The Population Control and Reduction Agenda

Excerpt from: July 17th News and Controversial Views

The Snowden affair has blown the lid off of public contempt for
the secret government corporatocracy that’s making a killing
with a covert agenda of population control and reduction:

 1- poisoning of our food with GMOs embedded with pesticides;
   big bucks for Big Pharma as a major proven cause of cancer).
  2- poisoning of our water with mass fluoridation of drinking water;
       as an enzyme inhibitor, fluoride is another major cause of cancer,
   begun via PR campaigns of the Aluminum industry to get rid of
    fluoride toxic waste by selling it as a health benefit for big profit.
  3- poisoning of our air with chemdumping in the sky (chemtrails);
 if you haven't noticed, look up and watch the sky occasionally.
 4- poisoning of our bioelectric fields with wireless EM pollution;
      the growth of cellular networks are corrupting our 'cellular health',
     corresponding to big increases in cancer and cell degeneration.
5- poisoning of our minds via media embedded with deception;
     "DUH" as in 'Deceived, Unconscious & Heartless', on purpose!


  The same giant corporations of the military-industrial complex that
hijacked the economy after 9-11, making a killing on terror war,
   have covertly received billions of our tax dollars to spy on all of us,
   giving new meaning to ‘taxation without representation’ which once
  sparked the American Revolution. This same issue is now global.

(illustration: Addicting Info)

  Betrayal of Conscience is not part of the narrative in corporate media
   or open Congressional hearings. Even when the Supreme Court gave
personhood to  impersonal corporations in the 2010 Citizens United
   case, there was no outcry from Congress nor Big Media talking heads
 who are both 'embedded' (in bed with) big $’s from big corporations.

Poll Shows Americans Are More Afraid Of
 Their Government Than A Terrorist Attack

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; 
when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
~ Thomas Jefferson