GeoPolitics and TeLeCommunity

2010 Hindsight and 2011 Foresight

The major GeoPolitical issue of the last year, and core issue of this next year, was and will be a balance of power between sovereign individuals (as a decentralized whole) and corporate communities (as centralized special interests).  This is the core GeoPolitical issue of TeLeCommunity for the Family of Man in a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive TeLeComm capabilities.

The whole world is closely watching America to witness transformations that range from disturbing tyranny tactics to encouraging TeLeCommunity as will culture Unity-in-Diversity of, by and for ‘United Sovereigns’ (U.S.).

Witness the severe imbalance caused by concentration of monied power in giant corporations which – via Corporate Law – put the interests of shareholders before the interests of the public whenever profits are at stake.

Witness the Supreme Court ruling this last year which officially recognized corporation ‘personhood’ with all the rights of individuals. The difference, of course, is that giant corporations can now – with impunity -- commit millions of dollars to lobby efforts or election campaigns; bribery has now been legalized so that congress critters don’t get Abramhoffed for continuing the sell-out of public interests for corporate interests.

Witness how corporate lobbies have thus rewritten the rule book of Constitutional government, just as they write the legislation that congress critters are pressured to approve before they even read it, like the “The Patriot Act”, “Economic Stimulus Bill”, “Comprehensive Health Care Reform”, “The Food Safety Modernization Act” and “CyberSecurity Legislation”.

Witness how Wall Street has betrayed Main Street with bailouts for banksters running Wall Street, mandates for health insurance to support a drug-pushing disease care system we call ‘health care’, and tax relief for the superrich 1 percent who make more money than 99% of Americans. Read, Parasitic Predatory Policies and realize that the money-changers in the temple of public government are making this imbalance worse by gaming the legislative process in their favor.

Witness how the endless fearmongering of terror war underwrites war profiteering of the military-security-industrial complex at the expense of domestic security – the war we don’t see which creates massive public debt and cuts public services.  This domestic terror has manipulated markets, foreclosing on homes and discouraging air travel via TSA body groping and invasive radiation scans that tear apart human DNA with terahertz radiation.

Geopolitically, this linear trend has provided evidence of the concentration of wealth and power being used to forge the fetters of the masses, bringing down the culture of exceptionalism in America and bringing up emerging economies globally with the intent of economic monopolies to own and control the physical and human resources of Earth.

Balancing or otherwise healing this preponderance of parasitic predatory policies will mean leveling the geopolitical playing field of rich and poor one way or the other.  It will be the hard way or the easy way. Either we will see more suffering from the psychology of subservience to tyranny or we will see a systemic bottom-up, grass-roots (Net roots) rEVOLUTION as will culture REAL community (versus virtual or pseudo-community) in our social networked communities.

“Seize the Vision – empower community in our diversity”
Seize the vision of a global rEVOLUTION in open
TeLeCommunity networks as will culture the
conscientious common sense of, by and for
global Netizens in our social networks.

The gift to GeoPolitics in 2011 will be the shift to a more enlightened Net reality with the blessing of TeLeCommunity -- an upgrade of horse-and-buggy legislative processes as will optimize five core Constitutional freedoms. Or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution said,

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President


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