Good News for Holistic Health

 Global humanity is rapidly awakening to
an opportunity for global healing.

By ‘Dr. Christopher’ / Feb. 7, 2014

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Sometimes readers accuse me of focusing too much on problems that plague humanity.  Other readers accuse me of focusing too much on solutions to problems they don’t see. So you see the conundrum.

There can be no holistic healing of systemic problems
  without awareness of the reality of systemic solutions.
  That begins with pure intention for understanding both.

In previous articles I’ve highlighted much of the extraordinary work of the Thrive Movement by Foster Gamble who I hosted on my Internet radio talk show, Cosmic Love, back in early 2012.

Foster and Kimberly Gamble are truly experts in several THRIVE categories. Both of them are featured in "Look Up!", the award winning film on Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) that will be featured at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles this weekend (Feb. 7-9).

Watch the 2 min. trailer to this film to grasp both the problem and solution to one of the largest health and environmental threats our planet faces.

Note the emphasis on the serious global problem ofendocrine disruptorscaused by chemtrails. The endocrine system is the glandular system that secretes hormones which regulate the immune system of ‘checks and balances” (homeostasis) in the body.  By disrupting the immune system, health is disrupted at a core level, especially during gestation of life in the womb, the reproductive system, and the entire life cycle of all creatures on Earth… the global chemtrails plague.

This systemic worldwide chemtrails problem, as the video explains, ranks as our #1 health threat with on-going Fukishima radiation, another blacked-out subject in the media. But chemtrails could be stopped now.

Obviously, this requires mass awakening to this crisis with public demand for it to stop. Millions of people suffer diseases caused by endocrine disruptors in chemtrails, but far more have compromised immune systems with disruption of glandular health as causes autism on the front end of life and Alzheimer’s if not cancer on the back end.  Ignore this reality at your own peril.

Solving the problem of mass dying in the ecosystem and the burgeoning cancer treatment industry is not a mystery when known. It begins by not only eliminating the toxic poisons in chemtrails, but also in fluoridated drinking water, GMOs in food, vaccines injected into our bodies, and drugs for whatever ails you. That requires personal responsibility, but such is life:)

Holistic healing also begins by supporting the immune system, i.e., endocrine support rather than endocrine disruptors.  

Supporting your endocrine system is part of this publishing service.
 Some in the Heartcom Network Community order the 'Swedish Pollen Extract' (SPX) to strengthen their endocrine system, and others to support their DNA 'telomeres' which shorten in the cell replication process. The most advanced biological science of anti-aging is now focusing on telomeres support also supports the endocrine system at a core DNA rejuvenation level.

There are more than 100 enzymes in SPX which are involved in the biological synthesis of telomerese. This process of cellular regeneration is the same miracle of life with this 'royal jelly' SPX superfood as creates a queen bee that is 5 x's larger and lives 20 x's longer than a worker bee. When a hive needs a queen, they simply feed 'royal jelly' to a bee larvae that would be just another worker bee. That's why SPX is nature's best prenatal supplement and for supporting the endocrine system at any age.

Others find the primary benefit of SPX as micronutrient precursors for neural-transmitters in the brain. When you dissolve the powder under the tongue, it is transported through the blood-brain barrier sublingually for “neural-transmitter support” (full spectrum ‘light’).  And that which prevents Alzheimer’s also treats it at therapeutic levels. Writers and mental workers love this stuff.
SPX is primarily used worldwide by immunologists and oncologists in drip IVs. In it's pure form it has no negative side-effects, but in western medicine, it is typically administered after the immune system is wiped out by chemo and/or radiation. An ounce of SPX is definitely worth more than a pound of chemo.
When swallowed, the SPX is digested to support your immune system and cellular mitochondria (powerhouse) for generating more vital force as healing light that the body has the wisdom to focus on regenerative processes. That's why SPX, like the herb ginseng, is an 'adaptogen' that helps the body adapt to stressors ranging from radiation and chemtrails to emotional stress.

So by minimizing endocrine disruptors and optimizing endocrine support,
you can see how a long disease-free life is naturally empowered.

To Your Optimal Holistic Health!

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