To Your Health!  Newsletter
May 2015

Christopher Rudy

Big changes in health care folks!

The Internet has given the world a holistic healing opportunity as world-changing as the printing press that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

The 2015 Shift has hit the fan of 'Aquarian Spring', and this global surge in the spirit of universal freedom-in-love is moderating the accelerated rate of change in holistic health care networks worldwide.

The vision of Global TeLeCare -- free online personalized health care for loved ones -- has awakened global Netizens to the opportunity for systemic global healing with Universal Self Care.
Wising up leads to rising up in public consensus that all our core Constitutional freedoms are embodied in holistic health care freedoms of, by and for wholEness and healing in body, mind and spirit.
If we don't have that freedom to own our own health with TeLeCare tools and resources -  to optimize health for 100% of humanity - all our other freedoms mean little.
The United States will see prosperity when our greatest wealth, public health, is optimized with policies that prevent and heal disease holistically rather than profit from the creation and treatment of disease.

So please read the following article, forwarding it to all who truly care about optimal health in their family, their nation and the world-at-large.

To Your Holistic Health,
'Dr. Christopher'


Integrated Holistic-Health Services

Over the last 40 years, I've been in the trenches discovering the full meaning of integrated holistic health services. That experience includes developing  four holistic health centers, and pioneering quantum medicine in 1991.

For the last eight years, I've hosted BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE, interviewing guests who have accomplished far more in holistic healing than myself... publishing their accomplishments on my Heartcom Network blog with 2015 emphasis on the systemic paradigm shift to global holistic healing.

We live in a time of epic change in all our social, political and economic institutions, and no institution has more to do with our well-being than the ailing health care system.

Health freedom is the core of all other freedoms because if you don’t own your own health choices, you’ve lost your core right to life itself. If you are pro-life for your own life, the greatest power you have is to optimize holistic health for preventing or curing disease.

   In 1900, 1 in 33 Americans had cancer.
In 1926, cancer had become the 10th
      most common cause of death in children.
   Today cancer is the first cause of death
in children – before accidents.  And if
you know why, you see how economics
  and politics became far more complex
    than the science of prevention and cure.

Without the public option of well-informed choice, we surrender personal self care sovereignty to a medical-industrial complex of monopoly medicine that is prescribing 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of six, and a lifetime of disease treatment with drugs for whatever ails you.
For the public good? Or for the power-expanding collusion of big government with big business to profit from big public disease because there’s no big money in public health?

Holistic integrated public health wants to be free, or at least a non-profit service. 35 years ago, hospitals were mostly non-profit organizations, but since then, almost all have been privatized for profit, a conflict of interest with incentives for treating disease versus preventing it.

Cancer is by far the biggest money-maker for the medical-industrial complex, and that industry is thriving in the U.S. – a huge ‘growth industry and the darling’ of institutional investors. Many stock-vested institutions count on increasing profits from their health care portfolios.

Common sense may be uncommon but Wall Street’s profiting at the expense of America’s health is not a good metric for prosperity. The result is that the U.S. is the fastest-growing sick population of all the major industrialized nations. Uncaring powers that be are killing us.

When there are powerful people in business
 and government making a killing, literally, on
  the creation and treatment of public disease,
   Wall Street may thrive, but public health dies.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer in March issued a paper classifying Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, under the trade name Roundup, as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” That’s quite an understatement. The well documented science on GMO’s and glyphosate shows that they both cause a host of auto-immune diseases as well as cancers.
The FDA approved GMOs based on Monsanto’s own studies that GMO’s don’t cause cancer. But Monsanto’s animal studies only went three months

   This two-year independent French study showed that
  GMOs caused cancer when animals ate GMO corn
  after 3 months, with mutations in later generations.

That study came out in 2012, and since then, many European countries as well as Russia and China have now outlawed GMO foods.
Ever wonder why the ‘plagues’ of cancer and degenerative disease are upon America as no other nation on Earth? The fact that labeling GMO's on food is outlawed in the U.S. is virtually 'Dark Ages'.

You don’t get cancer with a strong immune system, and the genetic toxins in vaccines and in GMO’s both weaken the immune system as do toxic chemical drugs in general.

