Paradise Valley, May 2014 View from my Studio

The Change We Have Been Waiting For
The future naturally springs out of the world we all want now.

"There's nothing more valuable
than a vision that has
  found it's time."
~ Victor Hugo

What an amazing time to be alive
to co-create the world we want.

by Christopher Rudy / May 4, 2014

What We All Want

 A New World is emerging with
  a global revolution in common
 sense - unity consciousness -
 for the Family of Mankind in a
  global village of all-connected
  intent for the web we all want.

What an amazing world we live in!

More than three billion global ‘Netizens’ are now connecting to the Internet.
Over the last 20 years, our new ‘Net reality’ has evolved from the desk-top to the lap-top and now to palm-top tablets and smartphones. Entire classrooms in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America are doing what many high schools and colleges are doing in America: providing students with at least a simple inexpensive palm-top tablet to coordinate, collaborate, and otherwise ‘co-create’ with the school’s curriculum. Do you see the global opportunity here?

The Global Conscious Evolution Revolution

To say that there has been an accelerated transformation of our social consciousness this last 20 years is an understatement, and this is largely because of new communication capabilities whereby we come into unity
with new instant-interactive social network communities, unbound by time or space.  Our global village in actuality is becoming practical reality.

With the advent of the Internet (web 1.0), the question was: “Where in the world do you want to go today?” But now, with new social media platforms, like Facebook (web 2.0), the question is: “What kind of world do we really want?”  Our new world of Net reality wants to know.

A Movement without Name Recognition

Our individual and collective conscious evolution is maturing rapidly with a heightened social conscience in our new global social networks. This is dramatically changing everything -- how we see everything in the world.

The perceptual shift in one’s paradigm is enlightening for some but disturbing for others who want to hold on to the world as they have known it.  But for the young at heart, each day of life is an opportunity to slip the bonds of time and space with new friends, new teachers, new social networks and new concepts to explore, worlds without end!

A Global Revolution in Education

The knowledge explosion with our new Net reality has gone exponential. Information overload can be just as debilitating as sensory deprivation.
The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order.

Guess what happens when a global learning model of, by and for sovereign Netizens provides a simple yet profound interaction model that optimizes the creative learning process; HOW to learn with critical thinking skills that bring discernment to whatever one studies.

The Montessori Method of individualized learning optimization pioneered that foundation. It works for adults also. The best life-long education is self education.

A Global Revolution in Government

In the U.S., we have a horse-and-buggy legislative system in the Space Age. What happens when representation of local and global Netizens is upgraded with our new Internet ‘response-ability’ capabilities?

Is it true that the creative learning process also frames an understanding of the processes of consciousness as cultures conscientious common sense
at the foundation of self-government?

Would you agree that the best government is self-government, and that universal sovereign rights for the Family of Mankind could now define and refine a self-correcting governing process in our new social networks?

A Global Revolution in Health Care

The Internet and state-of-the-art computer capabilities could provide free onlineUniversal Self Care,’ available to all global Netizens. Health ASSURANCE polices could replace disease treatment INSURANCE.

Is it true that the best health care is self-care with informed choice regarding what works best for optimal health considering your unique body type and current symptom profile?

Would you agree that knowledge power could provide the wisdom that truly

CARES for holistic health in the way that prevents or cures disease by building health rather than just treating symptoms with toxic side effects?

A Global Revolution in Employment and
Deployment of Abundance

The best employment is self-employment, owning your own life, learning, health and abundance. The pursuit of happiness was never meant to end up with a predatory economic system that creates enormous wealth for 1% at the expense of increasing austerity for the 99%.

Is it true that the business of evolution has brought us to this point where the evolution of business must now become more accountable to social conscience in our local and global social networks?

Would you agree that extraordinary abundance for all global Netizens can thus be liberated with utilization of thus far suppressed:

 free energy technologies; universal self care capabilities;
global telecomm breakthroughs; and the opportunity for
a whole systems upgrade of our core social institutions.

A Global Revolution in Higher Consciousness

Abundant love of a global nature is the end of the world of endless terror, war, disease and destruction of the abundant life as we have known it…
just as fearless faith in that ‘new beginning’ is the end of faithless fear that forges our fetters.

Some say that the solution to all the world’s problems is political, economic or social change, but change to WHAT and HOW?  The old politics and economics aren’t working, and social change has been more of the same that leaves us with less spare change in our pockets.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that we won’t solve the world’s problems with the same consciousness that created them. Human solutions merely compound human problems. Only divine solutions resolve human problems.

A global revolution in higher consciousness will seize the ‘high ground’ and hold the vision of virtue and vow for valor that claims the victory of love.

Evolution is 90% of the Word ‘Revolution’

Heaven knows that we each and all get the world we ‘ask for’ in the larger scheme of soul evolution. The Great Law of Love has always represented the free will imperative to wise up and rise up for one and all.

Global ‘
TeLeComm,’ emphasizing the ‘TLC,’ has the capability to define, refine, ‘combine’ (synergize) and shine our extraordinary gifts, talents and resources with a ‘heart,’ the heartware cyberEthics that naturally cultures social conscience in our all-connected global social network communities.

A compelling uncompromised vision of virtue and valor for
the victory of global civilization naturally becomes self-
evident as a self-governing, self-healing "process of self- elevation" (salvation) that matures our consciousness and resolves divisions among us by conceiving, believing and achieving 'Global TeLeComm' and 'Global Holistic Healing' with a common sense of enlightened destiny ordained as

So, seize the vision, embrace the virtue, make the vow and claim the victory of ‘Global TLC’ that unites the hearts and minds of all of ‘US’ -- United Sovereigns in a Unity State of Common Sense on Earth as in Cosmos.

Light and Love Springs Eternal! 

Full Spectrum
TeLeCare for
Global Health