Understanding the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 

For the Week of March 13, 2014

The Aquarium Age is a report on the general astrological patterns of the coming week for all signs, not just Aquariums.
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For the next five and a half weeks we’re in the countdown to the fifth exact Uranus/Pluto square on April 21, and as we approach this astral event, many of us are likely to experience the already too intense environment of daily life intensifying even more. Sudden twists of fate that challenge conventional order are one of the signatures of this configuration. Plans that seemed to be set in stone evaporate in an instant; the tried and true reliance on friends and family also disappears, especially if unforeseen developments hamper the ability to be reliable; relationships, once thought to be shift-proof dismantle; and nervous systems already stressed from too much stress suffer from the increased strain, making meltdowns probable. As these and other unforeseen possibilities erupt into daily life, they disrupt regular routines, which could cause more than a few of us to destabilize, and even more of us to hold fast to whatever it is that makes us feel secure.
Uranus and Pluto are the astral change agents; they symbolize revolution, and when they interact, we experience an undeniable call to transform stagnant regimens, personal and collective, conscious or unconscious. I like routines as much as anyone. I particularly appreciate routines as an antidote to chaos and uncertainty. But routines lose their value when they become mindless habits, just as rites and rituals become empty when their deeper intention is lost or obscured. I realize that not everyone equates a morning cup of coffee with a morning prayer, but whether it’s secular or spiritual, the order we create in life is important and necessary to our sense of safety and security. Order provides structure, and when we imbue that structure with meaning, we deepen our experience of being alive. You can live your life as if every moment matters. Or you can go through the motions, vaguely hoping to be rescued from the monotony of the mundane. It’s always a choice, here on the free will planet. And as I always like to remind myself—and others—living life is the greatest creative act of all.
The current series of Uranus/Pluto squares began in June 2012 and ends in March 2015. This series is the first in a cycle that began with the conjunctions of Uranus/Pluto, in Virgo, from 1965-1966. Virgo is the Sign where we become aware of and experience the details of the interconnectedness of life; it is not surprising that the ecology movement found its voice during Pluto’s transit through Virgo, from October 1956 through October 1971.

From a transformational perspective, as well as a historical one, Uranus/Pluto contacts amplify the need to make choices that are inclusive rather than exclusive; the movements for social justice grab hold of the collective psyche during Uranus/Pluto contacts, and strides are made for the good of the many.

We’ve known for a while that local choices have global consequences, but now, given technology’s connective tissue,
(the worldwide web ~CR), it is impossible to deny that the political, financial, and climate choices each of us makes during our lifetime are part of a much larger ecosystem. We’ve always lived with the consequences of our choices, but there is no escaping the effects.
The fifth exact square on April 21is the most complex in the current series because it manifests as a rand Cardinal Cross: Jupiter opposes Pluto as it simultaneously squares Uranus, and Mars opposes Uranus, as it simultaneously squares Pluto and Jupiter. All of these planets are in Cardinal signs. Uranus is in Aries, Jupiter is in Cancer, Mars is in Libra, and Pluto is inCapricorn.

Cardinal signs represent action. A Grand Cross signifies tension; it’s literally a cross to bear. The tension symbolized in this cross is the distillation of nearly two years of turmoil.

I don’t think it is possible to predict what will occur or how it will happen. (But here are some ideas ~CR) What we know is that Jupiter’s transit through Cancer puts the emphasis on safety and security. (personal privacy; Internet security ~CR) Mars Retrograde in Libra is all about relationships—even if you aren’t in a relationship with a significant other. (Relationship with global Netizens ~ CR) Pluto’s transit through Capricorn signals the death and rebirth of governments and institutions of authority. (United Sovereigns of Earth ~CR) And the transit of Uranus through Aries spotlights individuation and how we know ourselves as separate and distinct from others.(Universal Rights in the Global Sphere HERE ~CR)
As the coming weeks unfold, many of us will feel the tension of this building Grand Cross as a need to act. Some will act if only to relieve the tension. Others, while not as impulsive in the moment, may still make reactive decisions based on the difficulty of the moment. Whether it is a desire to break free or a desire to break through or at the opposing pole, a sense of paralyses or inaction, try to keep your balance by holding on to the biggest possible perspective. Remember, there is no need to act solely for the sake of it. Also keep in mind that everyone will be feeling the intensity, especially children—and even pets. Do your best to handle mounting sensitivity, yours or others’, with compassion.

Very few of us are equipped to handle this level of tension, and all of us could use a helping hand to ease the way. And most of us will need one.


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