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 Check Up from the Neck up

by Christopher Rudy,
UltraMedics Services
June 6, 2013
On Monday, the mainstream media reported President Obama's address to the National Conference on Mental Health, saying...
"We all know someone struggling with
mental health issues."
Was Obama reaching out to mental health professionals with sincere intent to remedy a nation struggling with mental illness? Or was he covertly preaching to the choir of drug-pushing 'psych docs' of the Big Pharma corporatocracy?
How we define mental health
- the problem and solution -
is the question / answer
 conversation needed.

Whether you agree or disagree with the problem or Obama's solution, this conversation is worthy of your attention...

... at least for your own mental health

It is widely reported that one-in-five Americans have mental health issues, as in "certifiable" (off the rails) according to well-established mental health metrics that
consider status quo reality as a standard for 'normal'.  That's why awakening to the corrupt practices in core social institutions makes some outspoken critics of the status quo appear 'nuts' to others who accept sick society as 'normal'.

Many are the healthy people who
protest 'crazy' things in the world
because they love sanity more.
This is our world. It's not perfect. Could be better. And to understand the dynamics of a systemic holistic healing process is half way to fulfilling that
vision of solutions for culturing conscientious common sense; mental health.

Mentally healthy adults can better cope with our 'crazy' world where corporate profits over-rule Constitutional principles, and this has caused far more than a 'Tea Party' split with status quo 'REALITY'... the profit-and-control schemes of Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Media, "Big Medicine" (Big Pharma), Big Food (agribusiness), and 'Big War' (military-industrial complex)... that ALL covertly manipulate control from behind the scenes of Big Government.

That 'split' in the collective consciousness is like a psychotic break from the first principles of the Constitution. To continue using horse-and-buggy representation systems in a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive social networks -- and yet expect mental health -- is a good definition for insanity.

 Since the 9-11 'whack' to our sense of security,
  and endless 'terror war' of encroaching tyranny,
  the mental health of Americans has suffered an
   accelerated up-tick in spiritual, mental-emotional
  and physical stress-causing 'dis-ease' that has
    numbed the body, fogged the mind, and caused
  a depressed spirit that is "
Stuck In Negativity".

This causes 'mental dis-ease' that
 many of us subconsciously live with
beyond the threshold of one's own
sense of prevailing mental health.

So It's Time for a Check Up from the Neck up...
to bring 'light' to 'dark places' that are
subconscious... unconsciously
'running us' like a PTSD
'broken record'.

Options Will Be Presented and
Choices Will Be Made.

Owning your own life begins with self-determination to do so. The best health care is self care just as the best government is self government... so give yourself a check up from the neck up. 

  Become more aware of how you are conscious
for a 'feedback loop' that involves and evolves
what you can do to optimize your whole health
in 'Good Conscience'.

Ask your 'Self'... your 'Good Conscience':

Self... hello, is anybody home?  Help me out here. Is it true that the stress of accelerated change in a 'global village' of all-connected intensity, information overload, and cell phone radiation has fried the circuits of a lot of us?

Self... Is it also true that the side effects of psychiatric drugs are notorious for being worse than the mental disorders they are prescribed for, causing a pandemic of suicides and mass shootings and insane government policies that subsidize the mass drugging of mental illness?

So Self... do we have the power to make a choice, for mental health, that the mentally ill are not able or willing to make?  If so, what options will most likely improve my calmness and clarity under the stress of living in this world?

Watch this powerful 3 min. video on an
authentic mental health breakthrough:


There are mental self-care breakthroughs as this video shows. There are clinically proven micronutrients that provide precursors for neural transmitters in the brain, restoring mental calmness, clarity and congruence of a heart coherent nature.

This is huge for optimizing anyone's mental health as is
inseparable from emotional and physical health.

How many of us have adapted to so much stress in our body and mind that we have ever-so-gradually dimmed the light of calm mental clarity and congruence?

For folks who believe in the natural path, I highly recommend the mental health supplement featured in the above video. The benefits are proven with international clinical trials and even court cases, an unprecedented breakthrough with micronized brain nutrients that pass through the blood/brain barrier.

