The 2017 Earth Rebirth Update Series
The Future of our Global Village

Global Mind Emerging with TeLeComm

The Good News is general enlightenment in global social networks
 thanks to our instant-everywhere and all-connected global Internet.

There are now 2 billion active Facebook users
 and about 2 billion other social network users.
So about half the world’s population is united,
 like networked brain cells of the 'Global Mind'.
It’s a golden age gold mine if only we mind it.

The greater the light of truth in the Global Mind, the less room for
  darkness, lies, secrets and the 'paradigm paralysis' of 3-D reality.

The 5D reality shift to a Global Village with a Global Mind is now
 maturing as a paradigm shift - Global Holistic Healing - including
the Next Big Shift in the global computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.

July 30, 2017

The TeLeComm Blueprint for the Global Holodeck
- the same
Operating System for each of 'US'
United Sovereigns of Earth.

“Prelude to a New Type of Order”

“The emotional and ideological attempt to return
to a state of non-differentiation and chaos
 as a prelude to a new type of order.”
~ Kaypacha video July 26, 2017

By understanding how United Sovereigns of Earth
can be represented directly through a universal
interface for simultaneous mass interaction,
you will see how the '
TLC' in TeLeComm
defines, refines, combines and 'shines'
Universal Rights in the Global Sphere.
The unveiling of divine potential with 5D Paradigm Shift is the progressive REVELATION that comes with pure intention as focuses attention with TLC retention for conscious ascension in a full-spectrum dimension of comprehension: the heart of TeLeComm. 
The higher the heart-mind concept of TLC-
for heart coherence and mind congruence,
Global Representation of Core Freedoms
This is the biggest story never told by 3D status quo megacorp 'Big Media' which represents the Deep State of corporatocracy -- NOT democracy. And yet, the decentralized Internet has unprecedented democratizing momentum that is intrinsically 5D in nature, upgrading five core Constitutional freedoms for 4 billion global Netizens.
Witness the Big Shift from 3D to 5D...
From Old Paradigm => New Paradigm:
The Sense of Separation => Unity Consciousness 
Deep State Dysfunction => General Enlightenment 
Disintegration of Illusion => Integration of Net Reality
Closed Systems for Control => Open Internet Neutrality
Perception Deception => Perception Correction
Love of Power => Power of Love
Banksters Rule => Conscience Rules
Economics of Scarcity => Economics of Abundance
Wars over Scarcity => Peace via Abundance
Domination w/Terror => Cooperation w/
Power for Domination => Coherence for Cooperation
Tyranny Tactics => Freedom's Opportunity
 From the Top => From the Network
Highly Centralized => Highly Decentralized
Big Media Programming => Internet Interaction
Selfish Corp Interests => Selfless Service to Others
Patriarchal Values => Matriarchal Virtues
(power to control)       (love to co-operate)

Win/Lose Worldgame => Win/Win Worldgame
 Divided State of 3-D => United Sovereigns of 4-5D+
Paradigm Paralysis => Paradigm Shift

This is a dynamic process that is morphing our
anacronistic horse-and-buggy system of public
  representation to upgrade it with Internet reality.

All open-minded people want more of the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth, and now that global Netizens are able to communicate through universal translation capabilities – at least major languages – consider what will happen as our global interactive social networking matures with real-time mass-to-mass media consensus that is optimized for global consent of the governed.

Upgrading Core Constitutional Freedoms:

Freedom of Assembly is what social networks do – the new ‘tribes’ – networks of friends, family and other truth sources you’ve learned to trust through disciplined discernment. This is the ‘Circle of Community’ – your sphere of connection and influence within decentralized interactive social networks over an open Internet.

This is the Net Neutrality principle of
Equal Access for Free Assembly.

Freedom of Speech is an interactive process of originating and evaluating content in social media, and then creating new content that highlights “consensus” (common sense) with enlightened context and meaning in both coherent frequency and geometrized form – the science of success for organizing information IN FORMATION. It’s called ‘information’s ecology’ – recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom with coherent conscience.

This is the Net Neutrality principle of
 Optimal Systems of Free Speech.

Freedom of Press with the Internet represents the new ‘printing press’ as the computer/Internet ‘web press’ itself. This is the freedom to be imPRESSed by any truth, and PRESS (pay) it forward by sharing it with your social network. A universal interface for global Net reality will exPRESS unity conscience in social networks.

This is the Net Neutrality principle of
Co-Creation with a Free Press.

Freedom to Petition Government is upgraded with integration of these first three freedoms. By integrating direct representation capabilities in our interactive social network communities, it’s now possible to have a hundred or million people respond to a live or prerecorded video at the same time, qualifying consensus with a 'language of consciousness interface' for mass-to-mass interaction – defining the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution with Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

This is the ‘United Sovereigns’ principle of
Voting Your Conscience.

Freedom of Religion is the heart of core Constitutional Freedoms. Call it 'Freedom of Conscience' that honors the 'Gold Standard for Civility': the golden rule/law language that represents the ‘God is Love’ 'common sense' in all great world religions, and the Constitution of Conscience.

