If Not Now, Then When?

"The American media is worse than worthless, I strongly encourage you to
  turn off your television and find anything else to do with your time."
Article from: http://pcapostate.blogspot.com/2006/08/pay-no-attention-to-soldier-saying.htm

Here's an interesting article that addresses the core media bias problem.  Unfortunately, as with 99% of "truth-telling" articles on the cause and core problem in America, it fails to address the core "New Media" solution. 
It's one thing to know that a fair and independent media has been corrupted by big business collusion with big government in pursuit of more power to profit from oil, drugs for whatever ails you, lawless aggression in the name of the law, and escalating totalitarian martial law via hijacked war powers.  History tells us that this pattern of behavior in corporate-state collusion is the actual definition of "fascism"
The solution to this encroaching fascism is quite the opposite of what we see and hear in the "embedded" media that is in bed with the REAL fascists.
It's quite another thing to see through the media propaganda that calls dissent "a new kind of fascism" as War Minister Rumsfeld recently did while defending administration polices that profit at the expense of the environment, personal health and peace on earth. 
Good business -- thanks to instant-everywhere-interactive "Net reality" (Internet) -- has become international business.  Local issues are now global issues.  How many people REALLY understand how the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" (scarcity economics) is destroying the abundant life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL people on Earth?  More important, it's time to realize the root of the problem -- how the subversion of the abundant life for 99.99% of humanity is by plan and intent of fascists for profit and power through "ultimate scarcity" via war, disease, death and hell on earth.  Read, The Terror State and Virtual Fascism.
And what would an economics of abundance look like?  It would begin with abundant Truth and LOVE that mediates the mass media with checks and balances as will bring homeostasis and healing to the collective consciousness of global humanity.  That would be COMMON SENSE if the mainstream media was not an extension of a State terror -- endless war -- agenda.  In fact, the most powerful corporate-government (fascist) special interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping the COMMON SENSE of Truth and Love uncommon.  Such COMMON SENSE would make government accountable to the purpose for which it ostensibly serves... challenging fascist forces as the REAL enemy of not just America but all people on Earth.
And when will your morality make a stand on that issue?  If not now, then when?
Heaven knows that every free and independent soul will naturally seek to inventory all its spiritual, mental, emotional and physical resources to consider the highest and best use not just for oneself... but humanity at large.  An instant-everywhere-interactive New Media communication system -- based on the pure intent of genuine freedom -- will achieve exactly what such a holistic communication system can do.  Indeed, it's the CAN DO spirit that will "make it so".
Holism -- in a WHOLE system of communication -- integrates all the "whole-E" (Enlightenment) keys of the brain~consciousness connection including the brain's "hardware" (neurons), software (neural conditioning), and netware (neural networking).  The last key ingredient of "heartware" finally defines an operating system for a higher frame of reference that centers the framing process with the frequency of holy compassion... synergizing higher conscience within all those neural functions... as explained in my last blog article archived at www.heartcom.org/CosmicCube.htm
The global connection of "We the People" is now here technologically.  The hardware, software and netware are all in place and operational.  The only thing lacking for "real time" (instant-everywhere) mass-to-mass interaction with a "higher conscience" is "heartware" (The LOVE Model).  It will finish what U.S. Founders began, democratizing the spirit of democracy with a truly universal law language at the heart of the global connection that defines our consciousness, BEING and world along more enlightened "lines". 
Between the lines you'll see a transparent framework for the Constitution of genuine freedom, resurrecting the virtue in the natural rights of humanity.  Global LOVE-centric TeLeComm -- emphasizing the "TLC" part -- will define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine a higher standard for Net reality.
If not now, then when?
Our worldwide connection of, by and for greater LOVE will raise the standard of "come into unity" that is the heart of the meaning of "community" and "communication.    Greater LOVE has always been the heart of wholEness for holistic healing.  It is global communication -- with LOVE-centric heartware -- that will resurrect the "Great Experiment" in representative self-governance for the Family of Man in our global village.
Now there's a way, given the will, for all who love peace and the healing process that will make it so... if we don't make up more excuses for procrastinating any longer.
For the Holistic Healing of "US" -- United Sovereigns in the United State of LOVE -- please contribute.  Network freely.
- Christopher
----------- article follows:

