Down to Earth... Back to the Land

Mother Earth's Rules for
Practical Spirituality

by Christopher Rudy, July 23, 2011



This last Saturday my guest on Cosmic Love was Stephen McFadden, Author of
The Call of the Land - An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century, website at: .

One thing that Steven and I discussed was practical spirituality in Native cultures worldwide... the grounding of spiritual reality whereby everything is connected through
the 'Great Spirit' (pure intention) of, by and for harmony with Nature's Law governing the Spirit that matters, as above, so below... "on Earth as in heaven".


Pure intention of the Great Spirit is a reference to the Constitution of Conscience whereby:

  • One has their 'feet on the ground' and 'head in the clouds'... the best of both
    'worlds' of perspiration (Earth bound) and inspiration (Heaven bound).

  • Two heads united under the Constitution of Conscience are better than
    one mind divided for lack of

  • All heads united under the Constitution of Conscience represent Unity Conscience whereby it's ALL connected, it's ALL response able, and it's ALL accountable to the conscientious common sense which exemplifies unity in our diversity through social Conscience in the worldwide web of social networks.

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

~ Chief Seattle


Where we focus our attention -- our sacred energies of pure intention -- that's were we're BOUND to go.  If we desecrate our sacred energies with impure intent, inordinate desires or "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis), we're bound to go to a dark place of 'disconnect' (spiritually), 'dysfunction' (mentally), 'dis-ease' (emotionally), and self-destruction (physically).


Conversely, as we re-consecrate our sacred energies with pure intention to focus attention on the highest and best use of our energies for the evolutionary ascension of humanity at this sacred time of the 'Great Purification' (Hopi / Mayan prophecy)... our self-correcting self-elevation as 'salvation' is made sure; upward-mobile shift happens:)


Sooner or later, come hell or high water, humanity needs to return to natural law, Mother Earth's law, back to the land... down to Earth... with spiritual practices which define and refine 'practical spirituality'.



--------- article follows:

One of my favorite stories of triumph within Native American culture is the true story of an Indian 'dreamer' -- what we would call a visionary -- who had his head in the clouds from the time he was an infant.  He came in that way.  The Indians called them 'dreamers' and recognized their gifts even though they were considered impractical for most down-to-earth habits we consider 'realistic'.

This dreamer grew up in the early 1800's when Indian tribes were being assimilated into American culture and losing their cultural heritage... analogous to the way American culture is losing its cultural heritage due to assimilation into corporate culture which gives preference to powerful corporate 'tribes' for profit from -- and control over -- the American people.  But I digress.

It's an amazing story, how a Cherokee Indian 'dreamer' dreamed up a language of symbols that represented Native Cherokee culture... and how those letter, word and sentence symbols empowered the Cherokee Nation to tell their own story and shape their own destiny with their own printing language, newspapers and uniqueness... as no other native tribe had done before.

See the Wikipedia article on "Cherokee language", and the main article: Cherokee syllabary. You'll discover that Cherokee is written in an 85-character syllabary invented by the 'dreamer' Sequoyah (also known as Guest or George Gist). Some symbols resemble Latin alphabet letters, but with completely different sound values; Sequoyah had seen English, Hebrew, and Greek writing but did not know how to read them [13].

Now consider this - the dream of '
Unity Conscience'


“You may say that I'm a dreamer 
But I'm not the only one 
I hope someday you'll join us 
And the world will live as one.” 
~John Lennon, “Imagine”


"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking"
- Black Elk, holy man of the Oglala Lakota Sioux

For more Black Elk quotes regarding the 'dream'
of '
Unity Conscience, see 'The Great Circle']


Personally, I've been a 'dreamer' for 39 years.  Since the summer of 1971, I've been framing a symbol language for those natural-universal-cosmic laws which govern the processes of consciousness as parallels a process for mass-to-mass interaction on a real-time 'pow wow" basis for culturing social Conscience in our instant-everywhere and interactive social network 'tribes'.

This 'universal language' for upgrading our horse-and-buggy legislative systems was introduced to ten agencies of the Federal Government on Capitol Hill in the Fall of 1974.

About a decade ago, at the height of millennium fever and the dot-com bubble, and after many previous years of integration with the language of the computer/Internet revolution, this universal-natural law-language was introduced as heartware to integrate the interactive capabilities of hardware, software and netware for culturing social
Conscience in our social networks.

Practical applications of this 'community building' model include the optimizing of 'collaborative learning organizations', 'universal self care', and heartware as will naturally make representative self-government -- locally and globally -- accountable to full-spectrum social Conscience, i.e., the pure intention of public service via public consensus of, by and for all people... to fulfill the purpose for which our social institutions were created.

There are millions of global Netizens in the 'tribe' called the Family of Man, and there are thousands like yourself who have read this and are networking this message for uniting the Family of Man in our global village.

Some are calling this a return to Nature's Law... a return to Mother Earth... back to the land of our native forefathers.  Others who are divorced from this seminal language of Native cultures may use other terms such as that 'dreamer', Tom Paine, who sparked the American Revolution with his COMMON SENSE.  Other 'dreamers' today are calling for a global rEVOLUTION in 'Higher Consciousnesss' or '
Universal Co-Creation' as the leading expert on the Mayan calendar refers to the final 9th wave in 2011. This is also known as 'Unity Conscience' or the '2nd Coming' of Christ-like virtues in the one-singular-collective 'I Am Presence' of the Family of Man.

Others have their own name with the same
flame which is one and the same... aligned with the pure intention of 'G.O.D.~LOVE Conscience'.

Unity in our diversity is the resolution of rEVOLUTION with the the 5th element of 'Etheric Fire' (5-D Conscience) which assembles the four sides of the 'pyra-mid' (fire in the middle) of Self and Civilization.
This 'Capstone Vision' is the blessing of Etheric Fire for the conscious evolution of humanity and ascension of the planet.

That's still a stretch for those who don't 'get it', how "
Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution.

And until one gets it -- how the universal law-language framing the '
Constitution of Conscience' will involve and evolve awareness of a full-spectrum social Conscience nature -- it's difficult to give what one doesn't have.

But the law will not budge. 
God~Love is for giving, not forgetting.  This is the great paradox of the paradigm shift of the Ages... that the more for giving, the more we receive in the larger scheme of soul evolution.

Sure enough, we're all bound by the Great Law of the Great Spirit whereby we 'go to' where we're 'coming from' in the Great Circle of the Great Purification.  The end of one Great Cycle is the beginning of another.  It always returns to -- and leaves from -- the Great
Law, Universal-Natural-Cosmic Love.  And the greater our love and honor of that Law of BEING (atONEment with the Law of Love), the greater the results.

Inch-by-inch it's a synch, but yard-by-yard it's hard.

We all must begin anew with a new awareness, the 'dream' of awakening, and the practical spirituality that will make it so.  That begins choice-by-choice, inch-by-inch.  A child can understand that there are consequences for behavior.  An adult can understand the same 'law of consequence' as action-reaction, stimulus-response or reaping what we sow. 

Even so, global humanity can understand how the
Constitution of Conscience can represent  Unity Conscience along more enlightened 'lines' that frame the archetypal (pure geometry) thought-forms representing the 5-D processes of consciousness for self-governance personally and self-correcting self-regulation collectively... from the Internet (cyberspace) to the InnerNet (5-D innerspace).

So get the Vision of, by and for
5-D Conscience - A Primer.

Coming to a Holodeck Near You,

Christopher Rudy
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