Conventional therapies for cancer are notorious for wiping out the immune system, but they are more than a half trillion dollar industry for Big Pharma, so don’t expect a change overnight. Same as Big Agriculture with GMO’s and glyphosate. There’s no money in permaculture for Big Ag, just as there’s no money in disease prevention for Big Pharma.

It’s a racket, and those who “pay the piper” call the tune. Big Media’s biggest accounts are Big Pharma, Big Ag and chemical-laced junk food companies. That’s why their link to cancer is never exposed in the mainstream ‘bought off’ media.

However, change to integrated holistic-health services may come sooner than you think. The Internet has opened the floodgates of knowledge power with holistic healing self-help support groups for virtually all diseases. Free online ‘Universal Self Care capabilities are going global.

 The modern “printing press” (Internet)
 now empowers holistic healing with a
  myriad of advanced modalities which
 are a quantum leap in scope beyond
  the original print press enlightenment
   as delivered Europe from a Dark Age.

People worldwide are going online to discover holistic healing alternatives that far surpass conventional medicine’s drug-based approach.

More than 3 million people saw the recent online documentary series on the cause and cure for cancer called The Truth About Cancer, an 11-day seminar. Some of the points made in that documentary include:

The FDA goes after people using natural cures, yet openly admit on their website that their approved drugs kill over 100,000 people a year.

There is nothing more appalling than having our government stand in the way of natural cures that can save your life. They stand in the way of alternatives even though we have a system in which 86% of oncologists would not give their drugs to themselves or their families if they got cancer, yet they are giving them to their patients. Or as one MD admitted, “Criminal,” because, “we are pushing profits every day.”

Doctors treat tumors by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. The tumor was never the cause of cancer in the first place, but only a symptom of a sick body. It’s like treating a cold by cutting the nose off.

Chemo causes cancer to spread—proven. These drugs are listed on label as ‘carcinogenic’! 5 years after the finish of chemo treatment, the survival rate is only 2% in America; that is, 2 people out of 100

will be alive in five years. ‘This is horrific.’ Chemo drugs hasten death. (Forsyth, MD)

Almost no one in America today dies of cancer; they die from the direct effects of chemotherapy. All chemo drugs cause cancer. Use of chemicals and radiation leads to cancer. Patients would live longer and healthier if they had no treatment.

Chemotherapy damages the brain, liver and kidneys. Chemotherapy causes systemic damage, which then doesn’t allow the body to heal.

Mammograms can cause cancer, not just with the radiation, but by squeezing of the breast that can spread cancer. Thermography and ultrasound are the way to go.

People don’t get sick because they get cancer; they are already sick and then cancer appears, so poisoning the body with radiation gets little if any results.

The cancer is not the problem; it is a symptom of a sick body. Tumors in the body are like garbage in your kitchen. To stop having garbage you must change what you are doing to produce it.

By 2020 the medical profession will be responsible for 50% of cancers – from X-ray and drugs. ‘Staggering. (Forsyth, MD)

Doctors (i.e. MDs): ‘We have a license to kill.’ – ‘Our system is designed to create chronic disease, Medicare subsidies for Big Pharma, etc.’

Recently on my March 21st Cosmic LOVE talk show, I interviewed a naturopathic doctor that has worked with 30,000+ cancer patients and is now getting a 97% cure rate, even with people in hospice. But you won’t hear about that on CBS News or the other mainstream media drug pushers that make a killing, literally, on their fraction of the action promoting drugs for whatever ails you.

Yes, I confess, I’m a medical heretic. I know too much to go along with pervasive food and drug conventions that are destroying public health in the name of caring for public health.

“Those who have the privilege to know
have the duty to act.”

~ Albert Einstein

The genetic material for future generations is rapidly degenerating under the onslaught of toxic genetic poisons, mutating offspring for generations.


There is no future for America unless integrated
holistic-health services go mainstream.

The VISION of Global TeLeCare sets the course for Global TeLeComm in general - a TLC rEVOLUTION at the heart of all our social, political and economic institutions.

So, for your well-being and that of generations to come, hold the VISION of an optimal future while conscientious with your diet and self-care disciplines!

May Optimal Health Be
Your Greatest Wealth,

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Disclaimer: I'm not making medical claims for healing cancer or other serious ills that mainstream medicine has claimed their exclusive right to heal. What I'm saying is that the body naturally heals itself when you create a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environment for healing to thrive. ~CR