Pay No Attention to The Soldier Saying the Government is Lying about 9-11

By Curt Maynard
Can't you just see some producer at Fox News calling his friends at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, ABC, and NBC confidently telling them it's time to arrest Warren Jeffs, the Mormon polygamist, who has allegedly been dodging federal authorities for the last few years? I can.  I can see them calling their allies at the FBI, who have known where Jeffs has been for a long time and telling them, "since the titillating JonBenet Ramsey case is over, why don't you arrest Jeffs now, and we'll plaster his face all over every television in the United States, and over every front page in the print media for the next four months in order to keep America's mind off issues that really do have some importance."
The American media is worse than worthless, I strongly encourage you to turn off your television and find anything else to do with your time.  As a student of psychology, the only reason I watch the television these days is to see what the current propagandistic approach [spin] is on any given event and/or issue. Last week it was the JonBenet Ramsey crap, and now it looks like it'll be Warren Jeffs for the next couple of months. I don't care about Jeffs, and neither does the vast majority of Americans, but that doesn't matter, we'll all be forced to hear about him over the next several weeks because the media says that's what we want to see. It's a lot like the Mel Gibson case, according to a Fox News poll, more than eighty percent of Americans literally don't care what Gibson said about the Jews, but we've been forced to hear what the Jewish media thinks about him every day over the last three weeks.[1]
If you've been watching Fox News over the last month, you've probably noticed the pro-Israel commercial inviting viewers to call an 800 number in order to "show their support," of the poor suffering Israelis. I called that number today, 800-225-1119, and asked the woman that answered if she knew of a similar number that I could call in order to show my support of the Lebanese and Arabs in general, she grew very quiet, so I hung up, only to have my phone immediately ring back, suggesting that these folks are getting numerous anti-Israel call ins, and they're trying to intimidate those who don't support the Jewish state. So I called them again and said that as an Anglo-Saxon Protestant, I loathe the Jewish state, recognize it for what it is, a terrorist state, and will never support them. This time, the individual tried to admonish me from a script she had undoubtedly been given by her handlers weeks ago. I hung up again, if I wanted to hear that crap, I'll watch television.
So anyway, I'm on the Internet this morning and reading [imagine that] an article I saw on the most excellent website, http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ that was written by investigative journalist Stephen Webster of the Lone Star Icon, entitled "Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 9/11 Investigation,"[2] and details the story of an Army Sergeant First Class named Donald Buswell, who is being "investigated for using his government email account to send out messages that could be considered 'disloyal to the United States'." According to Webster, the military is implying that this Purple Heart recipient "could soon find himself dishonorably discharged, court martialed, or worse."  So what did Buswell write in this email?  I'm glad you asked, that implies you aren't asleep. Buswell wrote the following:
"I say Occums razor is the best way to deduce this 'day of infamy'; if you weigh all options, do some simple studying and you will see 911 was clearly not executed by some arabs in caves with cell phones and 3 day old newspapers! I mean how are Arabs benefiting from pulling off 911? They have more war, more death and dismal conditions, so, how did 911 benefit them? Answer: It didn't.  So, who benefited from 9-11?  The answer is sad, but simple; The Military Industrial [sic] Complex.  It's not a paranoid conspiracy to think there are conspiracies out there... and, it's not Liberal Lunacy either, nor is it Conservative Kookiness!  People, fellow citizens, we've been had!  We must demand a new independent investigation into 911 and look at all options of that day, and all plausabilities [sic], even the most incredulous theories must be examined."[3]
No wonder the military is investigating Sergeant First Class Buswell; he said the obvious, i.e. "911 was clearly not executed by some arabs in caves," and that Arabs never benefited from the attack, something the media and US Government desperately want you to believe. Buswell's real crime wasn't so much that he believes the above or even that he used his government email account, his real crime was that he had the nerve to say so out loud, that he stated what most patriotic soldiers already believe; the United States government is lying about 9-11!
Sergeant Buswell is definitely a hero and patriot -- I wouldn't worry too much about him being court martialed and/or discharged dishonorably from the Army, primarily because the US government knows he'd make far more money and become far better known on the national 9-11 skeptics circuit than he will if they keep him safely tucked away in some dark corner at some insignificant post in bugtussle nowhere. The military will definitely attempt to get Buswell to do a "Mel Gibson" to prostrate himself and apologize for his statements and to say he really doesn't believe them. They'll threaten him in every conceivable way in order to force him to do this, but I doubt they'll publicize this case any further with a court martial and/or dishonorable discharge. Buswell is a hero after all; he was wounded in combat and is the recipient of a Purple Heart. How would it look if the US government persecuted such a man?  It's been the government and media all along that have foisted the idea that Americans that don't "fully support the soldiers," -- by fully supporting the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan -- aren't exactly patriotic.  How would it look if the military were to court martial a Purple Heart recipient for having an opinion?

Lastly, and what I find most interesting about this case, is that a Google News search conducted this morning, reveals that there is not a single mainstream article out there about the Buswell case, not one, except for one article out of Belgium.[4] Now how do you like that? If Americans want to learn anything further about Sergeant Buswell, they'll have to read it in a Belgian paper.
Just in case any reader would like to send the Colonel, Luke S. Green, that initiated the investigation of Hero First Class Buswell an email, here is the only private email address I could find on the Internet that belongs to the loser Colonel Green. greenl@stc.net [This email address was used by Green in 1997]
Wake up America, you're being taken for a ride.

[1] http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,208025,00.html
[2] http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=426&z=54
[3] To read his entire statement goto http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=426&z=40
[4] http://www.dedefensa.org/choix.php?link_id=6757&comm=1

For neophytes to the complex conundrum of big business collusion with big government and supremacist ideology, I suggest reading the background articles at www.heartcom.org/WarMedia.htm and specifically the article www.heartcom.org/MediaZionism.htm .


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