Snowden's 'Kill Shot' Revelations:

PsyOps BS?  Or Unspeakable Truth?

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by Christopher Rudy, August 20, 2013 (Full Moon)


This article falls in the "very controversial" category. I've sat on this story for a few weeks, receiving numerous e-mails referencing this 'leak' by Snowden that is getting no mainstream media coverage and very little Internet coverage... and I understand why.

Before you see the short video, following, let me assure you that the dark-side power elite believe that a massive solar flare 'Kill Shot' is a foreordained fact, as determined by decades of quantum field 'looking glass' technology, remote viewers and chrononauts like William Stillings, a recipient of the Congressional Medal for Space Exploration, who was involved with the quantum stargate projects with teleportion and time travel.

William Brett Stillings is now a whistleblower on these black-op projects, and I had him on my Cosmic Love Radio Talk Show back in November of this last year.  You can read my introduction to that show HERE.

Here's a 2 minute video on the 'Kill Shot'

Is this another sophisticated PsyOps operation, designed to create fear like the alien invasion scenario's that Hollywood has been so fond of?

Or does this explain WHY the secret government has been building underground cities nationwide for a decade, stock-piled with years of food? See:
Elite Underground Tunnels & Cities Completely Stocked As of March 2013. More at: 'Deep Underground Military Bases'.

Here are several points to consider...

before getting weird with fear:

Remote viewing is basically attaining raw information from what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious” which remote viewers call "the matrix".  Others call it the akashic records or “Book of Life”.  In this matrix exists every idea, thought and event in the infinite and eternal here and now... real time as all time unity Conscience with a capital 'C' as in See: "Coherent" (in heart) and "Congruent" (in mind).  It's like the emerging blueprint for a millennial golden age.  The divine potential is there.  The holodeck source code is there.  How to navigate inner space is there. You can read it and connect the dots for yourself... see the pattern for yourself -- of yourself -- to know yourself as unique within the larger field of 'dots' that represents everyone in your 'field' or 'social network'. So remote viewing is actually conscious navigation in the Mother of all 'fields within fields' like the Mother of all networks, the 'InnerNet' heart of the Internet. The etheric blueprint potential is there. Humanity can change IN TIME... in real here-now TIME.  The really BIG lie is that we don't have time, or that there is only time to go to bed, pull up the covers, and cry out, "Goodbye cruel world!"  Ha! The really BIG truth is that we have plenty of time if we make time count... using the currency of Conscience.  That's how we culture 'Unity Conscience' with Effective Sensory Perception.  All gifts of the holy spirit of discernment -- intuitive knowing -- naturally follow for 'remote viewers' who, if they're good at it, are simply the modern day version of shaman, magi, clairvoyants and 'enlightened ones' throughout history.

Many remote viewer chrononauts navigating the future have reported that they hit a time-line wall about 2012 and can't see beyond that. The 'time-line' as they knew it has gone 'non-linear'.  You might say that the non-linear decentralized free-will factor in global humanity is getting a 'reboot' with the surge in the quantum field, thanks to the 25,920 year 'Galactic Alignment' in 2012.  We're back to 'O-Point' -- spherical Conscience -- where we move beyond time as we have known it. Now we co-Create our reality with free will as never before in modern history. Own your own power with pure intent (good will) and one's free-will conscious evolution ascent spiral naturally goes 'exponential'... to 'O-point'... 'I Am'.

The dark-side interjects and projects their own fear of
'final judgment' onto the public; this acts out as
their terror tactics for tyrannical control
  much as a child throwing a tantrum.

Obviously, the 'control matrix' agenda of the shadow government never leaks anything on the upgrade of the 'free matrix' which is 'thinning the veil' with our 'free will reboot', effectively neutralizing the control matrix from the inside-out.  That would be like Big Pharma promoting Universal Self Care that would largely put Big Pharma out of business. But there is no stopping the surge of power, wisdom and love in the quantum field at this time, even with highly organized profiting from disease by poisoning of our food, air and water with GMOs, chemtrails and fluoride. People worldwide, global Netizens, now know this.  The walls in the mind are coming down. Own your own mind -- in good Conscience  -- and you know better than those who are stuck in paradigm paralysis of "DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).
The power of love at the heart of true health care
naturally neutralizes the inordinate love of power
and unabashed insanity destroying life on Earth.
Some PsyOps experts say that the 'dark side' is trying to hijack the Snowden affair, co-opting the external narrative with cognitive dissonance that confounds Conscience while strengthening the fear/control matrix. Remember how endless terror-war neocons hijacked Congress after 9-11? And how banksters hijacked Congress, threatening economic collapse if they didn't bail out the banksters? And how the Tea Party got hijacked by corporatocracy reps in the Republican Party?  It happens. So does a surge in the spirit of 'up-wising and up-rising' in our individual and collective Conscience. Own your own heart, heart coherence,
and it's rather self-evident. It's the same heart of the 'InnerNet', the heart of 'inner space.
To be 'wise as serpents' and 'harmless as doves'
The serpentine reasoning of the dark-side is a bottomless pit, and I don't recommend going there except for occasional remote viewing.  But from their nefarious perspective, there's no better way to dis-empower fearless faith and resistance to tyranny than mind-numbing fear of a massive EMP pulse from the Sun, knocking out computer chips worldwide.

Core communications and power infrastructure would blow out. Nuclear power plants would melt down. And yes, food distribution systems would stop. Supermarkets would empty overnight. Urban chaos would spread to the countryside.  And we wonder why the government has been stockpiling food and buying up all the ammo!

