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Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Co-Creating Global Enlightenment

Link the Light to Dissipate Darkness!

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Soul Co-Creation

by Christopher Rudy

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In Three Parts:



  Galactic Alignment Is In Process

"The Earth and humanity are currently going through
what is termed an 'ascension process'.
 The Earth as a whole is ascending, which means her
 frequency is rising in response to an unprecedented
increase in the influx of Galactic energy.
These intensified Galactic frequencies also affect humans
on physical, emotional, mental, energetic, psychic, and
spiritual levels as our personal frequency responds to
 incoming waves of energy and attempts to
synchronize with them.”
~ Nicolya Christi

 Witness Our Global Village:
  How we shape our Net reality
   with the all-connected Internet
  is how the Family of Mankind
 matures with relationships of
 whole-healthy relevance and
    ultimate heart-mind resonance
       embracing the spirit that matters
      on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

We are in the universe and
the universe is within us.

     Initiation of the Aquarian Age:
      We now live in a different world
    (all connected
quantum reality)
     with singular soul relevance via
      co-Creation with the ‘Source’ or
     however you know divine Love;
  The Aquarian Manifesto.

   Intention for Enlightenment:
Realize that the Internet is a
physical expression of the all-
quantum field and
  the soul co-Creation process
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  "Man did not weave the web of life;
 he is merely a strand in it.
 Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself." 

~ Chief Seattle

      Attention to TeLeCommUnity:
     Our new ‘Net reality’ will culture
TeLeComm unity in diversity for
      local & global
      naturally neutralizing negativity
         while normalizing enlightenment.

    Retention of Universal LOVE: 
        The holy spirit of LOVE-in-action
       is naturally sustained (retained)
     by increasing the frequency of
    enlightened global interaction
   with universal
light language
     to link the light of conscience,
      co-Creating social conscience
     with frequent
TeLeComm via
holy spirit’ as ‘TLC-in-action’;
        Web 3.0 Heartware TLC Ethics.

   “Peace comes within the souls of men
   when they realize their oneness with
  the universe, when they realize it is
 really everywhere, it is within each
one of us.”
~ Black Elk

     Ascension as Conscious Evolution:
    Mass-to-mass mediation with TLC
    cultures full spectrum Conscience
   - the fully-informed public option -
 as to HOW global Netizens can
     co-Create abundant peace, safety
      and a prosperous ‘Next Economy’.

          Conscientious evolutionary ascension
          integrates pure intention and focused
         attention with
LOVE retention for our
5-D comprehension via
          social conscience in social networks.

   Soul Co-Creation for Ascension

"You don't 'have' a soul.  
You ARE a soul.
You have a body."

~ C. S. Lewis


Published June 27, 2016



July 17, 2016 Update Article HERE.

 A new global economy is emerging
even as the economics of scarcity
  disintegrates due to the abundance
of knowledge power that exposes
gross defects in public institutions
that profit from a scarcity of truth,
   health, safety and public prosperity.

With investors pulling money out of the stock market at the fastest pace of withdrawals for any first half-year on record, then why is the stock market soaring? It's rather simple. Central banks create money out of thin air to buy up stocks and bond debt for the illusion that all is well. It's not. A majority of Netizens worldwide now know the true history of central banking with the extremely bankrupt "FED fraud" that privatized the power of Congress to regulate the currency in 1913, and has bankrolled wars and genocidal policies since then, creating public debt with 'interest on the loan' paid to the now trillionaire FED banksters and their billionaire buddies who also profit from war, disease, austerity and other morally bankrupt policies.
This criminal cabal of bankster buddies was behind 9-11 and the pre-planned Mideast 'War on (of) Terror' that has increased terrorism by 4,500% since 9-11 as you can clearly see in this 3 min. 'Reality Check' video:

See also this 2 minute explanation behind global reset:
Why the Whole Banking System is a Scam.

See also:
Global Economy in Critical Condition - Code Blue
Rob Kirby and Greg Hunter Video

July 12, 2016 /

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby explains the stock market's rise to new all-time highs. The global economy is in terminal trouble, and Kirby explains, "My view of the financial system as it sits today is we are in an intensive care unit, and we have a lot of tubes and wires connected to us right now.  The question you are asking me is how long is a person in critical condition in an intensive care unit going to live?  I don't really know the answer to it other than we could get a code blue any day. We could get a code blue tomorrow . . . code blue is when somebody has passed."

 See also:
Who Has Been Manipulating Stocks And
Pushing Them To All Time Highs?
July 12, 2016 /

“What we see happening right now is that the entire system is cracking. The illusion that everything is fine is falling apart. There’s an illusion of statistical numbers convincing us that everything is OK. They don’t make sense anymore. And when we look at the stock market, everyone is scratching their heads saying, ‘Why is the stock market continually moving up?’ It doesn’t make sense!”

What will be the next HUGE scientific breakthrough?
Throughout history, speculation has spurred beautiful,
revolutionary science that has opened our eyes to
 entirely new opportunity for conscious evolution.

