Towards Global Healing for Fulfillment of

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Some would say that our biggest social problem
is that we can't get real solutions into our heads
    because of 'head in the sands' denial of problems.


The status quo 'matrix' pulls the wool over our eyes
so we are 'good sheeple' and see no evil.

    I prefer to believe that the 'veil' is very thin now, and
the hosts of heaven are 'stepping through the veil'
  to guide us through the 'mine field' of dangers, and
    that we are sitting on a 'gold mine' if only we mind it.


1- SEIZE THE VISION:  This is a 'Spiritual Movement' above all;
   the Spirit of '
Good Conscience' is the heart of all true religion.

   Hold fast to the '
Resurrection Flame' of Easter's pure intention.
  The resurrection of this '
Joy Flame' liberates the Soul because
holy Spirit as LOVE-in-action transmutes habits of the ego that
    are stuck as in "
DUH" (Dimwitted, Unconscious and Heartless).

Do you understand the difference between believing something 'religiously'
and knowing something 'spiritually'?
   Is it true that it is better to either know or not know, and to believe nothing? 
   Would you agree that intuitive knowing of a spiritual nature trumps the "
Belief S
ystems) of 'politically correct' authorities who are morally wrong?


The ‘Mind of G.O.D.’ frames the Constitution of Conscience;
    the Law of the Angles of “
G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
 frames the Language of the Angels of  (our better nature).

The Mind of G.O.D. rePresents a Heart of LOVE;
The higher the concept of universal ,
the greater the representation of ‘

Do what the poor in spirit don’t have the heart to do;

Holy Spirit - -in-action - cultures Conscience;
As more 'light' naturally neutralizes dense darkness,
dimwits are naturally enlightened holistically.


Integrity comes through integration with

Enlightened Conscience Initiates Holistic Healing;
 By culturing holistic health 'from the top' in this way,
we naturally build immunity against all dis-ease.

A Culture of Freedom and Opportunity
Naturally Arrests Corruption

The Whole Truth is the best antidote for the Big Lie,
and JFK warned us of self-serving secret agencies
that have pulled the wool over our eyes with terror
that has immobilized our good

 JFK’s Secret Society Speech to the U.S. Press Association

Healing the psychology of subservience to tyranny
begins with a clear vision of whol
Eness for holistic
healing in the
Collective Conscience of humanity.

There was time when our collective vision of the future was
dominated by politicians who promised a better future with
a narrative emphasizing the contest of freedom between:
the free-market right as a "false-flag belief"
illusion created to serve the corporatocracy)
and the socialist left as a "false-flag belief"
illusion created by the ‘right’ to demonize the ‘left’).

Even though both of those “Belief Systems” (BS)
  had their gross limitations and divisive problems,
at least they believed in something.

But as ‘fear porn’ became government policy with 9-11,
we saw the inversion, subversion and perversion of
fearless faith in prevailing freedom ideologies, and
thus a rise in
faithless fear that tolerates terror 'BS'
    and the
tyranny that erodes Constitutional freedoms.

A pathological society that comes to believe in nothing
- abandoning
ordained faith due to inordinate fear -
is particularly frightened by people who believe in anything,
and therefore we label those people as ‘extremists’ or
‘fundamentalists’ or ‘fanatics’… especially when
cynicism against any ideological worldview is
 intolerant of any challenge to willful ignorance.

Always remember that building #7
  collapsed into it's own footprint on
  9-11 as did the other two buildings
that were hit by planes on 9-11...
 and this 'Big Lie' is maintained to
  suppress freedom in the name of
'security' with the consequence
 of neither freedom nor security.

The 9-11 false-flag ‘attack’ by insiders who ‘hate our freedoms’
created a psychotic break with reality –
strong illusion --
that gave power to those who truly hate our freedoms, i.e.,
the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ who have pulled the wool
over our eyes for power over the people rather than
“of, by and for the people”.


In a society that believes in nothing – or believes in official lies --
fear-based "
strong illusion" (BS) becomes the only agenda, and
the propaganda of corporatocracy passes as democracy.

Conversely, the United Sovereigns of Earth are well aware
that all our core Constitutional freedoms must now be
upgraded for the Family of Man in our global village.

2012 is the time ordained for surge in the Power of Love
as will culture
a systemic rEVOLUTION in Conscience
with a new
Common Sense that claims the victory of
 LOVE's vision, virtue and valor as will
make it so.

'Global TeLeComm' and 'Universal Self Care'
are the platform for this peaceful rEVOLUTION,
fulfilling the purpose and the plan of Universal-
for United Sovereigns of Earth.

For WholEness and Holistic Healing,

~ 'Dr. Christopher'

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active
understanding, and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion,
which desires the greatest good of the greatest number are beyond belief.
This dynamic power has never been employed. It can today save the world."
~ Master Djwhal Khul