Health Care Series
October 1, 2013
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Reality Report:  Health Care in a Sick World

Common Sense Regarding Government
“Health Care Exchanges”

Trading health freedom for 'security’ until
we have neither health nor freedom


  Are you ready to sign up for the 'Affordable Care Act' that
today, October 1st, is open for your required 'insurance'
with 'ObamaCare'?

Ben Swann Truth in Media: ObamaCare “Navigators” are now
signing up the uninsured on 'Health Insurance Exchanges'.

Are you willing to 'exchange' your health freedom for a system
 that 'owns' all your private health and banking information, and
    requires that you pay them for 'insurance' so they will profit from
   a system of health care that, in comparison to all other nations,
     is ranked most expensive with the worst record of public health?
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
a profoundly sick society.”
~ Krishnamurti

   There's no way to appreciate a good public health care system
without conceiving how
Universal Self Care could create it by
    providing a free, online 'Informed Choice Service' for preventing
    and treating all disease known to man, serving Netizens globally
   with a standard for
caring that wholly serves our public health.

In the meantime, Big Government colludes with Big Pharma,
Big Insurance, Big Media, and other Big Business
cronies of the medical-industrial complex
to monopolize public health care
for their profit and control.

It's one thing to see THE PROBLEM with federal 'Health Care Exchanges',
and quite another thing to see THE SOLUTION with Universal Self Care.

Health Care in a
Sick World

by 'Dr. Christopher'

When did you last see a doctor for preventive maintenance, like you do with your car, to build optimal health? If you did, changes are that your doctor would not prescribe natural remedies to build health and prevent disease, but instead, ask a few questions and perhaps prescribe some tests to find something wrong to prescribe some drug for whatever ails you.

You don’t need to know the 100 year history of the medical-industrial
complex to realize that the politics and economics behind it are far more
“complex” (self serving) than biologically correct science for public health,
such as free, online ‘Universal Self Care’, the public option we now have
whether it is politically correct or not.

How can we own our own lives
   without well-informed self care?

Disease care incentives of the privatized health care corporatocracy are like
the debt creation incentives of the privatized banking system that has made
a killing getting government to borrow money for endless wars. 

This is what the military-industrial complex has in common with the medical-
industrial complex which ‘makes a killing’ on a far larger domestic scale.

Reported prescription drug deaths now run about 300,000 American per
year, but that figure is more like 1 million Americans per year if you factor in
the numerous “pathologies” (side-effects) caused by ‘ethical’ drug pushing
over a lifetime, dramatically shortening the life of Americans even when
reported as dying from ‘natural causes'.

So we have a government system that was
     hijacked by a private banking cartel called the
  ‘Federal Reserve’ which is not ‘Federal’ and
 has no ‘Reserves’, but merely creates debt
    for “interest” (profit and control of the U.S.).

  We also have a ‘health care’ system that has been
 privatized by a medical-industrial corporatocracy,
 and subsidized by government/bankster collusion
   to create more debt and disease for the profit and
   control of what’s left of our plundered sick society.

   This is why the “Affordable Health Care Act” (ObamaCare)
  is so expensive in not just dollars but for common sense.
makes a killing for those we’ve entrusted our care to.


There no incentive in a 'for profit' disease care system
to make you well... even if they call it 'health care'.
There's little 'care' in pathological 'health care' that
makes a killing on drugs for whatever ails you.

Just as medical schools are subsidized by Big Pharma
that profits from people being sick, so are dieticians
in clinics and hospitals taught to recommend foodless
 commercial 'food' as subsidized by Big Agribusiness.
 That's how it's rigged, so a 'patient' stays a patient. 
 It's really no more complicated than that.

“I say we had better look our nation searchingly in the face,
like a physician diagnosing some deep disease."
~ Walt Whitman, "Democratic Vistas

Is it true that the "Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare)
has a high price in dollars and "sense" (true care)
with inordinate profit incentives for treatment
and little care for health that prevents it?

Are you aware that free, online “Universal Self Care
(to build health and prevent disease of all kinds)
is superior to 'disease care insurance' that
banks on a bigger piece of the pie
the more that we get sick?

Would you agree that this government subsidized monopoly
for Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Government
should be 'checked and balanced' by public
health assurance policies with
Universal Self Care?

Please support this vision for healing the sick health care system
while supporting your optimal health with self care.

Your whole-holistic health is your greatest wealth,
and the best investment you will ever make.

You can wait until you lose health, paying just about anything
to get it back, or you can invest in your optimal health now
with the 'Super-Immunity Combo', for
health assurance.

Big corruption through collusion of Big Business with Big Government
is NOT too big too fail. It is already failing us, Big Time!

Based on your enlightened assessment of
the problem with ObamaCare, as well as
the solution with free Universal Self Care,
is your ‘cup’ half empty or half full?

Look to SEE... Know to BE...
as the KEY to
Geometric Ordered Divinity
heals all.

Consider the '3-fold flame' of as
the balanced
blue, yellow and pink that
combine to define, refine and 'shine'
a golden pink heart coherence;
heart of holistic healing.

Is it true that the best government is well-informed
self government, to own one’s own life?

Are you aware that the best education is lifelong
self education, to own one’s own learning?

Would you then agree that the best health care is
self care, to own one’s own holistic health?

Based on your intent to own your own
physical, mental & spiritual health,
  pay attention; attention pays.

Look, learn and care for your wholEness.

For Your Full Spectrum Health,

~ Christopher Rudy
    UltraMedics Services