 To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief architect of the Constitution, James Madison

More on these five core freedoms at:

Net Reality is the Message

The most dramatic advances of global civilization have naturally followed from major advances in communications technology which defines how we come into unity in our local and global community. Now the interactive nature of the global Internet has eclipsed the one-way programming nature of Big Media – the 3-D Deep State that has relied on the highly centralized, top-down, command-and-control paradigm that is increasingly irrelevant in a highly decentralized and interactive world of Net reality.

The U.S. is Being Eclipsed

For the second time in U.S. history, a total solar eclipse will cross the country from coast to coast and only be visible in America. This rare celestial spectacle has been dubbed 'The Great All-American Eclipse'.
On August 21, 2017 the Moon will completely block the Sun, momentarily engulfing parts of about a dozen states in sudden darkness. No one outside the continental U.S. will be able to see the eclipse, which makes landfall on the West Coast near Salem, Oregon, and continues diagonally across the country until it hits Columbia, South Carolina.
The first total solar eclipse with a trajectory exclusive to the U.S. goes back to the birth of the U.S. with the American Revolution in 1776.  But now this eclipse speaks to revolutionary Net Reality capabilities for billions of global Netizens in our new global village.
Is this eclipse an ordained cosmic sign?

The U.S. can now - in the Spirit of '76 - shine for the world as a champion of universal rights in the global sphere. Many superheroes of this rEVOLUTION - emphasizing 90% of the word - are lighting the path by linking the light of social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks; an upward spiral that is going viral.

Christos Lightweaver
"All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer - while evils are sufferable - than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.".
~ American Declaration of Independence
To right ourselves from current 3D geopolitical pathology,
we must abolish those old forms of representation which
no longer serve well the 5D purpose of E Pluribus Unum
(unity in diversity) for which they were originally created.

U.S. policies Eclipsed via Global Media

The truth of Petrodollar System Collapse is being blacked out in U.S. Big Media. At the same time, global Internet media is eclipsing the cover-up with reporting of the oil-for-gold policies of BRICS nations who are moving towards a gold standard and free-open commerce among themselves. The U.S. is being increasingly isolated and marginalized worldwide. Economic warfare by sanctioning BRICS nations is isolating the U.S. even more.

If the U.S. system of self-governance continues with a horse and buggy legislative system rigged by the self-serving corporatocracy, we'll continue to see the sacrifice of global peace, health and prosperity on the altar of war, disease and austerity.
The recalcitrant U.S. paradigm of power above principle - for win/lose domination - has hit the wall of 5-D Conscience in the Global Mind. This eclipse of U.S. power parallels the eclipse of petrochemical power as clean free-energy technologies go into production worldwide for home, cars and industry.
Global Powershift from West to East
World domination by the U.S. since WWII is disintegrating while a wholly new model of East-West cooperation is integrating. A new 5D Common Sense is emerging with cyberEthics beyond the morally repugnant profiteering of the military-industrial complex for endless war.
The 3D love of power is being neutralized
by the 5D power of ordained .

Wikileaks has exposed to the whole world that the 'CIA Not Only Armed Syria's Insurgents--It Paid Their Salaries'. Those same neocon warmonger agents of the Deep State have been pushing for war with Russia even while Trump has been cooperating with Russia to stop the aggression. And the 3D entrenched MegaMedia mouthpiece of the Deep State continues to vilify Trump for his challenge to their agenda of war with Russia which is strongly allied with China and BRICS nations.

Disease Profiteering is Being Eclipsed

The U.S. ‘Health Care’ system is also being eclipsed. Enlightened Netizens worldwide are well aware that global holistic healing could go mainstream very quickly. This will include the art and science of ‘Applied Epigenetics’ (with ) for DNA activation, healing and repair, as with the full spectrum of DNA micronutrients from the quintessential source of the food chain - Pollen Extract.

Political Zionism is Being Eclipsed

This radical tribe of deceivers has been thoroughly exposed by innumerable Internet articles. Their time is short and fear is great, but 5D shift neutralizes the negativity. This is the science of quantum shift dynamics in the Source Field… surging now… and challenging one’s 3D “stinking thinking” (paradigm paralysis) that sometimes afflicts all of us. Radical corruption of perception in any 3D form is naturally neutralized by a determined perception correction with 5D perspective: Effective Sensory Perception.

The Evolution of All-Connected Consciousness

A systemic wave of enlightenment is flooding Earth,
raising consciousness.  The old reality is ending as
 a living Common Sense matures: a unified 5D field.

A visual metaphor for the morphic nature of
the fluid all-connected interactions of

Full Spectrum Movement To

   Providing resources and opportunity
 with TeLeComm tools & processes
   for up-wising~uprising in ‘frequency’
  - as in frequent
-in-action -
   with a heartware interface for united
    awareness of the cosmic connection
     between full spectrum enlightenment

 holy spirit as LOVE-in-action.
violet = pink + blue frequencies:
    Nature's Law via
light language).