Health Insurance Mandate

Scam?  Or Desperate Move to Float the Sinking Economy
with 32 million new mandatory insurance payments
invested in the stock market?


By Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News


Do you remember when the Republicans under Bush tried to privatize Social Security
by getting the public to invest their Social Security payments into the stock market? 
How do you think that would have worked with the stock market plunge?


Now we see that Obama has accomplished what Bush failed to do, propping up the stock market with bank bailouts and now a government takeover of 17% of the economy – the medical-industrial complex that is larger than the military-industrial complex.


Big Government, in collusion with Big Medicine, has now privatized the health care monopoly with mandates that subsidize Big Pharma and Big Insurance by milking the masses with a mandatory TAX and an expanded army of IRS agents to collect it.


I little common sense would say that this has happened NOT because Wall Street cares about our health, health freedom or any public option as would honor Constitutional principle or holistic healing practices. DUH!


Of course, everyone will be obliged to take their medicine – drugs for whatever ails you – with all other medicine also rationed politically.  What will be honored is the corporate law which ordains the rights of stockholders before the rights of the public when profits are at stake.

Forced insurance will give more premium capital to insurance companies which invest the money premiums they do not yet have to pay out into Wall Street… for more terror war, drug development or whatever.  Of course, Wall Street can be accounted to use the still-unregulated high frequency trading to strip out a fraction of the action on all stock moves.  And government political rationing will mean that less and less is paid out so that more and more of the premiums stay in the hands of Goldman-Sachs and their bankster buddies.  How do these guys sleep at night?

People don't have money to invest in stocks any more, nor can we save.  Wall Street misses all the squandered pension funds and savings which they got to invest -- and so the "health care" reform act was devised as a means of forcing people to "invest" through forced health insurance payments.  The insurance companies will invest in Wall Street.  The government, working for Wall Street, will ensure that actual payouts for medical care by those insurance companies will be minimized. 


Consequently, the invested insurance premiums that 32 million Americans are mandated to pay, will stay in the hands of the Wall Street investors -- still profiting without transparency or oversight over other people's money.


So by foisting another “false flag” to rally the mass middle class with high sounding words of great care for our health, the social engineering sycophants of the power elite devised a system to coerce payments to the financial sector with mandatory insurance payments.  And then the corporate bureaucrats will deny medical service – with no public option – just as the banksters have denied credit since the public bailed them out.


Get the picture?  You now understand what this “reform” is all about.  The real “signature” is no public option – no health freedom.

High finance will determine what can be spared for operations, tests, medication, and hospital care for the people.

International speculation on global markets and wars for global empire is expense.  And the power elite are genuine in their intention to prepare for “Continuation Of Government” (COG) with their underground shelters before all hell breaks loose with what’s coming.

"The prudent see danger and prepare but the simple don't and suffer for it."
- translated via Proverbs 27: 12

Constitutional Law has ample precedence to confirm that any “law” which is
 repugnant to the Constitution of the United States is therefore no law at all.

Are you one of the extremely RIGHT Constitutionalists who believe that?
Are you one of the extremely RIGHT patriots who believe in your


Lock and Load… for Love and Light.  Pray and Prepare.

 "This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon