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  SPIRITUALLY:  Your BioEnergetic Profile via the Cosmic Clock

* Note: The "keys to the kingdom" are coded in the anagram for "KING-DOM”: “Keys to the INternalization of God" with the "code to the code" being the anagram for "GOD" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) whereby one takes DOMinion of their DOMain.  The three wise men were no dummies; they were “KING” astrologers in the Mid-East kingDOM. ”  They applied the same Cosmic Clock “Language of the Angles of G.O.D.” to become wise enough to KNOW the Christ was inbound… and discover where to find this Great Soul in honor of the Great Spirit lighting the path for all souls.  Takes one sovereign KING to know one;  too discover the same “Cosmic Christ” (KINGdom conscience) principles that govern all sovereign Netizens.  Can you do no less for your SELF?
 $129 for this “PROCESS” of
understanding thy Self – your real Self as a free agent according to the universe of cosmic energy coordinates that are holographicly programmed into you DNA and psyche.  Even if you are only utilizing 1/10th your brain capacity (running on empty), you can still discover how your life experience has compared to the natal chart report to see if this “kingdom of heaven within” stuff is actually true.  Heaven knows it is!  But until you experience this truth fully – and become more conscious of HOW you are conscious according to the angel of your better nature – you can’t give what you don’t have.  That’s why this “Cosmic Clock” model for framing your “cosmic connection” is priceless.  It provides accelerated learning – soul growth -- to the extent you accelerate your application of these COSMIC
principles for expanded awareness of HOW you are conscious.

NOTE:  For more order information and a more in-depth “higher conscience” overview of this PROCESS that involves and evolves a COSMIC LOVE frame of reference for spirit-soul-evolution…

  MENTALLY – Your “BOOK OF ” / Profile of Self-Mastery

For $33 dollars I’ll e-mail you 33 links with 33 chapters of “THE BOOK OF
that I’ve referenced in part on such “master links” as The LOVE Model, Blueprint For A Golden Age, and The Legacy Project.  For those who order now, I’ll include a free self-assessment profiling toolkit that provides the same holographic decoding – for psychology – that the Cosmic Clock provides for spirituality. 

Just as the BOOK OF LOVE is a work IN PROCESS, so is your life. That’s why I’m offering this COSMIC LOVE code book and self-assessment profiling system as part of a “tool kit” for writing your own BOOK OF LOVE – a “life-review” exercise that takes “journal writing” to a higher level of insightful framing of your life experience. 

This Profile of Self Mastery educates the obvious – your mental discernment of HOW you are conscious – rather than investigate the “less logical” (more obscure) connections to cosmic energies as with the Cosmic Clock profile.  If you favor your own higher mental discernment as a more objective path to “self-elevation” (salvation) for your soul’s evolutionary ascent… you will love this Profile of Self-Mastery as a tool for organizing the “Table of Contents” (cosmic law frame of reference) for YOUR BOOK OF LOVE. 

If you want to PROVE the holographic nature of cosmic law to your own mind, this self-assessment “Profile of Self Mastery” is a priceless tool for taking inventory of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical attributes and then totaling them on the “Circle of Wholeness” chart that comes with this self-assessment “tool kit”.  This is the same frame of reference used with the Cosmic Clock for understanding bio-energetics according to holographic-universal “archetypes”.

The difference with this unique self-psyche assessment is that you do it yourself by answering questions that reference the core archetypes of “wholeness” which Carl Jung pioneered at the foundation of Modern Psychology. This is a process for organizing all information about your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical attributes as only you know. Indeed, no one sees YOU like you do.  This is not a “test” unless you have a block against self-knowledge for self mastery. There is no “pass” or “fail”.  Obviously you can’t give to others what you don’t already have for yourself.  And what goes around, comes around on the “Circle of Wholeness” – your relationship with yourself as relates to your relationship with others and “ALL THAT IS”.

The LOVE you get is equal to the LOVE you give in the cosmic scheme of things.  LOVE is the “cosmic standard” (universal law) whereby accountability and the “ability to respond” (responsibility) is measured.  This is the measure of “equal opportunity” whereby we ultimately judge ourselves.  That’s why YOUR BOOK OF LOVE gives to your Self the mastery tools that lead to a fully conscious “life review”. 
Given your self-determination to make the most out of your life, the same PROCESS that blesses your “review” can bless you with a “preview” – the highest and best application of your gifts and talents. 

This PROCESS -- defining, refining, combining (synergizing) and “shining” conscious “light” on your whole mind, healthy spirit and highest service -- begins by understanding your developed and undeveloped areas of self-mastery. There is no weaknesses – just undeveloped areas – that are half-overcome simply by knowing how you can bring them into BALANCE.  The rest is up to you – this is a do-it-yourself process.

To “know thy self” (self-assessment)
and to “heal thy self” (healthy self)
Is ultimately to know COSMIC LOVE
as a frame of reference model for
evolutionary ascent of one’s soul.

As you look for LOVE with LOVE you encourage LOVE.
And the higher the concept of universal LOVE at the heart of this process,
the greater the results whereby LOVE heals all.

In summary, this a great tool for a "life review" -- processing of all that you have experienced -- with the self-awareness, self-mastery and soul evolution process of “self-elevation” (salvation) that raises YOUR standard of mastery as you write YOUR BOOK OF LOVE. 
Send $33 dollars to Christopher Rudy, Box 1081, Emigrant MT, 59027 or Paypal to Christopher Rudy with confirmation to
geonotes@mcn.net .

