Occupy Your Own Health

When the 99% realize the power of informed choice
for owning their own health - and act on it -
you will see a highly decentralized "grass-roots"
(Net roots) transformation of the dysfunctional
and disintegrating 'disease care' system
we euphemistically call 'health care'.

Dr. Christopher, Advocate for 'Universal Self Care'

See also: 'Preventive Healing'

As a naturopath, homeopath and clinical nutritionist, I've had three holistic health centers and studied the body-mind-spirit connection to holistic health for many years.  I've done pioneering work in the field of ultramolecular energy healing -- the energetics behind body-mind-spirit 'wholEness' and holistic healing.

The most important thing I've learned is that the body will heal itself, in miraculous ways, when you give it what it really needs for health. If you want to fully conceive, believe and achieve 'optimal health', you've got to break through the 'BS' -- mainstream 'Belief Systems' --- that have inverted, subverted and perverted public health care.

There are simply ways to do that, but first you must break through the 'BS' of deeply entrenched politics and economics that are far more complex than the science for holistic healing.  Realize that the health care system has been co-opted by the Big Pharma 'cash cow' of Wall Street which underwrites the most influential lobby firms in Washington, greasing the palms of legislators with superPAC contributions,
Big Pharma stock and lucrative positions on regulatory agencies meant to represent public health.

Yes dear reader, that 'BS' system is corrupt. It is 99% oriented to the treatment of disease symptoms with drugs for whatever ail you.  That pathological model is diametrically opposed to what at least 99% of the public really wants -- an optimal health care model based on informed choice for
'Universal Self-Care'; what you do in good Conscience to own your own health.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of
good Conscience to remain silent.

~ Thomas Jefferson

As long as the corporatocracy rules America, as authorized by the 'Supreme Coup' of the Supreme Court's 'Citizen United' case that gave 'personhood' to corporations, the incestuous collusion of giant corporate interests with centralized government policies will continue to maintain the status quo of the sacrosanct Stock Market -- Wall Street's health -- over the pure intention of, by and for public health.

Pure intention for optimal health leads to focused attention on the best way to do that.  But you have to get the 'BS' of the sick system out of your head first.  Belief in the cult of drug-based medicine in the greatest enemy of informed choice with holistic healing alternatives.  Or as the humorist Mark Twain said so well, It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

Belief is a powerful thing.  The power of belief -- the placebo effect -- is well documented. And you will get far better results owning your own power by believing in natural remedies than unnatural ones.

You can own your own health - your greatest wealth -- but realize that you are on your own. Mainstream medicine is geared to public indoctrination to prescription drug consumption, the cog in the wheel which drives profits to the self-serving medical-industrial complex.  Realize that the #1 enemy of public health is these special interests that have a vested interest in public sickness.

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take,
 their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.
~Thomas Jefferson

I stopped clinical work when I got tired of fighting for real health care.  I had success with natural cures for 'incurable' disease and as word got around, I was repeatedly targeted by the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments for whatever ails you.  That pathological 'BS' is like a sick cult whereby people believe religiously in glorified drug-pushers who virtually make a killing for Big Pharma.  A quarter-million Americans are now dying each year from prescription drug side effects.  Millions more are 'walking pharmacies', taking 11 or more prescription drugs with a plethora of side-effects guaranteed to warrant more drugs to treat those symptoms. 

That system is a murderous prescription for disaster.  It's not sustainable.  It's killing us.  Disease treatment incentives in the system have inverted, subverted and perverted preventive health-building policies.

My long experience with holistic healing has shown me that the medical-industrial complex is far more sinister with deceptive 'Belief Systems' than the military-industrial complex.
"Stockholders come before the public when profits are at stake" (corporate law); profits trump people.  A pound of treatment is now worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention.  Disease care is a growth industry.  Government subsidizes Big Pharma and suppresses any alternative. Wall Street overrules Main Street.  The health insurance industry overrules the common sense of health assurance with 'Universal Self Care'. 

The cult of modern medicine is a classic case of the 'worth-ship' of false gods,
suspending belief in the golden rule for belief in the 'golden calf'
whereby those who have the gold make the rules.

The bottom line of the pathological disease care corporatocracy has more to do with corporate profits than public health. As greed thrives and public health is 'privatized' for corporate profit, the cost is 'socialized' with health deficits in the public-at-large.  Short-term quarterly stock profits for 'corp care' -- the impersonal selfishness that claims 'personhood' -- is virtually the 'golden calf ' monetizing the long-term 'opening of the pit' of disease and death that will swallow the life of those who get along by going along with this mainstream insanity.

