactive connection,
the framework of principles that shape our new communication
process will naturally culture our wholEness state and
 co-Creation alignment with the
Gold Standard
to the extent the business of evolution
matures the ascent process,
getting what we all
”ask for”.

 So what do you/we want?  Not just individually but also
for the collective conscience of humanity in our
new all-connected instant-everywhere
and interactive global Internet
New World Game
where LOVE

Where do you want to go with your consciousness?
Would you agree that those who are enlightened
-- at least enough to think for themselves --
choose wisely?  Indeed, they
will ask for “what ought to be”
 in the image~likeness
of worldwide


A simple enlightened definition of “sanity” is to choose wisely
that which optimizes your ascent in full CONSCIENCE.
The higher your aspiration of pure intention
- as pays attention to the ascension -
the greater the RESULTS;
It’s THE LAW of

 From that enlightened perspective, the definition of “insanity” is
to do what you’ve always done… that hasn’t worked well…
yet expect different results.  And even though there is
a little insanity in all of us – human as we are --
there is also the most powerful force in
the universe – the power of LOVE;
Higher Power always wants
to fulfill the nature of

The marriage of heaven and earth in the embrace of the divine archetypes
of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother gives birth to the
divine principle of Co-Creation in the image and
likeness of divine form and frequency;
the letter of the law infused
with the spirit of
Integrating the

components to the “capstone” (vision)
that frames the holographic universe with holistic
processes for culturing golden rule/law language at the heart of
the marriage of heaven and earth in the embrace of the divine archetypes:

[Note:  “as above(top line), “so below (the bottom line)]


is the principle
and the living process
that cultures the marriage of
Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
principles “within us” (our conscious BEING)
and our Net reality in an all-connected global village;
 the marriage of the divine masculine with the power of love
 floats all boats via unconditional embrace of the Divine Feminine.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

- Carl Gustav Jung, Father of Modern Psychology

The nature/nurture dynamics of this “marriage” of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine

 has everything to do with the emerging SOULutions for all of humanity's problems.
To the extent that we understand the "holographic universe" - the nature that
nurtures quantum reality - to that extent does consciousness ascend,
both individually and collectively in our personal and planetary

           - The true nature of pure intention of, by & for LOVE as Law;
 - The nurturing of focused attention, knowing LOVE as Spirit;
    - The power of LOVE to heal thy self, organization or network;
       - The fulfillment of LOVE as self-evident, self-fulfilling salvation
            (self-elevation of a personal/planetary ascension nature)

Understanding the Divine Feminine Principle ( archetype)

“No will to power” (unconditional intention of “right”~  power);
“Right brain” (
dominance of attention via the Spirit of LOVE);
“Holy Spirit” (of, by and for a well-rounded~
 “Relationshipping” (4-D cross-referenced fulfillment of LOVE);
of Virtue- & Valor- for the Victory- of LOVE)

The whole point BEING the 5th Principle of the Divine Feminine:
5th Dimensional “Capstone” (Integration) of the 4  dimensions.
  [The “spherical” (nonlinear) conscience that connects intuitively
with “healthy” (holistic~holographic) whol
ness as knowing]

There is a simple “thoughtform” (visualization) that symbolizes the 5-D
dimensions from the perspective of the “capstone” (vision) that
, refines~, “combines”( -synergizes) and
shines (
) 5-Dimensional CONSCIENCE.
By looking down on the archetypal
“pyramid” – representing
 one’s individual
 we also
see the blueprint
of the most powerful symbol
for holistic integration of CONSCIENCE
that empowers wisdom with the virtue of

in order (to geometrize and harmonize) the divine via the prime
directive of  5-Dimensional “integrity” (whol
ness) for global TeLeComm.

Understanding the Divine Masculine Principle ( archetype)

        - Will of, by and for “righteous” () power framed by the Law of LOVE;
 - “eft brain” (dominance) in alignment with the Spirit of the aw;
 - “ogos” (logic) for holistic-holographic understanding of the aw;
aw-giver as the “integrated” (well-balanced) ( + ) aw-in-action,
      Cross-referencing” (4
’s) as 4-D integration for fulfillment of the aw
of Virtue- & Valor- for the Victory- of LOVE).

