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Upgraded Sept. 30, 2013

Conscience Quickening
In Our Global Village

The conscious evolution of global humanity has gone through an
accelerated rate of change via computers and the Internet.
Computers worldwide are like individual brain cells, and
 just as the computer extends our brain capabilities,
the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet is
now evolving as the shared Net reality of
the Family of Man in a global village
of united security in the purity
of intention, attention and
retention of a common
vision for ascension
in a dimension
of universal


by Christos Lightweaver

 The prescient visionary Marshall McLuhan was famous for
  explaining how 'The Media is the Message'.  For example,
 consider how clothes are an extension of the skin, just as
   cars extend feet, telephones extend ears, TV extends eyes
  and the computer/Internet now extends our consciousness
  to where we can no longer deny the compelling message.

Global humanity is awakening as ‘The Family of Man’ in a
 new global village; the walls in the mind are coming down.
 Time and space have been virtually eliminated, creating the
 interactive response ability that encourages responsibility
   to organize all information in formation; well 'in formed'.

The more information we have, the greater is the need to
get it all in order with well-informed choice capabilities...
  to 'recycle' general knowledge in the way that generates
   specific wisdom of a magnanimous heart coherent nature;
www.heartcom.org/HeartSource.htm .

 The Internet now offers omnipresent capability;
 omniscience is unveiled with ‘search’ capacity;
informed choice is shaping a new 'Net reality'.

The self-evident message… if it truly be said,
Well-informed choice is how we move ahead.”
   Without free-will choice, we’re the living dead.

  Have you noticed all the zombie shows on the boob tube?
  Is it true that many have succumbed to the ‘
Death Cult’?
   Would you agree that we must be pro-life for our lives?

 Those who are poor in the Spirit of enlightened loving life
  will always be with us
, the teeming masses yearning to love
 with a system of self-correcting self healing self governance.

 A new ‘Net reality’ is emerging with the Internet.
 Social Conscience is surging in social networks.
Mass awakening is purging insanity’s profanity.

 This quickening is urging that we wise up with a
higher standard for well-informed choice in the
 social networks shaping our social Conscience.

 The final destiny of the computer/Internet revolution
up-wising and up-rising of our consciousness
 with an all-connected heart coherent

 The vision "ALONE" (ALL ONE)... what that looks like
         (and how that works), can be the catalyst for a personal
      and planetary rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness
         as is reflected, perfected and directed conscientiously.

This is NOT a physical revolution as much as it is
 a 'higher mental' and spiritual evolution/revolution
  of our conscientious common sense... worldwide.
  Physicality' is a function of the spirit that matters.

The 'message' of the global Internet is conscious evolution:
the shift from, "The computer is the network" (Internet),
to, "The network has a heart" (InnerNet
  The teaching of the '
Spirit that Matters' at this time
is the teaching of Truth as a spiritual teaching.
Conscious evolution orientation gives the
ultimate meaning and purpose of life
by and for the
Spirit that matters.

  The meaning of life - our conscious evolution on Earth
      has high regard for this conscious evolution process.    


The intent of conscious evolution in our new global village
is to fulfill the pure intent of U.S. Founders with upgrade
   of five core Constitutional freedoms for the Family of Man.

The Internet makes this possible along more enlightened
  'lines' that frame the conscious evolution process with the
     Constitution of Conscience at the interactive interface
   of the
TeLeCommunications (TeLeComm) processes that
  shape our consciousness, BEING and the world-at-large.

The higher the concept of ‘mass-to-mass TeLeComm’ for culturing
TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce
  with a higher standard of, by and for common-universal

the greater the results for the Family of Man in our Global Village.

      is a frame of reference for organizing
     individual & indivisible (universal) 

     in our new global village (public) SPHERE  

     with an upgrade of CHECKS &

 representing a HIGHER STANDARD of  

       Global Conscience of, by and for the Family of Man
 is uniting along more enlightened lines that frame
   interactive mass-to-mass
TeLeComm capabilities
     representing all of
US: United Sovereigns of Earth:
TeLeComm self governance for TeLeCommunity;
TeLeComm self education for TeLeConscience;
TeLeComm self healing for personal TeLeCare;
TeLeComm self employment via TeLeCommerce.

This is the vision of
TLC cyberEthics at the heart of cyberspace,
providing a TLC interface from cyberspace to innerspace,
defining, refining, "combining" (synergizing) and shining
our conscious gifts, talents and resources in order
to "involve" (represent) and "evolve" (culture)
conscientious common sense values;
Effective Sensory Perception with
coherent heart frequencies
and mental-congruent

This vision of systemic
TLC can be the catalyst
for a global evolution self-fulfilling prophecy.
Without such vision the people perish, but
 with a global
TLC vision, all of US thrive.

The rapid mainstreaming of a new worldwide
common sense is behind the metamorphosis
   to new standards for wholly new infrastructure
   in our social, political and economic institutions.

Global governance is emerging with an interface
    for interactive ‘mass-to-mass TeLeCommunity’…
 defining, refining, combining and ‘shining’ justice
   with checks and balances on abuse of the public
   principle of balanced
power, wisdom and love in
executive, judicial and legislative branches of our
intention, attention and retention
 as the '3-fold flame' of
 for ascension
       in a
dimension where the golden rule/law language
     unveils as the one standard for every golden age.

   The Spirit of ‘United Common Sense’ is the intent
 and 1st principle of
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  This is the prime directive of TeLeCommunity,
  cooperative comm
UNIcaTIon coordinations for
defining, refining, combining and shining our
highest and best gifts, talents and resources
  of, by and for The
United Sovereigns of Earth.