  EMOTIONALLY – Healing your Biological Terrain with Bioenergy Water
·        5 gallons of water with unique bioenergy properties
·        3 month program for harmonizing the water body
·        Purging the body of pathological parasites
·        Understanding “e-motion” as “energy in motion
The body is approximately 80% water.  This emotional body is sometimes referred to as the “water body” and approximately 80% of physical expressions are a function of “energy in motion” (emotion) that follow from one’s mental state… which follows from one’s spiritual nature.  Obviously, there is an interaction of these “four bodies” (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and we shape the habits in each “body” that then shapes us.
There are those who will argue that everything one believes, thinks, feels and does has nothing to do with what one has believed, thought, felt and did, but common sense -- regarding one’s history and habit – tells us that each of these dimensions of BEING has consequences.  The “water body” has a primary role. 
The more physical the “action” – when of a healing-wholeness nature, the more tangible the “reaction” (results). Those who know of  Masaru Emoto’s research with emotion and water crystals – see http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm – are well aware of the bioenergetic properties of water.  Numerous other researchers have demonstrated how the tetrahedronal water molecule is unique in the way it will store frequencies that have unique signatures when flash frozen.

This research has proven how different frequencies from the water we consume can have a profound effect on the bionergetics and cellular memory of the entire body.  It also proves the power of prayer, music and the holy spirit of love in our lives.
Over the last 20 years with 3
holistic health centers, I’ve worked with numerous water supplements that have different effects ranging from alkaline PH to mineral free absorption capabilities.  I’ve also had experience with ionic mineral additives for water and natural surfactants that improve the surface tension “solvency” factor that makes water “wetter” (for better absorption of nutrients). 
All of these factors have their place in a comprehensive holistic approach in healing but the most astounding results I’ve seen is with “bioenergy” water that carries those frequencies that correspond to the “violet flame”.  Anchoring that frequency in a stable state – and consuming it over a 3 month period -- has a profound effect on the bioenergetic terrain of the body. 
Modern microscopy has revealed that the biological terrain of the body has a vast number of microorganisms of a parasitic nature that range from fungal and bacterial to viral.  We all have them and some have them more than others.  As the immune system of the body is compromised with aging or stress factors, they naturally flourish.  Pasteur admitted on his death bed that it is not the “bugs” that are the core problem but the body terrain in which they thrive.
The “violet flame” is a frequency that many acupuncturists and energy healers know as 3 octaves of B Flat below C.  Those with 2nd sight see it in the auras of those filled with the holy spirit.  It has extraordinary healing properties that can be utilized with color therapy, amethyst crystals, and water infused with this frequency.
Stabilizing that frequency in water – and drinking it steadily over a three month period – has a unique effect on the bioenergetic terrain of the body.  This frequency causes a hibernation sleep-state in pathological parasites whereby they don’t reproduce and die off.  I call it “parasite paralysis”.  This frequency is not conducive to the growth of fungi, bacteria or viruses in the body. 
Slowly but surely, this bioenergy water cleans up a pathological biological terrain that drains the body of healthy energy. Rather than a pathological “energy in motion” flourishing in one’s bioenergetic terrain, this bioenergy water reboots the crystal nature of the “water body” (emotional body” with a holy spirit whereby healthy cells, tissues and organs can thrive.
The cleansing effect is not fast or traumatic and does not overload the lymphatic system with dead microorganisms.  I don’t make any health claims but I actually worked for three months in the lab where this water is created and have talked with numerous healers who have worked with many clients using this water for many years.
My own personal experience with this water was quite dramatic.  After a stressful divorce and loss of my house and family – my emotional support system -- I was an emotional wreck, overweight and with a lot of grey in my aura (pre-cancerous). After two months of steady consumption of 2-3 glasses of this water each day, I began coughing up lymphatic phlegm – microorganism die-off -- steadily over the next month. I naturally lost about 20 pounds and my energy levels increased with a greater sense of emotional well-being.  My life got back on track with a clearer mind and spiritual renewal.
I can’t make any health claims of course, but I know how important water is in general and this bioenergy water in particular.  It also has a silver component (1-3 parts per million) with certain anti-microbial effects that are well-documented. (silver water).
A five gallon jug is $149 dollars at this greatly discounted bulk price.  Shipping in the U.S. averages approximately $30 dollars for UPS ground.  I also recommend a large 500 capsule bottle of high potency enzymes for better digesting your food during this three month period.  Cost for a bottle is an additional $49 dollars.  This will help to “starve” pathological parasites; no undigested trapped plasma proteins for them to live off of.  Enzymes also help to digest the “crap” out of your intercellular biological terrain, including the toxic wastes that systemic microbial infestation excretes into the body.
Chronic fatigue is a typical symptom of a parasitic biological terrain.  Clean up the bioenergetic terrain and the body naturally heals itself with more energy of healthy immunity and more joy of a “holy spirit” nature.
For ordering, e-mail geonotes@mcn for details.
  PHYSICALLY – Nature’s Most Perfect Whole Food Nutrient Concentrate
    Details at www.heartcom.org/PollenExtract.htm


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*HOLISTIC HEALTH:  Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Wholeness that is greater than the sum of the parts.

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