‘General Patton on the Power of Prayer’


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Hi;   In MA, outside of Boston, there are two contiguous towns Wenham and Hamilton. The Patton family lived in Wenham and the Chapman’s lived in Hamilton, a couple of miles from each other. I met Patton as a little boy I must have been around 8 or 9 – of course he was a scary figure – to this day they have a Patton tank in the middle of the town of Wenham.


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Subject: General Patton on the power of prayer

Hi Christopher,

     I read with interest your article titled, ‘General Patton on the power of prayer’.  I agree that it is a very important activity. The best way that I have discovered to pray is ‘The Centering Prayer’. The method is described in the book, Open Heart Open Mind by Thomas Keating. It has three aspects, faith, hope and transformation.

FAITH is intention and consenting to God’s presence and action in our lives.

HOPE is waiting for God in hope.

TRANSFORMATION is purification from any obstacle to Divine love within us.

When thoughts arise we use a one or two syllable word to bring us back to our intention. For example ‘YAH’ which means the God which is beyond time and space and neither male nor female.

[Guidelines for Centering Prayer HERE]


Charles Brashears


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Very good post!!

I loved Patton.  I am like you Chris, I was born in '64 and have a strong connection to the WWII era.  I had this dream one time that I was a belly gunner on a B-17.  I have had other dreams about other lives as well. 

I also have a VERY strong connection to the era of the American Revolution.  I feel as if I was fighting for Liberty during that time.  At a gut level, I feel it is one of the reasons I came back - - to fight for it once again.  I think there are a lot of us from those days that have come back again.  My ultimate hero is the man who's picture you sent in this email.  Prayer and knowing that God is on our side is extremely important.  Without God, we cannot even remotely succeed in our battle for Liberty.

I have no doubt that we will win again!

God bless and Live Free or Die!


Atlanta Patriot


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What makes you think the power of prayer is any more effective this year than any other time? Or is it just that now is our time to make or break it?


Christopher’s response:

Yep.  Now is that time Teddy.  Judgment time... right before the 'whirlwind' of mass awakening.

Different people can hear the 'holy spirit' streaming now... and it speaks to their hearts in
different ways.

Riding that wave now surging is to 'hang ten' for an authentic joy ride:)

"The truth is a tsunami.  We surf it or we die."
~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, Power vs. Force


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My God thank you!  I will be using this for sure on TV.

Paula Gloria

The Concordia Foundation


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Hi Christopher

As a committed pacifist I abhor war, if this man General Patton was a truly God fearing man he would not have prayed for the slaughter of millions. Just like the Pilgrim fathers committed genocide of the Native Americans, and the Europeans and British raped Africa.

You are confused

David, U.K

Christopher’s response:

Hi David.  You can thank Patton that we're not all speaking German nowJ

If war comes, we must pray like our lives depend on it.  In the meantime, we must pray as though our life without war depends on it.

In either case, we must pray.

THANKS for increasing my awareness

~ Christopher 


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Christopher, THANK YOU for this WONDERFUL story that helps fill in the spiritual history of our country, much like those of George Washington and Saint Germain! 

Always Victory! 



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Indeed! ~ And Washington certainly knew it!

Have you read this true tale?

Perhaps you will be inspired to join us for Powerful Spoken Word Work and Visualization for the cessation of war and the birth of Peace this Saturday at our Violet Flame Saturday event on online radio !

Or some other time!