It has a 15 year track record of safety and efficacy.

Note: "Free samples" (expensive for me)
           are available for a limited number;
    contact for more information.

Self care begins at home.  Many of us have loved ones that suffer from a 'mood disorder', 'anger issues', and a vast range of mental health conditions that fall under the categories of depression, anxiety, ADD, bipolor, manic, migraine, drug abuse, stressed out, high blood pressure, brain fog, alcoholism, trauma, OCD...

Just to name a few!

Let's be honest. This is also a public issue. Healing public mental health should be a public option.

If the public has no option other than
government mandated insurance to
cover government subsidized drugs
  for whatever ails us, we're in trouble.

As you know, the first bait and switch of Obamacare was eliminating the 'public option' that had been promised.  Now we find that Obamacare legislation was largely written by powerful lobbies of the corporatocracy, Big Insurance and Big Pharma, to lock-in benefits for their bottom line... like the Big Bank bailouts.

Do special interest profits
now rule the health of all?

Just as Big Media served the military-industrial complex in the mass deception run up to the Iraq war, so did Big Media run interference for the medical-industrial complex while Obamacare became an 'obomination'.  There was enough wrong information, cognitive dissonance and outright deception in this power grab to cause public mental 'dis-ease' all by itself!

 "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and
what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as
sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny."

~ Thomas Jefferson

The greater power the public has is not just an option, it is the natural right to own our own bodies and our own minds... no matter what Big Media or Big Insurance or Big Pharma or Big Government says.

To deny the option of informed choice
is the very definition of tyranny.

Ask your Self... Given the computer/Internet revolution, why don't we have free on-line universal self care that shows anyone what will most likely work best for one's unique blood type and current symptom profile?

Mental health knows why.
It empowers public health
 with well-informed choice,
and dis-empowers those
 who make a killing, on us!

If you thought the military-industrial 'war racket' was making a killing, it pales in comparison to the Food/Drug racket which makes people sick with foodless food, and then pushes drugs for whatever ails you. But since Big Food and Big Pharma are their biggest sponsors of Big Media, the BIG MYTH prevails.

People take their mental health for granted
until they lose it, believing the BIG MYTH
of drug salvation, and then really losing it.

It may not be news to you that many of America's nutritional professionals are in the pocket of 'Big Food' (agribusiness), just as most medical doctors are in the pocket of "Big Pharma".  Guess who underwrites the curriculum in some of the 'best' nutrition schools and medical schools?

Hypocrates, the Father of Medicine, said,
"Let food be your medicine and
medicine by your food."

Most intelligent readers of this column are well aware that corporate media is 'embedded' with false reports on the benefits of GMO's, fluoridated water, and commercial nutrition-stripped, chemical-laced 'food'. There is an unholy alliance between Big Media, Big Food and Big Pharma. More on that at: 'Making a Killing'.

This has given a new meaning to
the word 'hypocrite'.

Boob-tube America is relentlessly programmed by the food/drug one-two punch; convenience foods for every appetite and a drug for every symptom of disease. Consumers of Big Media subconsciously consent to the relentless subliminal seduction that calls evil 'good' and good 'evil'.

This is the 'dark side' of corporate media
 that programs the mass mind with a sick
disease care system called 'health care'
 until mental 'dis-ease' become the norm.

In the process of subservience to this confusion, junk food passes as 'fun foods', and doctors are elevated to the status of the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments.  It's like a pathological "Belief System" (BS) that many sick people believe religiously as they dig their graves with their teeth while consuming toxic drugs from cradle to grave.

The 'health care' system is 'broken' because of
 huge profit incentives for public treatment, and
   no comparable incentive for preventing disease.

Responsible self care is still the best option to build health and prevent disease.
As I explained in the recent 'Health Alert', there are little known breakthroughs for your immune system and physical health just as the mental health breakthrough mentioned above.

To Your Whole Health,


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    All Ways ... ALWAYS.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

 ~ “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi, Father of India’s Independence

Love is the most important thing that you can only have by
giving it away. That's why love is for giving; forgiving

Love your body 'temple' of the living spirit
so the light of life with love will thrive.

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for a limited time.  To Your Health!