Will this be the next big leap in consciousness?
Seize the vision of emerging global TeLeComm.
Embrace the virtue of
TLC at the heart of it.
Vow with valor to care enough with
Claim the victory of a united ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.



 With global paradigm shift and
  fully informed public health via
free online universal TeLeCare,
    global holistic healing will begin
  to reverse paradigm paralysis
 that is part of the problem by
 willfully ignoring the solution.


 Primary health care is self care,
   what you choose for your health.
  Any ‘public option’ for our health
  that does not honor the primacy
of self-care is public deception
 like the privately owned “FED”.

The first half of 2016 has seen a global Internet flood of articles and videos exposing public deception with population reduction policies that profit from public disease via chemical-laced food that makes us sick and then drugs for whatever ails you. Owning your own life with holistic self care is now being challenged by mandatory vaccine laws, GMO junk science, fluoride poison in water, and widespread media disinformation regarding any ‘public option’ that exposes and neutralizes corporatocracy incentives that profit from disease - a sociopathic depravity as depicted by this despicable 'Dark Act':

In response to abject corporate tyranny, a public plan with public options is emerging based on core Constitutional freedoms and the value of conscientious common sense. This may cause disruption of deeply entrenched corruption but morally inspired freedom is always disruptive to morally bankrupt tyranny.

Global Holistic Healing - The Aquarian Mandate

Universal Rights in the Public Sphere will Co-Create
Global Economic Reset - Restructuring Government
  and Reordering of Society with TLC at the heart of it.

What if the Aquarian Spirit of Freedom in Universal Love really does heal all? Do you believe that? How could that work? What would that look like in our all-connected, instant-everywhere and interactive social networks?

Resolution of this conflict between freedom and tyranny is the divine destiny of global Netizens who come into interactive unity with the 'TLC Conneion' - a universal heartware interface for mass-to-mass TeLeCommunication, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce... of, by and for TeLeComm with .

What if the ‘Next Economy’ was based on the currency of conscience via abundant love – the heart coherence standard for heartware? Consider the free online TLC infrastructure we can co-Create as a non-profit cooperative that is highly profitable for conscience currency underwritten by the gold standard - abundant TLC.

This Web 3.0 standard defines the 'gold standard' of, by and for conscience currency as the intention => ascension IN every golden age. In our current Internet Age, this is a process of going 'withIN' -- meditation as mediation -- that refines INteractive INtegration with TLC virtues at the heart of the INnernet; the INner sense INocense of personal-public WIN-WIN - unity in diversity - INitiating INspired INtegrity on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large,

With heartware's universal light language INterface for our global INneraction, the "Keys to INternalization of G.O.D." (KING acronym) frames universal-Aquarian sovereignty whereby all are KING with the Constitution of Conscience.

Do you see the global enlightenment
 capability for the Family of Mankind?

The integration of current technologies of hardware, software and netware can now be quickly integrated with heartware. And what if a few billionaires or even a trillionaire decided that their legacy is better served as a founder of Worldwide as a platform for self-governing autonomy for United Sovereigns of Earth?

Optimizing fully informed public consent with Internet Age capabilities is the opportunity with global TeLeComm. It will naturally involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience as the vision goes viral in an upward spiral of global enlightenment.

"Enlighten the people generally and
tyranny and oppressions of body and mind
will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."

~ Thomas Jefferson

More – easier and faster – is a future that follows global TeLeComm with universal light language for general enlightenment.

The vision alone – our self-elevation as ‘salvation’ – can provide the catalyst for a self-correcting model of sovereign self governance as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So please, mainstream this message. Care enough to share. Network for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality whereby 'Love heals all'.

(Network Freely)

A Soul Concept of

Universal Interface

Interactive Global TeLeComm

Integrating TLC Conscience

Free online Global TeLeCare

Service to Soul Co-Creation.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Conscience IS what -in-action DOES,
culturing consciousness of HOW we are
fully conscious as a holistic, healthy
 and all-connected spherical whole.

Universal Rights in the
Global Sphere

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

The ‘TLC INner Sense Connection

INspiration ~ INteraction ~ INitiation

 The Holy Spirit is moving as divine intercession
 through the co-Creation process of coherent-
-in-action at the heart of
social conscience in our social networks.

~~~~~~~~~ ASCENT BONUS ~~~~~~~~~

 Archangel Raphael Empowers Personal 'WholEness'
  For those Initiates, Lightworkers and  makers
 who have read this far, here's a recent 38 min. audio
  transmission via Archangel Raphael who comes with
   the power of coherent love to inspire our co-Creation.
Center in the heart of your heart
and listen with that coherence


Here's to the inspired order now emerging as the
 blueprint for a golden age. This via pure intention
  that focuses attention with love's retention for our
conscientious ascension in the 5th dimension of
 'Global   Comprehension'.

 All Ways  , Always...

CopyRound © 2016,  Heartcom Network

All 'Rights'~ Well 'Rounded'~ and 'Synergized'~ for wholEness~
with the five biomimicry archetypes of universal-cosmic 
as corresponds to the 'Archetypal Future of Time'. 


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