An Open and Innovative On-line Community that Emphasizes
Co-Creative and Co-Operative Communication Co-Ordination

Success Formula for Open Innovative Networks:

by Christopher Rudy

Open Community = Liberated Communications.

Liberate Communications for Open Community.

Upgrade infrastructure for the "comm"
communications community),
to liberate communications and to
open up "pseudo" (closed) communities.

All community problems are, at heart,
communications problems.

Open systems culture innovative solutions.
Closed systems stifle innovative solutions.
The goal of the HEARTcom Network is to
open the Great Race for Global Reboot
to innovators with a stake in the outcome
for a new economics of abundance and for
health of our global life support systems.

In an instant-everywhere-interactive Internet world,
an individual or network community can rise no higher
that the moral compass at the heart of the cyberEthics
interface for mass-to-mass interaction that defines how
we individually and collectively "
 (the ordained role of
community communications).

The more "universal" is the laws and language of consciousness,
cultured at the cyberEthics heart of our social networks,
the less likely will the public misunderstand the implications,
and the more likely will the public understand the applications.

Tools and process that support the pure intent of this success formula
-- centered in a global web connected via Five Core Freedoms --
is the Net reality purpose of the HEARTcom Network.

“To love with all your mind and all your heart and all your strength
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.”


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