This message is ignored by the mainstream media for good reason.  It exposes the betrayal of civil defense for the public, while the elite have diverted public funds and resources to build shelters for themselves.
Obviously, they've kept this a secret or
we might think they were for us!
Yes the elite plan to rule the world when they come out of the shelters.  Someone had to do it, and it's "survival of fittest", natural selection of, by and for the elite's official policy called "COG" (Continuation Of Government).  But don't expect to hear about this on the evening news. It's just too crazy for too many, destabilizing social cohesion, the heart coherence that keeps things running normal with the surge of social Conscience in our social networks.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie,
 deliberate, contrived and dishonest,
but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."
~ John F Kennedy

Mind-numbing fear dis-empowers fearless faith, creating a tremor in the force that holds the fabric of space-time together, weakening the quantum shields of Earth with a negative polarity that 'magnetizes' (attracts) an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) from the Sun as could provide the elite with a solution to the population problem and global rebellion against the globalists' totalitarian NWO agenda. That's how they think, "Never let a good crisis go to waste".  Supposedly, they've seen this one coming, but kept it secret so we'll all think it's an unpredictable disaster with everyone clamoring for Homeland Security to save us.

Ya think?!?

Is a massive solar flare 'Kill Shot' possible? Yes, but so is a long list of doomsday prophecies and nightmare scenarios from the dark-side. That's why remote viewing requires philosophic calm, to utilize the still waters of mind for reflecting heaven worlds, our future potential, as well as gazing through the surface into the not-so-heavenly past. These are powers we all naturally have. Some call it meditation, visualization, concentration or their integration with remote viewing.
We empower what we fear as well as what we love.  Where intention goes, energy flows. The dark-side wants us as miserable as they are. But the light-side wants us to cut the crap, focus on systemic solutions, and make it so.  More light with love = less dark-side insanity.

All gifts of the holy spirit of discernment -- intuitive knowing -- naturally follows for 'remote viewers' who, if they're good at it, are simply the modern day version of shaman, magi, clairvoyants and 'the enlightened' throughout history.

If we are to be as 'wise as serpents' -- the serpentine reasoning of power elite potentates who are ethical infants -- we can understand why they would see through the 'looking glass' darkly... creating and managing terror, war, disease and hell on Earth for profit and power. As the Piscean Master said, "The poor in spirit will always be with us."

The computer/Internet revolution is linking the light of global Netizens who are well aware of the massive treachery of the media-medical-military industrial complex that makes a killing, literally, on war, disease and destruction of life on Earth... for totalitarian control.

Juan Cole: "What looks like a democracy is really an authoritarian state
ruling on its own behalf and that of 2000 corporations, databasing
 the activities of 312 million innocent citizens and actively
 helping destroy the planet."

Now is the ordained time when people worldwide are waking up, wising up and rising up with a new common sense of our destiny as the Family of Man in a new Global Village.  The vision alone, how heart coherence and universal self care can heal our world, could be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What will happen in September is not foreordained or etched in stone.  Mankind has free will, so anything is possible. The chaos and corruption we see in the world may well be the darkness before the dawn of a millennial Aquarian dispensation of liberty-in-love. 

The 'Great Purification' of planetary consciousness will either proceed the "hard way" (Kill Shot) or the "soft way" (conscious evolution revolution). Either way, we'll see the end of the world as we have known it. The self-destructive insanity must stop before a far greater evil comes upon us.

A three minute inspiration video worth watching:

Published August 16th, by Abbey Martin

Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear. That's how we navigate the 'InnerNet' - the last frontier of inner space... our collective Conscience as conceives, believes and achieves a vision of virtue and valor for the affirmation, confirmation and determination of pure intention, attention and retention of love for ascension in a dimension where a higher concept of universal naturally rules "US" (United Souls of, by and for Universal Sovereignty on Earth as in Cosmos).

Own it. Claim the Victory.
See the Good and
Make it So!

~ Christopher

Bottom Line Notable Quotable by Chuck Baldwin:

"The vast majority of America's pastors, TV preachers, radio preachers, ministers, evangelists, etc., are promoting the Hitlerian philosophy that the state stands in the
place of God and must be obeyed without question or hesitation. They believe that anyone (Christian or otherwise) who dares to resist the state is doing a disservice to God and should be punished. And with the clever enticement of the 501c3 non-profit corporation status that most churches submit to today, they have become, either wittingly or unwittingly, the sheepish slaves of the state. Look at how many Christians believe that whistle-blower Eric Snowden is a traitor and enemy of America. Instead of realizing that what our own federal government is doing by creating this Orwellian surveillance society is blatantly and overtly unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral--and that every church in America should be sounding the clarion call repudiating this unlawful activity.  Instead, America's churches are blaring the call of compliance and non-resistance to unlawful government, even to the point of calling for the death of the man who simply tried to warn the American citizenry to the evil machinations of their own federal government.
I am convinced that many of these Christian statists would applaud the imprisonment and execution of the likes of the great Christian theologian and freedomist Dietrich Bonhoeffer all over again. "
~ Chuck Baldwin, full article archived here, August 8, 2013

Heaven knows that the power of love in the grand finale 'Big Shift',
will 'bring up' all that is less than LOVE for transmutation, and
as the Free Conscience Narrative quickens the process,
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
the full spectrum
of universal

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