Imminent Earth Changes


If a picture is worth 10,000 words, a movie is worth far more. 
View these following videos to get an exceptional overview
of what's coming on the 2012 (2011?) time line to "O-point", 
the nonlinear "end time" (end of linear time) as we've known it.

YouTube videos by zerosum2012

Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 1 of 3  

Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 1 of 3  

Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 3 of 3  

 Personally, I believe that most of the experts on "2012" are wrong…
that the real end date of the Mayan calendar is in 2011
as you can read at .


Note the explained difference between inear time and nnlinear time
as corresponds to
a shift from
eft brain dominance to right brain spherical Conscience
and the shift from
Patriarchal 'ownership and control' values
to Matriarchal 'community and cooperation' values.

And as "Linear" () consciousness shifts to nonlinear () Conscience
-- the shift from the prevailing
etter of the Law of
to the spherical Spirit of
as a frequency
(as in frequently) --
we'll also see a new synergy of "checks and balances" (
between the
and of linear mind and nonlinear Conscience;
this is the creative learning process of co-Creation between
the human mind and the divine heart...
the "
" in the Law of as holographic co-Creation code
triangulating the 1st principles of the Constitution of Conscience
in all 4 archetypal (
) dimensions of consciousness
as assembles the components to
5-D capstone Conscience:



For more insight on this "Big 5-D Shift",
see the 11-11-2010 OVERVIEW