Cosmic Love Highlights this Weekend

by the Host of Cosmic LOVE

Two items that may interest you:

1- I'll be interviewing a world-class singer-songwriter with an angelic voice,
Tina Malia, on
Cosmic LOVE

 Bozeman MT, May 13; other tour dates HERE

Here is a 5 minute sample of Tina's vibrant resonance with the holy spirit
that speaks to the
loving girl-child archetype' within each of us:

2- For those who are interested in the astrology/psychology of the
quantum field, this weekend, Venus is moving into the sector of cosmos known as the sign of "Aries" (the 'Ram') for a few weeks. This brings the divine feminine frequencies of beauty and harmony - resonant with right-brain heart coherence - into alignment with the Aries field of energy that is overtly masculine, decisive and resonant with "left-brain" (hard-headed) Ram energies. During this time, the Planet Mars is aligned with the opposite sign/sector called "Libra" (scales of justice) which channels the frequencies of balance to reign-in the assertive 'ram-it-through' energies of Mars.

This has HUGE implications for multi-dimensional checks and balances in personal and planetary masculine-feminine, assertive-cooperative, mind-heart relationships. 

Note the multiple dimensions of "two-in-one polarity" (balance) between opposite energies of planets and signs between planets and within signs. This is called 'mutual reception' in astrology.  Consider the implications of quantum field resonance in the multiple dimensions of dynamics between the male and female aspects of yourself -- your thoughts and feelings -- as your cognitive balance (or lack thereof) interacts with similar dynamics affecting all in the unified-quantum 'Source Field'.

It is ALL connected in the unified field 'holodeck' between the ears: from left brain logic to right brain intuition that just knows better... with a heart.

Realize that the Universe has rules. We are all accountable to 'cosmic law' whether we know it or like it or not.  The first law in a free will universe of souls on an eternal path of conscious evolution is to do no harm, i.e. pure intention of and for love.  All the other cosmic laws of attention, retention and ascension - in dimensions of love - naturally follow from intentions of love and for love.  It's not rocket science.

Effective Sensory Perception with the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action -- in form and frequency -- naturally comes with heart coherence and mind congruence.

With coherent LOVE as the rule
Global TeLeComm,
ascent happens;
love rules!

The Foundation