The Gold Standard for the Next Economy

Update on the Global Currency Reset

Oct 29, 2016 / GeoNotes News

This is the Big News that Big Media has failed to report.
The global value of U.S. currency is being reset.
This is explained at
but quite simply, U.S. gov't went off the gold standard
long ago, both physically and spiritually, resorting to
foreign wars for a petrodollar-backed currency that

 now has no future because of unlimited renewable
 energy sources - now going mainstream globally.

   Over the decades, an alliance of Far East families
have bought up most of Western gold reserves,
 and are now collateralizing a new gold standard
for 're-valuation' of global currency exchanges.
  This is the 'physical gold' that matters materially.
  As for the spiritual gold - the spirit that matters -
the golden rule-law language for a golden age
is emerging with global interactive Net reality.
So for advanced students of geopolitical shift,
 this update article on Global Currency Reset
 provides an in-depth orientation for revelation

  of both the physical and spiritual gold standard
  that is rapidly transforming our global village.
  Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!