 The whole point BEING the 5th Principle of the Divine Masculine:
    5th Dimensional “Capstone” (Integration) of the 4
      [The “linear” (centered) conscience that connects logically
with inductive, deductive and syllogistic LOVE thinking]


SPACE as 3-D "Father” (Law-giver) 
 TIME as 4-D "Mother” (Love-giver) 
   RELATIVITY as the relationship - 
      via whole/holographic 5-D .
Understanding the rules of mastery for SPACE-TIME-RELATIVITY 
-- See “The Conscious Movement” --
parallels an understanding of the ideal relationship
between “Father and Mother” – the spiritual Father and Mother
of, by and for Co-Creation processes framing spirit
and matter with the Spirit that Matters.
This is how E () = MC2
In terms of a Unified Field Theory of Consciousness (C2).
As we become Conscious of HOW we are Conscious (C2),
we embody the Spirit (C2) that Matters (M)
for “Effective Sensory Perception” (ESP).
When LOVE rules, there’s nothing “extra” about it.
This has everything to do with the language of the aw that

wholly frames the “Spirit of the aw” () that infuses Matter.
It’s all a matter of whol spirit in conscious mind OVER
the energy in motion (e-motion) that ultimately matters.
“God over men” – the divine prime directive for every Golden Age -
is the keynote embedded in the word “government” (G-over-nment).
The code to this anagram “code” is the G.O.D.~LOVE languaging
for “God-Love government”.  Otherwise, the tail ends up 
“wagging the dog” (government god). 
 When the only thing that matters is monied power based on
the denial or disconnect from the Law of LOVE,
our “worth-ship” needs a reboot  from
“things” (idolatry) to the highest 
spiritual SENSE of
The world is a reflex of mental states.  Perception begets reality.
We are what we think, having become what we thought. 
 As you thinketh in your heart, so shall your world manifest.
Everything in the universe is resolved via the holographic dynamics
of Alpha to Omega… Spirit unto Matter … the divine embrace of 
the Mother-Father God… the bliss of union between 
both the divine masculine and divine feminine principles.
 To the extent that one masters the dimensional nature
of the Creator as one's creation of holographic “reality”…
to that extent will one’s co-measurement through Co-Creation 
manifest in ALL five dimensions of the "Gold Standard"
for cyberEthics in our global village Net reality:
1 - Affirmation of the aw - "I Am" (LOVE)
      2 - Confirmation with the Spirit - "I Can" (LOVE)
       3 - Determination for the Union - "I Will" (LOVE)
4 - Integration in the Action - "I Do" (LOVE)
         5 - Fulfillment as one's BEING -  rules.

 as the inear anguage of THE FORM framing divine order
      1- “Divine Father” (lawgiver) of RIGHT () principles framing conscience;
  2- “
aw of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity) in mind;
   3- “Divine Order” (as above, so below) framing the Co-Creation process;
        4- “
eft-brain ogic” (archetype) reasoning the “inear” (aw) of BEING;
5- The 5th Dimensional nature of “BEING”… to BE IN God (

 as the non-linear Spirit-FREQUENCY between the lines
“Divine Mother” (lovegiver) of well-ROUNDED () discernment of Spirit;
        2- “Language of the Angels of Love” (frequency of compassion) at heart;
           3- “Divine Harmony” (Spherical Consc.) inspiring the Co-Creation process;
                  4-  “Right-brain feeling” (
archetype) intuiting the spherical Spirit of BEING;
     5- The 5th Dimensional nature of “BEING”… to BE IN God (

as the “marriage” (SYNERGY) of + Co-Creation in action
   1- “Divine Offspring” ( child) of CO-CREATION () as a process;
   2- “Involving & Evolving” (mind & heart) for upward-mobile ascent of both;
   3- “Checks and Balances” (best of both “worlds”) for a better world-view;
  4-  “Right-Left brain co-operation” (archetype) optimizing one’s BEING;
5- The 5th Dimensional nature of “BEING”… to BE IN God (

as -valuation criteria for cyberthics via wholness
       1- “Whol Spirit” (maker) of INTEGRATION () as a process;
            2- “Integrity" (integrating) the
,  &  "components to the capstone" ();
  3- “Holistic-whol
ness" (holographic health) in all 4-quad dimensions;
        4-  “Whole brain co-ordination (archetype) for fulfillment of one’s BEING;
  5- The 5th Dimensional nature of “BEING”… to BE IN God (


These excerpts from the 33 lessons are proprietary:
  Copyright © 2008, Christopher Rudy /