“E Pluribus Unum” (Unity in Diversity);
“Novus Ordo Seclorum”
(New Order of the Ages)


Higher education is emerging with a Conscience,
       educating the heart with global TeLeConscience to
      involve and evolve the language of consciousness
       with the whole/holy spirit of
-in-action as
         cultures all the gifts of
Effective Sensory Perception
          for our co-Creation with the unified field of Creation.

Higher Education... with the Spirit that matters,
     is nurtured as a life-long learning process
from prenatal babies to senior citizens.
     Pure intention is learned above all.
      Focused attention thus follows.
      Love's retention is cultured.
     Conscious ascension is
     involved/evolved in
     a dimension of

    The cognitive advantage of exposing infants to
  inspired classical music is well-documented.
 Likewise, preschool children can absorb the
  first principles for life-long learning through a
  geometric frame of reference for natural law
   that provides 'building blocks' for learning life
    that applies as well for quantum physicists as
    it does for global mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

     “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison,
4th U.S. President

    Although we can’t legislate the morality of Conscience,
we can create a
TeLeConscience model whereby
Conscience can thrive.

    Holistic healing is emerging as a higher standard
   for the ‘
care’ in ‘health care” through ‘TeLeCare’
   with free, online ‘Universal Self Care, providing
 health assurance policies for public analysis,
 prevention and treatment of all known disease.

Worldwide TeLeCare is cultured as a life-long
  process for building health to prevent 'dis-ease'
   in our bodies, our minds and our
TLC above all.

 Universal Self Care could now be available worldwide
 with free online access to user-interactive databases
    as show empirically, with self evident results indicated,
      what modalities of self care are most efficacious for the
      analysis, prevention or treatment of disease... based on
   highly individualized and personalized informed choice.

The Next Economy is emerging with TeLeCommerce.
New standards will create new industry in the fields of
  communications, education, health care and economics.

Since all social problems are communication problems
- how we come into unity to resolve our differences -
  we naturally see new standards evolve for
   that involves the interactive
heart of conscious evolution
education of the heart (coherence standard),
  and higher quality
care for health (self-care standard).
 plus a high
heartware standard as will make possible
   mass-to-mass interaction via abundant

   The 'public option' for well-informed choice will optimize
TLC in our core public institutions worldwide.
Approximately 3 billion Netizens now have at least a
 “minicomputer” (smart phone) to connect on the web
power, wisdom and TLC via well-informed choice.

When the purpose and plan of conscious evolution
   goes mainstream with a common-universal interface
  for culturing social Conscience in social networks...
conscientious common sense becomes common.

Abundant  is the heart of conscious evolution
 and the
gold standard for creating the Abundant Life.

Conscientious common sense of ‘best for all’ is
the global enlightenment process now surging
with a mainstream matrix metamorphosis.

We're upgrading from 'worm' to 'butterfly'
Metamorphosis Crop Circle, and Leonardo da Vinci's 'Man Squaring the Circle'

The benefit of global conscious evolution
is "
Effective Sensory Perception" (ESP)
   that just
KNOWS better and does better.
There's nothing '
Extra' about 'ESP' when
you've got it. Enlightened self interest in
public option for global civility is far
  superior to the profanity of '
DUH' insanity
Dense, Unconscious and Heartless), aka
     power elite profiteering on war and illness;
     making a killing on our disease and death
    due to psychopaths ruling corporatocracy
     without enlightened social consciousness.

      But that too shall pass. The rigged game is ending.

People worldwide know 'the score', 99% to 1%.

 Conscience is quickening in the Family of Man.

  This rEVOLUTION is mainstreaming Conscience
     as naturally neutralizes systemic DUH and “FUD
(Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

IN SUMMARY: Conscience Quickening In Our Global Village

The higher the concept of ‘mass-to-mass TeLeComm’ for culturing
TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce
  with a higher standard of, by and for common-universal


As we become more aware of how we are conscious
with an "interactive interface for culturing Conscience"
(common law of the angles & language of the angels)
   our global Net reality naturally upgrades in the process.

  The quickening of conscious evolution is occurring
    as the surge in the great light of
galactic alignment
    continues to bring ‘light’ to the dark recesses in the
   collective consciousness of the Family of Mankind.

The shift to 'Unity Conscience' is accelerating with
  'The Quickening’ which transmutes our worst fears
with the great

     Planetary civilization
is now going through a painful ‘birthing’
  of a new reality with an 'upgraded' collective consciousness
  that is 'quickening' with an '
ethical consciousness' known as
This is the greater spiritual purpose of our existence whereby
   prophecies of death and destruction are transmuted through
  the mainstreaming of divine
love, will and wisdom on Earth.

 Just as plant life is reborn in the spring, and dies in winter,
so are souls reborn with the spirit that matters, facing the
challenges here on Earth as a platform for soul evolution.

 The 'healing crisis' now is an ‘
S.O.S.’ to ‘Save Our Society’.
This is the time ordained for our co-creation through
operative commUNIcaTIon coORDINATION
that CULTURES conscious evolution with
Effective Sensory Perception in the
image and likeness of the one
cosmic-universal standard
for all of '
US' United
Sovereigns of
our Earth.

"The harvest is Great, yet the harvesters are few.
Beseech ye, then the Lord, to send more
harvesters to the harvest."
~ quote from scrolls about "Issa", as he was
 referred to in ancient Tibetan texts which
    record his teachings while in the 'lost years'
      before returning to teach in Israel as 'Jesus'.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon


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