Social Conscience via Heartware

 by Christos Lightweaver / 11-14-2011

 A process of metamorphosis as profound as that which
turns a caterpillar into a butterfly.

‘Butterfly Crop Circle’.

For a definitive solution to the 'crisis in consciousness' at the core of all our other problems, I would emphasize a clear vision of the emerging 'currency' to replace the old.

Just as long-suppressed free-energy technologies
will replace dependence on fossil fuels…
Just as emerging healing-energy technologies
will replace drugs-for-whatever ails us…
So will the new currency of Conscience modality
-- mass-to-mass TeLeComm via Heartware --
make the suppression of freedom

Yes indeed, this is the end of the world as we have known it,
but it sure beats the alternative

And this ‘Deep Shift’ is ordained for this time!

This is the natural fulfillment of the computer/Internet revolution after stages of human evolution that emphasized hardware, software and netware. In other words, modern day 'parable' for global conscious evolution will ideally 'parallel' mainstream metaphors of "come-into-unity" (communications) for 'thrival' just as Jesus used agricultural parables for conveying 'spiritual thrival'.

For indeed, we’ll reap what we sow…
as we network for Net worth

If your pure intention is to 'follow the currency of Conscience' to it’s logical conclusion… just as you can 'follow the money' to the source of privatized central banks corrupting  sovereign rights “of, by and for the people”… you will naturally realize that the choice for global civilization at this time warrants an ‘abundance consciousness’ with the ‘currency of Conscience’ that liberates energy, health and conscious evolution in general.

Bye-Bye to the ‘economics of scarcity’ and the
oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity’.

Welcome to the ‘economics of abundance’ and the
‘New Currency’ for the ‘Next Economy’ as will
pay attention with love’s retention for
conscious evolution ascension
into higher dimensions of
pure intention
of, by and for

In other words, pay attention to current heartware capabilities for ‘love's retention (TeLeComm w/) for the natural evolutionary ascension of our individual and collective Conscience into higher dimensions of 'wholEness' for holistic healing in the body, mind and spirit of mankind as ‘human kind’… with a Big HeartJ

A new conscientious common sense of Earth’s divine destiny is naturally quickening in the collective Conscience of humanity as a divinely inspired or otherwise holy WHOLE… the sense of common intention for unity in our diversity as claims the Victory of Freedom to be winning from the beginning of global up-wising and uprising in affirmation and confirmation of our sovereign rights... with determination for realization of the Abundant Life on Earth.

Are you aware that this would change everything?
Is it true that enlightened change is needed?
Would you agree it’s about time?

It’s important to understand that ‘heartware’ is a process – an interactive communication process – that naturally engages conscious evolution with a TeLeComm process emphasizing ‘TLC’ with a ‘high touch’ high tech interface for real-time mass-to-mass interaction. 

This requires a truly universal law-language interface based on
the golden rule/law language standard for every golden age
- a natural function of the processes of consciousness -
 for real-time mass-to-mass TeLeCommunications.

The ‘mediation process’ at the heart of mass interaction will only be as good as it is ‘holistic’ in a truly ‘universal’ way that represents a unified field rendition of the processes of consciousness as parallels the ‘language of light’ – modern day ‘parable’ for enlightened conscious evolution with 'more light'.

Defining, refining, combining and shining
Light in our collective Conscience
as a MEDIATION process with a
golden rule/law languaging
interface framing the
interaction with

       Realize that the 1st 3 'dimensions' of
  are integrated and synergized in the (4-D 'time'
as represents the 'cosmic cube' which frames the
      heartware interface for real-time mass
     showing how a hundred or million people are clearly
         represented at any one time (their input via heartware)
   as provides a 'unified field' of consciousness at any
   one time of context (such as response to a video) as
          will 'link the light' of respondents into a readout pattern
     that all can see relates to collective conscious input.

This process of originating, -valuating and creating
new desk-top video programs that show where the
'light of consciousness' qualifies '
Conscience' is
the process of 'information's ecology' as will
organize information 'in formation' along
more enlightened lines that define and
refine 'cyber
thics' as a standard
for engaging a come-into-unity
processes as involves and
evolves our individual
and our collective
within the

as a 2-D
of 3-D cross-referenced
e-valuation criteria 'in time' (4D)
as qualifies
5-D 'CAPstone Conscience'
with a '
Creative Ascent Process' based on the
response ability -- with heartware -- for responsibility
as cultures heart coherence with 'heart synch' biofeedback
and mind congruence with interactive heartware psychefeedback
synergizing the light of heart & mind with the
Constitution of Conscience.


 For a better understanding of this process
defining the next big phase of the global
computer/Internet and
Inner Net
… see:
Web 3.0

For more ‘Christ-like light’, easier and faster,
All Ways
... AlwaysJ

~ Christos