Big Shift Series

Global Surge in Conscience / Net Reality Activation

 Rising to the Occasion

The worldwide web of consciousness has surged with great expectation and

anticipation of global enlightenment with our new Internet capabilities for
 instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power revelations.

 It’s the beginning of a new world and  
end of the world as we have known it.

 by Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network / June 6, 2015

Net Reality Activation

 A new inner sense is activating the innocence of good conscience that
 knows better to do better for good reason - the
heart coherence standard
  for optimal "co-Ordination" (co-Creation) with our global village capabilities.

  For more on this inner sense, with an appeal to good conscience,
see this prescient article by Susan Cain:
Plus Susan's 'famous' TED Talk Video:
The Power of Introverts

TED Talk Intro:
"In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else,
 it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But as Susan Cain
argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents &
abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated."

This is one of the most popular TED Talk videos in their history. When I began writing this article yesterday, there were 11,385,589 views of this video. This evening I checked again and there were 11,391,632 views. That's more than 6 thousand views since yesterday; the power of enlightened Net reality.

Susan's top-selling book 'Quite' led her on a global tour, and her story, 'How the Quite Revolution Got Started' is an inspiration to introverts worldwide.
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I'm including highlights from Susan's 'inner work' to benchmark her brilliant insights and take her concepts of 'The Rise of the New GroupThink and Power of Working Alone' to the realm of Net reality in our instant-everywhere and interactive Internet world where almost 4 billion Netizens are on the threshold of the biggest breakthrough since the Internet.

 The Power of Introverts and 'GroupThink':
Why the Meek will Mediate the Mass Mind

As social conscience matures in our global social network communities, I like to remember the Sermon on the Mount message that “The meek shall inherit the Earth".  Who would have thought that this prophetic 'blessing' was spot on for humanity's conscious evolution revolution revelations at this time of emerging global Net reality! 

Now we find enlightened Netizens worldwide who
see the 'passing of the torch' from the 2000 year
cycle of the Piscean Age to the
Aquarian Age of
 Freedom-in-Love, culturing new Common Sense

 as a new global 'GroupThink' that represents the
 collective '
social Conscience' in social networks,
 and the quantum reality of transformative effects
  caused by collective processes of enlightenment.

In the ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as 'reality', there are immutable laws at work whereby we individually and collectively reap what we sow. For example, U.S. public health has more cancer and degenerative disease than any other civilized country because the medical-industrial complex is heavily vested in the old paradigm of the 'chemistry of disease', suppressing the new paradigm of quantum reality for the 'energies of health'.

Watch this video to appreciate modern science of
 healing through energy analysis and 'harmonizing'
  of energies connecting one's body, mind and spirit.

What goes around in one's bio-energy auric field as negative thought or feeling naturally comes around as dis-ease physically. Likewise the collective quantum field of global consciousness is now reaping the bad fruit of 2000 years of 'false flag' fears - fire & brimstone, shock & awe, etc. - that is challenged by faith in the ordained Power of Love for uniting hearts and minds with collective Conscience of a more enlightened 5-D nature in our social networks. 

The auric torus field of the Earth represents the
Quantum Field at the heart of Cosmos-at-large:
(2 minute video)

Torus fields within fields ALL connected in 'The Field'

This Big Shift in the frequencies of 'Mother Earth' at this time can be seen in the increased "heartbeat" (Schumann Resonance) of the Earth body that resonates with the shift of human consciousness from the Alpha wave norm in collective brain waves to the Theta brain waves that represent a 'Co-Creation Intelligence' (CQ) that coordinates left-brain IQ and right brain EQ (Emotional Intelligence) at a higher frequency of 'Spiritual Intelligence' (SQ) as integrates dimensional shift into 5-D+ realms of the Holographic Universe (HQ). [See: 5-D Conscience]

There is also a torus field around every cell of the body.
In the cell nucleus is the DNA's spiral helix 'transceiver'
that connects the bioenergetic field of the entire body,
from the "strongest field" (heart) to weaker brain field.

Cellular Mitosis Torus Field (Crop Circle)

This is the nature of personal and planetary shift dynamics...
 now being demonstrated by enlightened Netizens worldwide.

Rising to the Occasion

The Frequency Shift is naturally involving and evolving our individual and collective conscience with a heart, a coherent standard for 'smart'. It ain't rocket science. It's quantum reality that compels conscientious common sense at this  turning point time of mass awakening for the Family of Mankind in our new global village of Net reality.

Fearless faith in the Power of Love - the coherent heart of the quantum field - has always been a Higher Power governing the divine order of the Universe. The Family of Mankind now has the unprecedented opportunity to synch with that divine order through current TeLeComm capabilities with universal law language standards for activating our new global village Net reality.

Please network this message freely to activate
the Net worth of our new Net reality along
more enlightened lines framing the
currency of 5-D Conscience
for the Next Economy.

 Seize the Vision (IQ), Embrace the Virtue (EQ),
Vow with Valor (CQ), & Claim the Victory (SQ)
for ‘Holism’ with Holographic Intelligence (HQ).

Full Spectrum
for 5-D Shift



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