by Christopher Rudy

Something BIG is happening
that is NOT reported widely.

It's BEYOND the hurricane coming up through America's heartland.

It's BEYOND the increasing Earth changes over recent years.


And it's FAR BEYOND the highly scripted 'reality show' now demanding our attention over mainstream corporate media: the Republican National Convention.  All the speeches are scripted with teleprompters to keep the 'actors' on schedule.  The GOP corporatocracy is running the show. Ron Paul has been marginalized to virtually nonexistent status. 

As I've reported before, almost all of Bush's former cabinet is lined up and ready to go with Romney, who now has been 'humanized' by the extremely telegenic love energy of his wife Ann's speech the first night of the convention.

Ann Romney converted to the Mormon faith, and in the 1970ís, I was a Mormon convert for about 3 years.  But not married to "the Romulan", I have a very different view of his ability to keep big business from controlling big government without severe austerity for all Americans.  The 9/11BUSHwhackers want their totalitarian New World Order, and Romney is the man with their plan.

I know the real story of Mormon Founder, Joseph Smith, as far as his supernatural experiences and role as the first Prophet of the LDS Church.  I also know that Joseph had difficulty with abuse of power, having an affair with a girl, Fanny Alger, while he was married back in Kirkland Ohio.  Joseph was then 'inspired' with the divine right of plural marriage for all Mormons... got it approved... and then made Fanny his first plural wife, and got her pregnant.  She lost that baby when Joseph's original wife Emma pushed Fanny down the stairs on a visit.  That tragedy for Fanny led to her creation of the extraordinary Mormon 'Relief Society' which she presided over for 50 years.  The Mormons really are famous for taking care of their own. That includes the message of recent Prophet-heads of the Church who have told all 'Latter-Day' saints to have two years of food reserves for their families.

What most Americans don't know is that Joseph Smith's followers, back in Kirtland Ohio, had some collective 'supernatural' experiences which put a lot of wind in the sails of these 'Latter-Day Saints'. They were the self-appointed 'chosen people' because they were anointed with numerous gifts of the holy spirit... believe it or not.  I'm not making this up! 
I went to the Kirtland temple and thoroughly researched the supernatural history there.

Unfortunately, such spiritual powers don't translate to political power very well. Joseph Smith tried to influence local politics in northeast Ohio in support of plural marriage. Persecution by resentful, angry locals became relentless, killing off many husbands, requiring more wives for the remnant, because they take care of their own. 

It's difficult being a separate and chosen people when others think you are crazy. The Saints just wanted to be free to worship their way, so they moved to the frontier.  But frontier pride and prejudice were brutal.  Joseph Smith was assassinated, or "martyred' in the terms of the faithful.

The lessen here, as Confucius might say:
"He who messes with fanny
will bite the bullet."

As for Romney's position on food reserves, we won't hear this former Mormon leader tell everyone we should prepare for anything.  That would hamper the efforts of the elite to prepare. Did you notice that Homeland Security ordered a billion dollars of food reserves this last year... to stock hundreds of nationwide deep underground military bases that cost billions to construct over the last decade?  Do they know something we don't know?


This in NOT what you might expect.  The timeline for the future is at a very morphic stage right now; it's going non-linear to 2012 'O-point' with 'Time Acceleration' in the process. Mankind has free-will so anything is possible.  Collective positive energy is critical now.

Pray unceasingly with positive energy, and remember...
worry is like praying for what you don't want.

    As goes our collective, vision of virtue and valor
    for the victory of conscientious common sense,
so goes our intention, attention, retention and
   ascension in the 5th dimension of 'Co-Creation
 with L O V E'... in FULL CONSCIENCE of the
divine prime directive regarding immediate
   systemic consequences for fear-based 'DUH'.


You are free to choose the life you want,
 but you are not free from consequences
of your choice.

"If men use their liberty in such a way as to surrender their liberty,
are they thereafter any the less slaves?
 If people by a plebiscite elect a man despot over them,
do they remain free because the despotism
was of their own making?"
~ Herbert Spencer (1884)

Bottom line...

Don't get caught with your pantry down!

Stock up your food reserves for what's coming.

Order essential health supplies
for your immune system.

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~ Christopher