Autumn Equinox 2012

Part Two: Why the Mid-East is Now Revolting

 'Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine was the most successful political treatise in
  American history.  It sparked the American Revolution for the ‘Common Good’,
and raised the torch of liberty to masses yearning to breath free worldwide.

A new Common Sense is going global in 2012.

We’ve seen it with the ‘Arab Spring’ revolt against tyranny.
Now we’re seeing it again six months later; Fall Equinox.

The Big Lie of ‘They Hate Our Freedoms’ and
 the Whole Truth of ‘We Hate Being Bombed’,
  is now unveiled for ALL to witness worldwide.

Realize that endless terror war makes us all victims with
64 drone bases on US soil now.

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil | Properganda |

We like to think of the drone war as something far away,
fought in Pakistan or the mountains of Afghanistan.
But we now know its closer than we thought.

 The backlash from endless terror war is what we see in the Mid-East now.
It is much more systemic (all-connected) than you might think.
Unabashed war profiteering has naturally bankrupted our
moral values at the heart of the global economy.
Wall Street has plundered Main Street.

See this recent Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente Interview (9 min. YouTube):
“Anti-Islam Film Did Not Cause The Violence?  So What Did?”
(The Big Lie of 9-11 is wearing thin for all civilized people.)

 If that doesn’t inflame your ‘Common Sense’ of the cause and core problem,
watch this Sept. 15th interview of Gerald Celente with Alex Jones at:
(The first 20 minutes should suffice to get the 'Big Picture'.)

"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is no vice, and
moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!"

 ~ by an arch-conservative; guess who?

According to contemporary standards, U.S. Founders were not just
extremists for challenging public subservience to the Empire.
They were virtually domestic terrorists.  Get the picture?


 The Empire today represents the vast corporatocracy of
   not just the banksters who have privatized and plundered
   the public treasury, but also virtually own and control the
    military-industrial complex and medical-industrial complex,
  and media-industrial complex, and Wall Street in general
  that we all know represents national economic health by
 profiting from endless war, public disease, and creating
   austerity across the land for corp. profit on demand.

Of course, corporate media will never report this,
and no one except 'extremists' on the Internet or
those pesky 'terrorists' like Ron Paul supporters,
  will address the power elite wolves in sheep skins.
"We are discreet sheep. We watch where the drove
is going, and then we follow the drove."

~ Mark Twain

Corporate media simply blocks out competing voices
that challenge an 'election' they've rigged whereby
either 'choice' for President is a win for the corp.
Empire, and a loss for emerging global civilization.
Realize that status quo matrix-managed terrorism
is the real enemy of freedom and opportunity for
abundant '
Conscience', 'wholEness' and healing
of, by and for a global economics of abundance.





But this too shall pass.

     and this rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word,
  is our conscious evolution with higher

   It is now '
High Noon'... the 'Light' is going 'physical',
  and 100% of our all-connected humanity demands
       extreme measures in the pursuit of virtue and justice.

   'Extreme measures' sounds rather, 'extreme', but
    witness the extreme measures of corporate media
to maintain the military/medical/media monopoly
   at the expense of peace, health and

   That’s the Common Sense of the Prime Directive,
  as uncommon as it may be with psychopaths on
 the world stage who believe that ‘sustainability’
        means sustaining an agenda of regressive tyranny.

    ‘Extreme Truth’ cuts through Big Lies like a razor’s edge,
 shredding the insanity of a predatory economic system
that steals wealth from the Commonwealth so that the
corporate military-medical-media industrial complex
   can continue profiting from war, disease, disinformation,
   suppression and depression of
TRUTH regarding current
   technology capabilities for abundant clean ‘
free energy
   and for ‘holistic healing breakthroughs’ as now promise
optimal health as foundational wealth for all humanity.

 Corporatism, also known as ‘The Corporatocracy
  inverts, subverts and perverts the ‘Common Good’
on behalf of powerful special interests that have a
 vested interest – inordinate power for their profit –
  even at the expense of ‘Common Sense’ vested in
core Constitutional freedoms.

Both political parties have become ‘fronts’
  for a deeply entrenched corporatism run by
 the same elite oligarchies who created the
    privately owned ‘Fed’ almost 100 years ago.

This realization, like the flip of a light switch,
  sheds light on dark places for ‘neutralization’.

That’s a ‘razor’s edge’ that cuts both ways
to cut free the
TRUTH and cut up the LIE.

    Out of this process emerges THE ALLIANCE
 of, by and for the
United Sovereigns of Earth who, of course,
 are revolted by terror and tyranny, as are
   some victims of that extremism who mirror
        that insanity with violent revolting extremism.

“The poor in spirit will always be with us
but compassion for all of life does not mean
subservience to ‘money-changers’ and war
profiteers and disease perpetuators who all
make a killing on debt, dis-ease and death.

The power and policy of THE ALLIANCE is
decentralized in the unified quantum field.
  This is the Power of Love as pure intention
   to focus Wisdom in
 at the heart of
         regenesis; the Holy Spirit of

   Flip on the COMMON SENSE switch and solidarity will
transmute “
DUH” (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
   like the neutralization of darkness at the dawn of day.

With ‘More Light’ – the COMMON SENSE that liberates Conscience --
 the dark density of denial and disingenuous despotism diminishes.

We are anonymous in a magnanimous unanimous way.

We always remember…  is for giving.

is for ision, irtue and alor
ictory of the ow to

make it so.

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