My message is to breakthrough the mainstream insanity and to own your own holistic health.  There are some simple ways to do that, and they have profound holistic benefits for your body, mind and spirit.

Early on in my healing career (70's) I learned that the nutrition supplement industry was moving away from the then-current science of 'chemical isolates', and moving towards natural nutrient concentrates. Nutrition scientists had been isolating chemical constituents like vitamins and combining them in nutrition supplements.  Then new research discovered that the natural blend of constituents in herbs and whole food concentrates actually worked "symbiotically" (synergistically), and far better than man 'playing God' by trying to improve on Nature.

"Let food by your medicine and medicine be your food."
~ Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine who also said.
"Do No Harm", giving rise to the term ‘hypocrite’.

I also learned that Kirlian photography was being used by advanced researchers to study the auric energy fields around both chemical isolates and natural nutrition concentrates.  What they found was that the former lacked luster and 'vital force' which the latter displayed with a full rainbow of auric vitality.  But this research has been suppressed.  It also shows that the auric field around synthetic chemical drugs are a black sheen of dark energy that has pathological bio-energetic effects on healthy life processes.

As more research came out on the superior benefits of whole food concentrates, it became clear how they work.  The full spectrum of complimentary micronutrients create 'vital force' that is like 'white light' in the body.  That 'light force' is actually the life force that defines and refines the immune system.  The body has the intrinsic intelligence to take what it needs from whole foods and synthesize what it needs for the vim, vigor and vitality that characterizes the life force.

Genesis 1:29
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,
which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is
the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food."

My own research into the best whole food concentrates led first to water sources like spirulina and chlorella, and later to land sources like pollen at the quintessential source of our food chain.  Since we are mammals and land-based, I focused on pollen and the extract known as 'royal jelly' that was worth it's weight in gold to Chinese emperors. What I discovered blew my mind... that a 'superbee' (queen) lives 10's ten times longer than the genetically identical worker bees, and this superbee is created from a regular worker bee larvae by simply feeding it this extract. Worker bees suck out this rich RNA/DNA genetic material from tiny openings in the microscopic pollen grains, and then store it until they need a much larger and super-vital queen bee which typically lays tens of thousands of eggs... while the worker bees are sterile.

About the same time I discovered that a Swedish company had pioneered the research of pollen for 50 years, finding which pollens have the ideal micro-nutrient profile for humans. They discovered a non-chemical way to extract the rich RNA/DNA blueprint for life from the hard husks. Those husks are so hard that archeologists can now date soil strata thousands of years old by utilizing a microscope to analyze the 'age patterns' in pollen husks found in the soil.  That science was pioneered by these Swedish pollenologists, along with development of the
RAST Test (for allergies) used by doctors worldwide. 

In the mid-80's I flew to Sweden to visit this source company, securing North American rights for marketing it to medical nutrition companies, health food stores, sports nutrition companies and direct marketing companies.  While in Sweden, I saw how they harvested, extracted and processed the raw extract with live enzymes, predigesting the complex molecules into smaller molecules to make it non-allergenic. This mimics what the bee saliva does when they suck-out the extract and store it. This process has Organic Certification by Quality Assurance International (QAI)

For over a decade I worked with dozens of companies on the labels, brochures and promotion literature for the Swedish Pollen Extract. Virtually all of them have gone out of business or stopped carrying the pollen extract. The problem is 'quality/cost' perception.  People can't get bee pollen out of their minds when comparing the price to pollen extract.  But that's like comparing a bicycle to a Lamborghini.  Even good digestion will get only 1-3% of the pollen extract out of the virtually indigestible pollen husks.

It is well know now that the same pollen extract that prevents disease will cure disease at therapeutic levels. In the 90's, the Swedish researchers developed cutting-edge immunotherapy with drip IV's of the pollen extract for advanced cancer treatments. That's where the big money is, in treatment - not prevention. 

When I decided to direct market the pollen extract myself, I looked at the best way to break the price barrier for preventive use.  That's why I don't include binders or fillers in tablet or capsules - just the pure pollen extract in powder form.  And I can offer wholesale prices by selling direct without distributors, re-sellers or other middlemen.

I also offer an extra 20% discount when you order four bottles, getting one bottle free. And there is free shipping when you order two or more bottles.

The over-all health-building benefits are unequalled in the nutrition world. This pollen extract is rich in the prostaglandin precursors that the endocrine glands utilize to create the hormones which regulate homeostasis and healing in the whole body.  And you don't need an intravenous IV for the benefits.

My margins are very low on this product.  I don't make a lot of money at these prices, but I know I can help a lot more people than by healing the world one-by-one in a clinic.

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To Your Whole Health,

Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services