"UFOs Landing on London Olympics Field!"  Really?

by Christopher Rudy, Netizen Journalist

GeoNotes News / August 1, 2012
Full Moon in Aquarius

NEWSFLASH:  UFOs Landing on London Olympics Field!
                     - Full Disclosure of the Crop Circle Makers
                  - Ascension Coordinates Go Mainstream
                       - Personal/Planetary Metamorphosis Finale'
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UFOs Landing on London Olympics Field!

Don't believe me: Read the articles for yourself: HERE and HERE.

Skeptics are saying this is crazy. Others are saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!".

Ostensibly, if you read those links for yourself, you'll understand why the Pleiadians are landing.  The urgency of the hour, if told without this 'Higher Power' as mediator, could cause panic and chaos worldwide.

Read the articles and consider the potential NOW for global EVOLUTION as few have ever dreamed possible.

Imagine how the whole world will dramatically change virtually overnight.

Full Disclosure of the Crop Circle Makers

Why now? Earth has an urgent timetable for evolutionary 'ascension' ORDAINED for this time through to Dec. 21, 2012.  The pure intention of a critical mass of global humanity wants to be FREE from the ruthless Cabal that has ruled Earth by profiting from terror, war, disease and destruction of Earth's life-support systems. 

That anti-sovereignty 'World Game' is disintegrating
due to its own self-destructive dysfunction;
the 'wheels may be still turning but
the 'hamster' is quite dead.

A new 'Sovereignty Game' is integrating with a
self-correcting process of 're-invention'
for self-elevation of a self-healing
or otherwise 'salvation' nature.

 Classic metamorphosis.

Now is the time ORDAINED for a holistic system of 'Co-Operative CommUNIcaTIon Co-Ordinations' for culturing conscientious common sense SIMULTANEOUSLY in our social, political and economic institutions... culturing social Conscience in our instant-everywhere and interactive social networks. 

Steve Jobs did his job. The communications infrastructure is in place worldwide.  It just needs some tweaking with a 'heartware app' for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the TLC.  Then we can all participate in the 'REAL' Olympics to see who will make the best contribution for a golden age on Earth.

 This SURGE in freedom and opportunity for Earth's evolutions
  is the prophesied 'judgment time'... discernment of high order.
   Some will. Some won't.  Lightworkers will. Others, not so much.

This SURGE is a process of cooperation and coordination for 'Co-Creation' with Higher Power through interactive mass TeLeComm with "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).  Our sovereignty will be honored. Our solutions will be implimented so we can truly say, "We did it ourselves."

The 'system' -- with heartware cyberEthics - is the solution
at the heart of the new global sovereignty games.

That's the REAL game folks. We already have a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality capabilities. Its time to ACT like we are united with the common sense of E. Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One), that U.S. Founders had the wisdom to emphasize on the Great Seal of the United States.  Or to quote the common man and 'citizen journalist' who sparked the American Revolution with Common Sense, The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. We have it in our power to begin the world again. ~ Thomas Paine

Today that means culturing social Conscience in our ubiquitous-global social networks. So how do we get our ACT together with unity in our diversity?  And how will Universal Sovereignty CO-CREATE with 'Planetary Solidarity' for a massive mobilization of hearts and minds worldwide? 

     The mass power of goodwill among United Sovereigns,
  the dynamic effect of instant-everywhere interaction,
 and the opportunity for well-informed public opinion
     as engages the greatest good of the greatest number,
are beyond belief of the 99%,  feared by the 1%,  yet
going mainstream in 2012 to neutralize fear of the 1%
  and optimize faith with good works among the 99%.
This dynamic power has rarely been employed.
(Gandhi and U.S. Founding Fathers come to mind)
It can begin the world over again in 2012.

Ascension Coordinates Go Mainstream

You can read about these ascension coordinates, in brief, HERE, HERE and HERE... or read, 'The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age'. Those who 'get it' can read the series for 'Light Workers', 'Light Bearers' and 'Light Servers' called 'Keepers of the Frequency'... for more 'Light'; the 'Spirit that Matters'.  See also: 'Evolutionary Ascent'.

Personal/Planetary Metamorphosis Finale'

The science of metamorphosis, as morphs a caterpillar into a butterfly, is one of the miracles of nature that closely approximates the personal and planetary metamorphosis 'miracle' that is about to occur.  Natural cycles of a galactic nature are being honored as you can read HERE, HERE and HERE.  This is, indeed, the grand finale' experience for billions of souls who have this extraordinary opportunity at this unprecedented time.

"CONGRATULATIONS... You are among a select Group of souls
who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time!
   The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the
       unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
This is a time to remember."
~ Dr. Christine Page, Author of 2012 and the GALACTIC CENTER

Global Power-Wisdom-Love Breakthroughs

Free energy technology is ready to be liberated as we claim the victory of global civility to make it so.  For an example of a free-energy kit to power your home, go HERE.

WISDOM - Global holistic healing with Universal Self Care is ready to culture wholEness for the healing of civilization.

LOVE - Interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm -- a heatware app -- is ready to culture social Conscience in social networks, upgrading five core Constitutional freedoms in the process.


Please Forward / Blog Freely / Spread the Word / See what Happens:)

Time is of the essence.  August 4th approaches with expectation and
anticipation of 'Big Revelations'... or not.

Imagine how our world can change for the better,

Dare We Hope?

~ Christopher Rudy
    UltraMedics Services

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way."
- Thomas Paine (plagiarized widely)

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