Loving Father on his 90th Birthday
with my brothers & sisters present

by Christopher Rudy

Loving Father is actually a universal sentiment in global families. Heaven knows that loving the principle and person of 'Father' cultures a maturity of heart equal to 'Loving Mother' in principle and person.
Sometimes we remember our experiences with 'The Father' as the norm for one's 'inner sense' of 'Father'. When we remember bad experiences, we lose innocence - the heart of inner sense. Honoring 'Good Father' is remembering good experiences.
My Father died peacefully at home almost two years ago. He taught me to honor the love of, by and for 'Heavenly 'Father'. Dad was raised in the Church of the Brethren, one of the three historic peace churches alongside Mennonites and Quakers. The Brethren hold the New Testament as their only creed.
The pure and precious nature of my Father's spiritual upbringing came through his love of life in sports - the game of life and how to play it.
Dad taught me that it wasn't whether you win or lose but how you play the game. Being a good sport was being kind. You can be aggressive to win, but also be gentle and kind, win or lose.
Born into the Great Depression, my Father's Mother died when he was six, and his Father's words of support were 'Be a good Sport'. That stuck with Dad. He was an extraordinary athlete in numerous sports. And he went on to develop and build five housing subdivisions with hundreds of homes.
But that changed him. Along the way he lost his 'inner sense'. The worldly world 'got him', and he betrayed his own innocence, falling from grace big time - losing the mini-empire of apartment complexes he had built - Grace Manor North and Grace Manor South - named after my Mother Grace.
That was a hard lesson for my five brothers and sisters and myself. Some of us were more forgiving then others. But I try to be a good sport and remember... Love is for giving, not for getting.
Forgiving human father is part of loving 'Divine Father'. That's how the inner sense of innocence in honored. Guilt, shame and blame are off the mark of loving kindness. Truely, we can't give what we don't have.
We each honor our Father's memory in our own way. For me it was building community as my Father did, but instead of five neighborhoods in my home town, it was building network community, my Heartcom Network and Cosmic LOVE radio show broadcast to 62 countries for nine years. It's a global village now.
As with the Brethren, it's a 'New Testament' thing on the cusp of the millennial Aquarian Age of Universal LOVE.

The principle of Divine Father as 'Lawgiver' thus embraces the principle of Divine Mother as 'LOVEmaker', on Earth as in Cosmos.
So unwind - be kind. Let your light shine. Honor is what loving kindness does.
Blessings to All Fathers of LOVE this Father's Day:)
~ Christopher
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