Cosmic Love Show for Sept. 10, 2011

 An interview with Inelia Benz on the
Creative Ascension Process’,
the CAPstone vision for
conscious evolution.

If you heard the Inelia Benz interview with Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, or researched her websites at and, you'll want to hear what she has to say about the ascension process now accelerating on Planet Earth. 

Inelia Benz has had a very unique connection with Source from an early age. Whether you understand Source as your I Am Presence or God-Love Conscience or a stepped-down version of the 'mediator' through your higher Christ Self or Buddhic Awareness, it is still your pure intention that magnetizes the connection with focused attention and love’s retention for free-will choices that optimize your conscious ascension to higher dimensions of intuitive KNOWING beyond former limited habits of belief, thought, feeling and action.

  Pure intention focuses attention on loves retention
  for evolutionary ascension into the 5th dimension of
 Effective Sensory Perception as Common Sense
Unity Conscience) for Universal Co-Creation with the
Creator-Source of the Creative Ascension Process,
CAPstone vision of, and for, conscious evolution.

Inelia was told by Source in 2010 to go public with basic teachings that reflect the pure intention of the ascension process, and thus, her website at  Read Inelia’s recent article there called, Spaceship Earth, and YOU are the Captain.
That article was written in the same time frame as my latest article at and the message is virtually the same... written during the same time period. Amazing synchronicity.  Different words but the same 'flame' of unprecedented opportunity.

"This is a 'choice' time to make choices that
reflect and perfect good judgment."

Believe it or not, the 'veil' separating humanity from spiritual dimensions is now -- with Galactic Alignment -- thinning at an accelerated rate.  This empowers those with pure intention as never before... empowering the connection with Ascended Masters and heavenly hosts who are stepping through the veil for the purpose of divine protection, direction and perfection on the path of evolutionary ascension.

The grace of pure intention will only take you
where the power of love will ultimately
protect, direct and perfect you.

This is the divine destiny of Earth and all sentient life thereon... a platform for the evolution of souls.  That destiny is reaching a climax of CHOICE as will sort the wheat from the chaff, the 'quickened' from the 'deadened'. 

In the eternal scheme of soul evolution, there comes a time when
time as we know it goes 'non-linear' in a 'spherical' all-connected way that integrates past, present and future with the full potential of this CHOICE time... to fulfill the DREAM of conscious evolution HOME... to a SOURCE connection... in full CONSCIENCE that resonates with HONOR in ALLEGIANCE to the purpose and PLAN the spiritual Masters know and SERVE.

"We have dreamed it: therefore it is. I have become convinced that everything we think and feel is merely perception: that our lives --individually as well as communally -- are molded around such perception: and that if we want to change, we must alter our perception. When we give our energy to a different dream, the world is transformed. To create a new world, we must first create a new dream."
~ John Perkins, from The World Is As You Dream It

Many souls have already made their choice in this dense octave of incarnation we call 'life on Earth'.  Others souls are 'fence-sitters', or as Inelia says, divided between light and dark, awakened and asleep, aware and blind." 

Each to their own 'judgment' with their free-will choices and soul contracts. Or as the Ascended Master Saint Germain said in one of his last embodiments, "This is a test to see if your mission of life is finished.  If you are still alive, it's not." ~ Sir Francis Bacon

Heaven knows that we each go to the place in eternal time and infinite space that reflects our momentums -- moment to moment -- worlds without end.

The "meek and mild" (with light and love) will indeed inherit the Earth in golden ages to come.  Those who don't, won't.

When love is the rule, love rules.  With this
CAPstone vision -- based on the foundation of pure intention and focused attention with love's retention -- you only need to call upon the heavenly hosts for assistance with your personal alignment and evolutionary ascension to make it so.  Without that vision of full spectrum Conscience, people cut themselves off from spiritual realms and go to a world where they can further experience the victim dictum of paradigm paralysis until they wise up and rise up. 

For the cosmic justice that just is, tune in to Cosmic Love and honor Inelia Benz with your Presence.

Enjoy the Show!

Christopher Rudy
Host of Cosmic Love

PS: Beyond the mainstream media cover-up of 9-11 truth is the mass awakening of the
Family of Man -- our Calling to Conscience -- for conscious evolutionary ascent with the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help us God!