Lightworkers Worldwide Unite for More Light!

The REAL 'Star Wars' on Earth as ‘The Force Awakens’
Light Warriors and their Light "SWORD" (Sacred WORD)

I'd rather emphasize the positive, so I'll begin by announcing my special guest with a timely message on today’s Cosmic LOVE (podcast archived). If you are aware how the hosts of heaven are stepping through the veil to guide us into a global golden age, you'll appreciate this show:)
As for 'Light Warriors', this is a 'Prayer Alert' regarding the inordinate fear of domestic terror that is ramped-up by Western media to divert public attention from the Mideast crisis which is extremely unstable with intrigue and treachery far worse than reported in Western media. The same empire mindset that created endless war hell in the Mideast appears hell-bent on starting WWIII.
This is the REAL 'Star Wars' battle of light and dark forces playing out on the screen of life. As the veil thins, heaven grins, and ‘The Force Awakens’ in the Alliance of Light that is shining bright for liberating 'US' as the United Sovereigns of Earth.
If you believe in the power of prayer - that pure intention focuses attention with love's retention - then you’re
On The Pathof ascension in the enlightened dimension where God-Love-Source transmutes darkness, upgrading civility with natural agility.

The ‘Three-Fold Flame’ of Lightworkers,
Lightweavers and LOVEmakers:

1- Your life is your prayer as a 'lightworker' who blesses your food and relationships with gratitude and kindness as the holy spirit of love-in-action. These are the 'initiates' who initiate love in their body temple, their families and their loved ones near and far.
2- Your life's work as a '
lightweaver' brings light to dark places for wholEness and healing in the world-at-large. These are the 'communicants' who communicate with coherent hearts and congruent minds to build loving community near and far.
3- Your soul purpose in life as a '
LOVEmaker' conceives and believes in 'Great LOVE' that has been achieved by Great Souls throughout the ages. These are the 'adepts' who are adept at raising the standard of Universal Love on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.
Of course, if you are adept at communicating in ways that initiate more Love in the world -- easier and faster -- your mastery of Love-in-action fulfills the Great Law, returning 'The Blessing' sooner or later in the larger scheme of your soul's evolutionary ascent.
So for enlightened soul interest that optimizes freedom and brotherhood on Earth, listen to
'Living a Soulful Life' (podcast) to hear David C. Lewis tell the story about this truly inspired new book.

For a Soulful Life at the Heart of the Alliance,

Full Spectrum TeLeComm