Re: Genesis of DNA via Source Connection

From:  Elaine
Subject: DNA is aware?
Date: Aug 18, 2012 7:09 PM

Your quote below is very interesting.
 "Our physical DNA affects our personal human conscious awareness. DNA and human consciousness are completely interconnected, intertwined, commingled.
What effects one affects the other. DNA is the material/physical aspect of human consciousness. Those who are becoming aware of the spiritual aspects, due to activating their energetic heart, are able to see the metaphysical implications as well."

I actually saw a science TV show on the genome recently. I rarely watch TV. The interesting part of the show was not what one would think -- medical advances via identification of bad genes and such. The discussion turned to why scientists originally thought humans were full of "junk" DNA (simply because they could not decipher it, really--typical of mainstream thought). They realized, through experimentation, that the junk they found was not junk, although they are still figuring out what it is. Likely, DNA that carries information that is not yet activated. This is why they stayed away from the "S" word, spirit. The crux of the entire genome experimentation so far has shown that DNA mutates and changes no matter what you think it does or does not do in the body. The genomes they've identified, such as breast cancer, apparently are not a slam dunk either. You-know, "we've pinned this one down."  They explained a few of their experiments regarding giving mice diseases. They found that DNA could mutate, cure the disease or simply get around it somehow in certain mice and people. They watched the DNA change as if it were "aware". They originally thought that white blood cells were protecting the cells, of course; NO, it was DNA simply mutating/adapting. The scientists saw DNA change the state of the being. They did not know how, either. (There is a piece missing here that I've forgotten.) Anyway, they didn't dare say the word spirit, nor did they mention the pineal gland. They were careful to avoid any admission it was directed via "will" to change or perhaps to something larger--like the zero-point field, God, the Source, etc. But the question hung over them like a huge cartoon balloon. They did admit, however, that DNA looks like it's connected to more than the physical being somehow and they don't know how that is possible or what is happening. They admitted to being completely baffled even after all these decades of research into the human body.

DNA is aware. I loved it.
Good quote,